The X-Men Just Rejected Marvel's Desperate Young Heroes

On the run and betrayed by their teammate, the Champions are desperate for a safe haven, but the X-Men just denied them shelter in Krakoa.

The X-Men Just Rejected Marvel's Desperate Young Heroes

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Champions #4

Marvel's youngest heroes need a safe haven, and the Cyclops and the X-Men just decided to reject them from Krakoa. The Champions have been on the run thanks to C.R.A.D.L.E. being hot on their tails and if that isn't bad enough, they just discovered it is their ex-teammate Viv Vision who is reporting them. If they are caught they risk being thrown into re-education camps thanks to Kamala's Law, which states that underage heroes are illegal. Cyclops, whose younger self is a former Champions member, offers them sanctuary in Krakoa while intercepting the government task force from taking them in — but he just revealed he was lying.

He may be the Captain Commander of Krakoa but even that isn't enough weight to throw around for an exception to the law stating no human is allowed on the island. Krakoa has drawn a line in the sand and they are no longer following rules, they are following their own laws — no exception. The mutant's only approach has been put in place to protect mutantkind and Krakoa as a whole, and they are not about to give that up. Not even for a group of young teenagers who seem to have nowhere else to turn, which shows how far the X-Men have fallen.

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Learning of the rejection from Krakoa immediately after learning about the betrayal of Vision's daughter is a lot to handle, and the Champions aren't happy about it. Cyclops tries to explain that he invoked the name of the X-Men's new home in order to throw C.R.A.D.L.E. off their scent and that hopefully by the time they are safe elsewhere, it will be too late for the government to track them down. Taking in a group of young children who not only need help, but who have saved mutant life before, is an exception the X-Men would have made in the past and the fact that they aren't making it proves how much things have changed. The Krakoa Quiet Council has the best interest of mutants in mind and nothing is going to jeopardize that, even if it seems like the right thing to do.

The Champions are understandably upset when they hear this news. While the team isn't heading to Krakoa as they expected, Cyclops has promised to help them find a place to hide and hopefully stay safe from C.R.A.D.L.E.'s grasp. Cyclops sets them up with a ride on the Marauder from Captain Kate Pryde aka Shadowcat and takes his leave back to Krakoa, letting them know he hopes they still trust him and consider him an honorary teammate. All appears to be forgiven as the Champions team up with the X-Men to rescue a ship from an Atlantean warlord. They are then given their own ship and sent on their way.

After learning a lesson about determining who is right and who is wrong in complicated situations, the Champions decide they need to go home and face the consequences of their actions. Whether their rejection by the Quiet Council ends up sealing their fate, or is a blessing in disguise, is yet to be determined. Readers will find out the next step for Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Nova when the story continues but for now Champions #4 written by Eve L. Ewing with art by Bob Quinn, is available in stores and online.

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