These Sandals Were Sold Out Everywhere Last Year and They're Finally in Stock


These Sandals Were Sold Out Everywhere Last Year and They're Finally in Stock

Sandal brand Arizona Love popped up on my radar last year when I spotted a steady stream of fashion editors and Instagram influencers wearing the printed trek sandals. Jessie Bush, Erica Davies, and our very own Who What Wear columnist Monikh were all spotted wearing the shoes. There was only one problem: They kept selling out. Thankfully, the brand has created even more styles and has been restocked on various online retailers. 

Much like the Velcro "dad" sandals by Chanel, Teva's classic hikers, and all the other iterations before and after, these are sandals of the practical variety. While they're a traditional hiking style, the multicolored fabric wrapped around the straps makes them so much more fun. The brand was started only a couple of years by French designer Leslie Halfon but they've become a real fashion-insider score, and completely sold out last summer. So take it from us: You'll want to get your hands on these pretty quickly before it happens again.

Style Notes: Trust Monikh to be wearing one of the biggest sandal brands around right now. 

Style Notes: More proof that these look excellent with a summer dress. 

Style Notes: If you need some pedi inspo, then might we suggest a bold red for the leopard-print versions? 

Style Notes: Another great thing about these sandals is that, despite the bold patterns, is that they still work with plenty of other colours. Case in point? This lime-green dress as seen on Erica Davies. 

Next up, 5 brands I wore before I became a fashion editor—and still buy now. 

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