The Super-Chic Madewell Items I'm Telling All My Friends About

These pieces get an A+.

The Super-Chic Madewell Items I'm Telling All My Friends About

Madewell is a go-to brand for many. In fact, most of our editors consider it a one-stop shop for top-notch basics and trendier finds. I also routinely recommend it to my friends and family when they ask me for shopping tips. Fun fact: My mother actually recently became obsessed with the brand, and she can’t get enough of the denim cuts. She also asked me for advice on a few other pieces I liked from Madewell that she could consider for the season. I sent her five super-chic pieces and also made a note to send the pieces to other friends of mine who ask for styling advice.

Naturally, I wanted to share the Madewell summer items I’m loving with you as well in case you’re looking to refresh your offering. The first five items below are the specific pieces I recently suggested to my friends and family. There’s also a smattering of other items if you keep going, including sleek shorts, adorable tops, and shoe picks.

Easy and breezy.

The cut gets an A+.

The broken-in quality is nice.

Wear this popular tank on its own or as a layering piece.

Cute summer bag.

Fresh cutoffs.

The lightweight material makes it ideal for summer.

Everyday earrings.

A pair of chunky flip-flops is where it's at.

Cute shape.

Shorts that are polished and comfy.

This denim jacket is no-fail.

For that hands-free life.

Yes to this print.

Just in case you're in the market for a new racer-back tank.

Adorable with flat sandals.

Sophisticated summer trousers.

Make that statement.

Very into the color mixing.

Sweet with the ruffles.

The length here is great.

This top is just as gorgeous from the back with the buttons.

Add your favorite sandals, and you're set.

A relaxed blouse is a staple.

The oversize silhouette brings a casual feel to a look.

Can't go wrong with a chain necklace.

Darling bag? Check.

Classic jeans.

Elevate your sneaker game.

Next, check out more stylish items.

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Okay, Zara Really Didn't Have to Pop Off Like That—59 New Items I'm Shocked Over

For real though.

Okay, Zara Really Didn't Have to Pop Off Like That—59 New Items I'm Shocked Over

Earlier this week, I was minding my own business scrolling aimlessly on Instagram (as one does), and I started getting a flurry of text messages. Who were they from? None other than my friend and co-worker Mimi. She was frantically informing me of the current state of Zara's new arrivals section. From the styling to the products themselves, I was truly blown away by how amazing everything from the summer 2021 collection was. After sending all of our favorite products to each other, the consensus was this: Okay, Zara really didn't have to pop off like that! 

Since I know you all love Zara just as much as the Who What Wear staff does, I decided to do a massive haul of all the new summer Zara finds we are shocked over. Featuring every new trend you could think of and then some, the selection of 59 stunning finds below is sure to make you feel like you're looking at designer finds when, in reality, they are super affordable. Have fun and happy summer shopping! 

100% yes. 

This set left me speechless. 

A vacation dress indeed. 

All this for $18? Yes, please. 

This color combo makes me feel things. 

Meet your very own pair of Cinderella heels. 

Carrie Bradshaw would definitely wear this. 

I'm not a bodysuit person, but this one speaks to me. 

I'm in shock over these slides. 

I am not okay. It also comes in green. 

These matching sets are really something else. 

Everyone needs one of these mesh bags in their life. 

If you're going on a trip, buy this. 

Now that's a hat. 

Simple yet so striking. 

It doesn't get more early 2000s than this. 

This one's all in the details. 

Groovy prints are the vibe right now. 

I'm sorry for making you crave a vacation. 

I am unwell! 

How many printed matching sets is too many printed matching sets? 

So cute.

I love that bag, but I love it even more styled with this entire outfit. 

Colorful jewelry is key this summer. 

Your next vacation is calling. 

Delicate straps that pack a mighty punch. 

Neutral shorts you'll keep in your wardrobe forever. 

Just wait until you see the back. 

A moment for the print. 

The perfect everyday summer sandals. 

Not your average blazer, that's for sure. 

This pink is perfect. 

This chic picnic basket is proof that Zara is fully leveling up. 

Get ready for compliments when you wear this one. 

Beachy perfection. 

I need this set in my life ASAP.

A lesson in swimsuit styling. 

Simply adorable. 

The perfect hair accessory. 

A bold print fit for any summer festivity. 

Buying this would be a great idea. 

I love this hat. 

The styling here is next-level. 

The cutest pajamas I've ever seen. 

These pants are a game changer. 

This feels important. 

Zara's crochet assortment is quite good right now. 

Clearly, clogs are trending at Zara. 

Peep the pearls. 


Slip dresses are always a good idea. 

The perfect vacation set. 

Get the black one, too.

Wide-leg pants are always my summer vibe. 

Love a backless moment. 

You'll want to wear these shoes with everything. 

This lilac hue is about to be everywhere this fall. 

Everyone needs a bright top in their life. 

Y2K is the trend comeback we didn't know we needed. 

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