This 9-Word “Line” Eliminates Anxiety Around Women & Gets You Laid a LOT Faster

How To Stop Being Nervous Around Women & Start Getting Laid–No Matter How Shy Or Introverted You Are Right Now… ... Read more 1,084 Views The post This 9-Word “Line” Eliminates Anxiety Around Women & Gets You Laid a LOT Faster appeared first on Gotham Club.

This 9-Word “Line” Eliminates Anxiety Around Women & Gets You Laid a LOT Faster

How To Stop Being Nervous Around Women & Start Getting Laid–No Matter How Shy Or Introverted You Are Right Now…

I’m going to ask you a question that’s going to seem a little silly.

I hope, though, that when I explain why I’m asking it, what I mean and why it’s not silly… you’ll agree with me, and also get value from the discussion.

And the question is:

Where are you?

“Well, I'm right here David, I'm right here.”

Isn't it obvious?


Well, it should be, I'll grant you that. For most people, the most obviously true thing in their world is that the present moment is the only one they have, and that their present location is their true location.

It's also, by the way, the only moment and location at which and on which they can exercise control.

Seems obvious, I'll grant you that.

But why is it, then, that when I'm telling a guy who swears he wants to get better at meeting people–to go over and say “this,” he's telling me about “what's she gonna say?”

And “then what will l do next?”

And “what if she says ‘x' or ‘why?'”

Or “my apartment is a mess,” or “I don’t have condoms!”

It’s either that or some guy who–after three sessions and the first phone number he’s ever gotten (last week!) from a woman he wasn’t introduced to AND a second date–is telling me:

“She’s a wannabe actress–just like my ex–and you can tell by the way she dresses that looks matter. She’s a cheater.”

Are You Analyzing the Situation Or Overthinking It? (Here’s Why It Matters Around Women)

Either he’s living in the future, or he’s living in the past.

Worry is in the future.

When he’s worrying about what he’s going to say next, or what the next move will be, or what’ll happen if EVERYTHING GOES WELL and they end up at his place… he’s living in the future, and finding his problems there.

Regret is in the past.

When he’s jaded and making decisions based on his previous girlfriend or his wife or his mother or his buddy’s divorce… he’s living in the past.


Before you start to sputter,“But David! You’re the one who told me to be prepared for what’s coming!”


“Are you saying I can’t learn from the past? Didn’t you tell me ‘that time wasn’t wasted because I learned something?’”

Preparing for the future, and learning from the past are not about LIVING THERE.

The point is not to trade suffering in the present for memories that cause suffering or expectations that cause suffering.

The Point Is to Get the Best Out of Every Moment–And You MUST Stay Present to Pull This Off…

Getting the best out of every moment is the point.

When you watch a child–so many lessons about how to live can be learned from children–you can see that they are in the present.

The laughter, the swift recovery from tears, their fearlessness and boldness are all signs that they are in the present moment, unencumbered by worry or regret.

Parents try to teach them regret as a method of control.

“No. I’m not getting you another one. You broke yours. You have to learn to be careful with your things.”

OR worry:

“Wait till your father comes home!”

OR living in the future:


“Be good, and tomorrow I’ll give you a candy.”

Perhaps this is how you developed worry and regret and living in the past or the future or somewhere you just are not.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to go back and figure it out or discover who to blame for some personality feature we’re about to get rid of.

Figuring out why something is the way it is can be a really smart way to get value from the past.

Learning from your past experience to set goals and outline desires can be a brilliant way to increase your enjoyment of (and in) the future.

Rumination is GREAT if you are ruminating on things that make you feel good. Otherwise, it’s a dreadful use of time.

Doubly dumb, because you are missing the present AND making yourself unhappy.

Regret and worry, however, are ways to leverage the future and past to increase your dissatisfaction in the present! Definitely a bad use of time.

“…But I can’t help it, David!”

How To Stop Worry & Regret Once And For All…

It’s funny… after all of that, maybe you’d like to change this habit.

Perhaps you want, now, to get rid of this tendency to ruminate on bad expectations (worry) or prior undesired outcomes (regret).

In fact, a good way to recognize rampant worry in your life is insomnia. Usually people have trouble sleeping because they are thinking thoughts which don’t really benefit them, but do keep them awake–i.e. worry, or regret.

“So what’s funny!?”

What’s funny is that the entire time I’ve been talking about it, I’ve also been hinting at ways to get rid of it, but you probably didn’t notice them.

You can change your future thought (regrets) into memories of things you like, or your fear of undesired outcomes (worry) into expecting things you enjoy, but the best “trick” of it is to get present.



There are many ways, but the children I’ve been talking about teach most of the good ones.

Focus on something (especially something you like) that is right here, right now.

If you are trying to sleep, then focusing on something relaxing is best. The hum of the air conditioner, a spot on the ceiling, the feeling of the bed against your body are all good distractions that keep your mind present without being overstimulated.

Logically recognizing that you are currently in the past or present or some other physical location than where you actually are can often help, too.

Here’s The 9-Word Line That Eliminates Anxiety (& Boosts Your Odds of Getting Laid)…

“Worrying is not going to help, self. Drop it.”

Another way to come back to the present comes in the instructions I always give:

Reduce the escalation points.

Instead of thinking what’s going to happen in an hour, think of what’s going to happen in 5 minutes, or what’s going to happen right now.

“I don’t have a condom” is an unnecessary thought until and unless you are at home, which is also a different location, probably one or two hopeful hours away. Replace it with:

“I need to kiss her.”

