‘The View’ Fans Divided Over Carly Fiorina’s Republican Party Comments

Carly Fiorina sparked debate amongst The View fans after she made some controversial comments about Donald Trump and the Republican party.

‘The View’ Fans Divided Over Carly Fiorina’s Republican Party Comments

In the weeks since Meghan McCain exited the popular daytime talk show, The View has been inviting a rotating roster of conservative guest hosts to fill her spot. The idea behind this revolving door of guest hosts is to find the perfect woman to fill McCain’s absence on the panel and provide a different perspective from the other, more liberal co-hosts like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina recently appeared on the show and the audience seemed torn on her joining permanently, despite her strong showing.  

Carly Fiorina Makes A Big Splash On ‘The View’

As The View continues to try out new conservative voices on its panel, the audience has reacted to the various performances in real-time through Twitter. The show recently welcomed former HP CEO and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and she soon caused a divide among fans. 

The range of topics that day ran the gamut from the Gabby Petito tragedy, to telecommuting, to the fate of the Republican party under the leadership of former president Donald J. Trump. It was the latter topic that brought Fiorina’s biggest reaction online. 

After Whoopi Goldberg asked if she recognized the Republican party after running for president in 2016, Fiorina answered, “It’s very sad, honestly.” She continued, “Way back in 2015, I was saying that Trump lacked both character and competence. Sadly I was right. But I think what we didn’t understand then was how dangerous this combination would become. The party has changed so much.”

Of the current state of the Republican party, particularly the January 6 riots earlier this year, she said, “I personally am horrified by what the term ‘conservative’ has come to mean.” Fiorina added, “I think people need to speak up. But I agree: right now, it’s not looking too good.” 

The Reactions Are In

Some of the former president’s biggest supporters took some umbrage with that statement. Others soon chimed in with their own negative reactions.

Not everyone agreed, however. Some thought Fiorina’s conservative, steady voice was exactly what the show needed after Meghan McCain’s fiery presence. 

With her experience both in business and in politics, Fiorina would certainly make an interesting addition to the panel. The search for The View’s next permanent host is far from over, however. There are still plenty of candidates itching to take their turn at the table. Producers for the show have said they’ll pick whoever has the best chemistry with the rest of the co-hosts, which bodes well for Fiorina, who fit in like she’d always been there.

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A post shared by fit52 with Carrie Underwood (@fit52)

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