The “Whip” Trick: How To Get Her in Bed By Doing Literally Nothing

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The “Whip” Trick: How To Get Her in Bed By Doing Literally Nothing

The Fastest Way to Make Her Like You More & Get Her in Bed Using VERY Little Effort–Say Hello to Your New Secret Weapon…

Last week, I had an epiphany:

Getting a woman to chase you for sex is a lot like cracking a whip.

If you don't know what it's like to crack a whip, think about snapping a wet towel (usually against a bit of naked flesh).

In the moment that you snap it, this towel (or whip) becomes a violent weapon. It has a lot of power behind it.

But where does all of this power come from? I mean, it's just a piece of terry cloth, or a thin strip of leather after all…

And beyond that–what does it have to do with getting a hot girl to sleep with you??


The truth is, just like a whip can cause a LOT of pain, using a simple snap of your wrist…

… there's something you can do that causes a girl to get a LOT more attracted to you… all while using very little effort.

I call it the “whip” trick.

And that's what I'm going to show you today.

It All Started With an Episode Of Mythbusters… 

The easiest way to understand this “whip” trick is to think about an actual whip:

When you use a whip, the movement of your wrist sends a force to the tip of the whip. And as this force moves through the whip, it multiplies and becomes more powerful.

(In fact, Mythbusters determined that the speed at the tip of a whip is 6 times faster than at the base.)

Basically, there's something in the “whipping” motion that causes this power to multiply.

But what is it?

If you think about the motion, then you may realize the secret:

Pulling back.

If you don't pull the whip back before you crack it, then you won't have any power behind it. It will fall flat.

This is also the key to a powerful stroke in golf, or a hard-hitting swing in baseball. The moment of pulling back doesn't reduce your power, but instead increases it.

Do you understand what I'm getting at?

You increase your power with a woman when you pull back.

In other words, when you stop chasing her, you put the power back in your hands.

And this is what causes her to chase you.


Of course, when you pull back the whip or the baseball bat, that alone won't give it more power. You still have to swing forward for this to work.

And the same goes with women.

When you're with a woman you like, she still needs to know that you like her before you pull back.

However, this can be kind of tricky for a lot of guys.

So that's what I want to show you next:

The Dangerous Trap Guys Fall Into When Using This “Whip” Trick (And How to Avoid It)…

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when pulling back from a woman is this:

They don't show ANY interest in her at all before pulling back.

And as a result, when they do pull back, this woman has no idea that they're interested.

This makes my “whip” trick completely useless!

Because in order for a woman to feel compelled to chase you, she has to know that you're pulling back.

And in order for her to know you're pulling back, there has to be some baseline “I like you” behavior first.

But here's the thing:

A lot of guys have concerns about being too forward with this “I like you” behavior. And that's perfectly understandable!


With this “whip” trick, you can feel less concerned about showing a woman how much you like her, because you already know you're going to pull back soon after.

2 Real-Life Examples of How This Works to Get Fast Sex With Hot Girls…

If you give this woman a little attention at first–if you can show her that you like her a little–then you have the opportunity to pull back.

And that's when the power is truly in your hands.

Here are a few real-life examples:


1) The “Mirror” Trick

When you give a woman attention and she doesn't respond “that well,” it's hard to know what to do.

So instead of trying to become a mind-reader or FBI lie detector, just mirror her negative body language when you're with her.

What that means is:

Every time she does something that doesn't feel encouraging for you… do the same thing.

This does NOT mean to mirror her words–just her body language.

If she turns her body away from you, for example, do the same to her. (This is especially powerful if you turn your chest away from her.)

It shows her that you're not too aggressive, and that you understand her.

And because so few men know to do this, you'll instantly stick out as a sexual option in her mind.

2) The Takeaway

Ah, a good old classic–the takeaway.

Basically, the takeaway is a back-handed compliment that, when used right, gets a girl to chase after you faster than just about anything else.

Here are some examples:

“You are so cute, like my baby sister…”

“Really–you're a nurse? Wow. My last girlfriend was a nurse. Why am I so drawn to a woman who is caring, competent and capable in a crisis? I can’t even talk to you.”

Or at the end of an interaction, if you've been showing this girl a lot of interest:


“…and you’re a Pisces. Again. A Pisces. How do I go through a whole bar and find the Pisces? I can’t even talk to you! [smiling] You should go back to your friends.”

So keep it in mind. The powerful crack of the whip–or in this case, the powerful contradiction of your phrasing–is one of the most potent ways to escalate a relationship.

But how will you know when it's starting to work?

How Do You Know When It’s Working?

When you pull back from a woman in this way… it WILL increase her attraction to you…

… and it WILL eventually get her in bed with you…

… though you may have to wait a few days, or a couple of weeks.

So how do you know when it’s working, and she’s ready to sleep with you?

The truth is, she probably won’t just show up naked at your doorstep one day, begging you to f**k her (though wouldn’t that be nice haha)…

… though she WILL let you know in other, more subtle ways:

These “Secret Sex Signals” are a woman’s way of letting you know she wants to sleep with you, without being “too obvious” about it.

And because these signals are not “too obvious”… if you don’t know what to look for, they can be VERY difficult, if not impossible to spot.

(Note: If you’ve missed these signals before, please know that it’s not your fault. Most men simply aren’t hardwired to pick up on these things–myself included.)

So that’s why we put together

In it, you’ll learn how to spot each of the “Sex Signals” with pinpoint accuracy… so as soon as you see one, you’ll know:

She doesn’t want you to “pull back” anymore… she wants you naked, and on top of her in bed. ????

Here’s what they are:


The post The “Whip” Trick: How To Get Her in Bed By Doing Literally Nothing appeared first on Gotham Club.

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