And if THAT’s too far in the future (i.e. you don’t know when or how you’re going to kiss her) then:

“Can I touch her?”

And if THAT’s too far in the future (i.e. you don’t know when or how you can touch her) then:

“Can I get closer to her?”

That's the key to always working toward getting her in bed.

And here's how it gets you laid a LOT faster:

Your Words Won’t Get Her Naked & On Top of You In Bed (Though THIS Will)…

There’s a big problem I see with guys out there…

They care more about being funny, and witty around a woman, than actually being “in the moment” with her…

… which is great if you’re a comedian trying to get a laugh, but it’s not going to get you laid.

There are three places in particular you can touch a woman that SEEM very friendly and casual… (perfect for when you first meet a girl)…

Though in reality these are pretty sensitive areas… and when you touch these spots it helps lower her shield, so she lets her guard down…

… while also

That's why it truly does NOT matter what you say or talk about with her…

You can talk about your favorite sports team… TV show… or even the freakin’ weather…


Because when you do… AND you use these 3 touches in the right order (the right order is crucial)…

She’ll giggle a lot more… she’ll start touching you back…

And she’ll give you those “f**k me” eyes that mean she wants you to take her RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW!


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And according to this new study, there's a scientific explanation behind it too.

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However, if a male rat had experienced childhood stress, but acted dominant toward the female rat, then the female rat found him more attractive. So she'd be more likely to pick that male rat, even over another rat who acted “normal” but didn't experience any childhood stress.

What exactly does this mean?

While it's true that you and I aren't rats, there is a very clear link between stress and your sex life. And it explains why 95% of men probably aren't living their “ideal” sex life.

So if you're feeling stressed, and aren't sure how to overcome it, what can you do?

It Doesn’t End There…

The key is to appear calm, cool, and collected… even if you aren’t feeling that way on the inside.

Whether for a hookup or for a relationship, most women will say that a confident man who can handle the pressure is way more worthy of her attention.

You may be really pissed off that a waiter brought you the wrong order, or that your phone service is crap…

You may want to rant about it or yell at a manager…

Just know that when you do that, you risk losing your sex appeal.

You can and should get good service. But be assertive, not a jerk.

An assertive man is sexy as hell.


If you had some serious stressors in your childhood, do whatever you need to do to deal with them and move on. An unresolved past will rear

Whether it's therapy or meditation, there are a lot of ways to handle your stress without exploding in front of a woman.

Plus, stress also makes you look older — and not in a good way.

The stress hormone, cortisol, can actually stunt muscle and bone growth and make you fatter. These characteristics will definitely make a person less physically attractive.

When you can overcome your stresses, you have much better odds of being with a good woman. When you demonstrate that you can remain unstressed even under pressure, your odds increase even more.

So with that in mind, here are three quick and easy ways to reduce your stress (and don't worry — I'm not about to suggest you take a yoga class):

1) Develop a “Mantra”

It sounds corny, but one of the easiest ways to instantly de-stress is to close your eyes and repeat a familiar phrase that calms you down.

Find something that works for you.

Here are a few popular ones:

  • “I am cool, calm, and collected”…
  • “Today, I can handle any situation that comes my way”…
  • “I am The Man”…

You might feel silly repeating these things out loud, but it works wonders for a lot of guys.

Because repetition is one of the easiest ways to “level out” and stay calm, what you say doesn't matter as much as the fact that you're saying the same thing over and over.

So find a sentence that speaks to you, and repeat it 10 times each morning. Over time, this will help reduce your stress.

2) Recognize What You Can & Cannot Change in a Situation

Is the loud music in the bar stressing you out?

Think about your options:

Sure, you could yell about it or get drunk to feel calmer…

Or you could find a bar with a more reasonable noise level.


Choose to remove yourself from situations that stress you out, and you’ll naturally become more attractive to women.

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

3) Keep Your Work Life & Your Home Life Separate

For a lot of men, work is one of the biggest stressors. So if your job is stressing you out, let it go as soon as you leave the office (or wherever your workplace might be).

And if you work at home, try working somewhere else, like a cafe or a community workspace — this will help you truly relax when you're at home and off the clock.

It’s not easy, and it will take practice, but eventually you’ll appreciate the free time you do have, and you’ll be less stressed.

Here's the truth: Women want a man to be able to easily adapt to a stressful situation.

She needs to know that when she starts crying about a bad day at work, or if she's miserable because she can’t fit into her favorite pair of jeans, that you will remain reassuring and confident.


When the car won’t start…

The internet crashes…

Your dog gets sick…

Whatever — you are her rock.

Which brings me to my personal favorite way to de-stress, & make sure that the sex you do have is freaking amazing…

4) Eat The “Sex Snack” for Peak Performance in the Bedroom

When my husband is feeling really stressed… and I want to make him feel better (& treat him to a night of mind-blowing sex)…

I feed him a little something I like to call the

I first learned about it during some “private internet time” one night (lol)… I was googling my favorite pornstar, Dave Cummings… when I came across

Dave’s an older guy… but he refuses to take any weird “prescriptions” or sketchy “drugs” before sex… so he’s come to rely on this “sex snack” as a way to get hard, & stay hard… sometimes for hours at a time.

I’ll admit my husband gave me a preeeetty funny look the first time I made it for him… though a few hours later… when he turned to me in bed, and asked, “Ready for round three, baby?”

I knew the “sex snack” had worked its magic. ???? You can get the recipe here–you’re gonna love it:

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on June 19, 2019.]


The post Study: Why 95% of Men Don’t Have the Sex Life They Want (The Truth) appeared first on Gotham Club.

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