‘The time has come’: Jacob Zuma vows to implicate others in state capture

Jacob Zuma, the man who witnessed the entire state capture operation, is now threatening to go public with names of other corrupt individuals.

‘The time has come’: Jacob Zuma vows to  implicate others in state capture

This promises to be explosive: Jacob Zuma has told his son Duduzane that the time has come for him to “start speaking” about all matters related to state capture. The former president has long claimed to have a list of names featuring the “real agents of corruption”, and it seems Msholozi is ready to go nuclear.

Jacob Zuma to “start speaking” about state capture allegations

Speaking during a Zoom call with Zuma Jnr, uBaba reiterated his claims that he’s essentially been left penniless following the end of his presidency. The 78-year-old was accused of selling vital state organs to his friends, the Gupta brothers, who in turn gutted the companies and brought South Africa to its knees.

The Zoom call forms part of a larger project including the Zumas. What was uploaded online will feature in a candid conversation between Jacob and Duduzane, as they attempt to establish their own narrative on the state capture fiasco. Duduzane himself has been accused of dipping his toes in the waters of corruption, due to his sprawling business relationship with the Guptas.

Zumas become Zoomers

We’ve had our teaser trailer, and the full discussion promises to be jam-packed with revelations. Jacob Zuma told his son that parts of Africa – including Mzansi – still worked like they were colonised by Europe. But it will be his promised revelations on state capture that have many of us clamouring for the next installment of this Zoom chat.

“I wish I was sitting on money because nobody has ever shown me where it is. No-one has been able to say Zuma and state capture is connected. It’s my worry that Africa has been colonised by Europe.”

“My view is that we should unite South Africa, and take control against our colonisers. I think the time has come that I may now… start speaking.”

Jacob Zuma

Watch Duduzane and Jacob Zuma discuss state capture here:

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‘Keeping the dream alive’ with virtual violin lessons in townships [video]

A non-profit organisation has been 'keeping the dream alive' for various children from townships in Cape Town with their virtual violin lessons.

‘Keeping the dream alive’ with virtual violin lessons in townships [video]

A group of children from different corners of Khayelitsha, Nyanga and Delft in Cape Town remain united through their violin lessons.

Yes, according to a press release from Muzukidz, these violin lessons brought these children and their families hope and joy long before the national lockdown and the latest pandemic entered the world’s reality. 

About Muzukidz

Muzukidz ultimately offers free and intensive violin tuition to children from disadvantaged backgrounds around Cape Town. And even though the lockdown is preventing teachers and learners from being together and attending their lessons at school, it is not stopping these learners from continuing their progress and enjoying the many benefits that learning music offers.

Muzukidz is continuing their lessons via platforms such as WhatsApp, with specialist teachers from across the world sending them their lessons and teaching them online, daily.    

Thanks to its wide support network, the Muzukidz organisation is also able to provide the mobile data needed by the children to facilitate these lessons. The organisation also provides food and essentials where needed.

“While the supply of basic needs like food and sanitation receive priority, we also believe that it is essential for families to remain connected. Furthermore, we would love for the children to remain connected to their music – this is after all a large part of their lives and playing the violin may provide some joy and hope in a time of uncertainty.”

The organisation proceeded to upload a recording of the children learning the violin.

‘Keeping the dream alive’

All the clips in the video above (excluding the opening shot) were filmed by learners in the Muzukidz program and their families.

The benefits of early music tuition

Muzukidz supports the many benefits of early music tuition which include the development of academic, social and physical skills, self-esteem and patience, as well as exposure to other cultures. The ultimate aim of the organisation is to offer all learners the gift of music and by doing so, opening a new world of possibilities – be it becoming a professional musician, or merely a well-rounded inspired adult.

Source : The South African More   

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