This Cult-Classic Nail Polish Brand Has 400 Colors—Here Are the 30 Most-Wanted

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This Cult-Classic Nail Polish Brand Has 400 Colors—Here Are the 30 Most-Wanted

If you were to look into my cabinet of nail polish (yes, I have an entire cabinet dedicated to the stuff), you would see a glossy ensemble of bottles breaking down to roughly the following: 25% Olive & June, 10% OPI, 10% Essie, 5% other, and 50% Zoya.

Even though Zoya isn't as well-known or legendary as other fan-favorite lacquer brands like OPI and Essie, it's been an overwhelming staple within my at-home manicure game since I was in high school. (Fun fact: the brand has been around since 1986!) Fast-forward ten years, and I'm still collecting their head-turning nail polish colors at an alarming rate—even by beauty editor standards. 

Not only does Zoya have over 400 bold and beautiful hues to decorate your tips with, but they also offer different sized brushes for your bottles (so, SO handy!) and infinite collections with a mesmerizing range of glitter, shimmer, and textures. (Not to mention, they're one of the least-toxic formulations on the market thanks to their "10-free" ingredient standards.) Since, as we mentioned, there is a lot—aka 400+ bottles—of ground to cover when shopping the brand, we're sharing 30 of the most popular hues just below. Keep scrolling for all of Zoya's best-selling nail polish options!

This isn't your average metallic silver nail polish. The best-selling holographic shade will make your fingertips look even more fluttery thanks to the ever-so-subtle hints of gold. 

If ballet slipper pink is your usual polish M.O., you'll love this soft dusty mauve boasting a glossy cream finish. It's now unavailable at most online retailers, but you can still snap it up on Zoya's website. 

Think of this peppy shade as your favorite nude 2.0. Despite the shimmery finish, it's surprisingly full coverage which we love. You'll only need one or two coats. 

For all of you classic red nail polish lovers, this red-hot best-selling shade from Zoya is for you. Surging with Old Hollywood glamour, the brand describes it on their website as a "bright, clean, medium true-red in a glossy creme finish."

Glitter fiends, beware, this high-wattage purple polish is not for the faint of heart. Described as a "medium sugarplum purple," it boasts a potent concentration of micro-fine diamond holographic glitter. 

Like a shimmering, rain-slicked evergreen forest for your fingers, this high-demand shade is lush, holographic, and super-pigmented after just two coats. 

A pretty pearlescent natural that's one part pink, one part creamy almond. 

Ballet Slippers by Essie could be one of the most beloved nail polish colors of all time, and this dreamy shade from Zoya would be its elegant equivalent. You can wear it alone as a soft pink sheer, or you can add it to your French manicure arsenal.

This best-of-the-best nail polish from Zoya belongs to the brand's textured sparkle collection, called PixieDust. Consider it a sugar-frosted nude. 

A moodier take on a classic red, this is a full-coverage shade of crimson the brand describes as a "deep red beet" hue. 

I'm biased, but Isa is one of my personal favorites from Zoya. (I'm fanatical about anything purple.) A rich, royal blue-purple, it boasts the most benign metallic pearl finish for a little flash of something extra.

Not quite pink, not quite purple, this is a juicy shade of dusty plum that looks stunning on your tips. 

Everyone needs a classic hue this like this in their polish arsenal. It's a beloved natural hue from the brand, full-coverage in payoff, and a pillowy blush cream. Think of it as the color you can wear over and over again and never get sick of.

Madeline is another great neutral option—Zoya describes this ever-popular shade as a "full-coverage, muted rose cream."

How eye-catching is this striking shade of fuschia? The subtle twist of blue-violet duo-chrome shimmer intensifies the fiery shade that much further. 

A rich dark cherry, Dakota is a fall and winter staple.

Kelly meets anyone halfway who may be looking for a cool-toned middle ground between dramatic black and opaque white. Essentially, it's the perfect shade of gray.

Looking for something a hint lighter? This best-selling Zoya nail polish called Dove does its name justice—it's your quintessential dove gray with a luxe, glossy-cream finish. 

Fittingly, Leia is an an-out-of-this-world beautiful addition to your polish collection. Galactically-inspired, this nail polish color is a sheer, opalescent number brimming with pretty white with flecks of fuchsia, green, and gold. 

Rumor has it that this is one of the absolute best shades to invest in for fall. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) According to the brand, it's a full-coverage mauve-taupe color that imparts a touch of subtle shimmer.

Not ready to think about fall and winter yet? Try Jordan, a vibrant blossom of petal pink. 

Dark and brooding, this shade of wine is the perfect pick for anyone who prioritizes deep and vampy nail polish shades.

We're obsessed with a great, light-wash denim here at WWW, and this shade called Blu serves the same vibe up in the dreamiest way for nails. It's incredibly flattering, and it just so happens to be one of our favorite pastel hues for spring and summer. (Or even ice-y winter!)

Another homerun from Zoya's best-selling textured PixieDust Collection, this mesmerizing nail polish color is a crystal-coated silver sprinkled with larger particles of mega hex iridescent glitter. (It's like you're wearing shooting stars on your nails.)

Meet Jack—Zoya's fan-favorite nude cream hue reminiscent of a frothy capp.

Take it from someone who owns upwards of 200 nail polish bottles (hey, I'm not proud), Beth, simply put, is one of the most stunning nail polish colors on the market. I re-paint my nails with this metallic champagne over and over anytime of the year.

Is it coral? Red? Pink? Think of Sonja as the perfect fusion of every shade of flattering crimson. It also just screams summer. 

Tara is one of the most satisfying colors—a velvety-smooth plum shade that's the perfect hybrid between red and purple. 

We'd buy this best-selling Zoya nail color based on its enchanting name alone. Then again, the metallic medley of indigo, green, and purple is just as captivating.

Last but not least, another personal favorite, Sailor. It's the prettiest in-between shade if you're debating between grey, navy, or black, and the finish is wonderfully creamy and glossy. Up next, And Now, The 20 Best-Selling OPI Nail Colors of All Time—That You Can Still Buy

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