This Natural Dupe For Crystal Light Helps Combat Female Hormone Imbalances And Symptoms

Say goodbye to hormone change's terrible symptoms.

This Natural Dupe For Crystal Light Helps Combat Female Hormone Imbalances And Symptoms

Being a woman is top tier, and as I sat thinking about the perfect empowering quote, my mind went directly to Coco Chanel.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

And my favorite, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

That final quote by the fashion designer and businesswoman doesn’t only embody the epitome of a strong woman, but it’s also the sentiment behind the woman-owned powerhouse, Mixhers.

It Began With A Question

Mixhers, a supplement brand that prides itself on being a hormone health advocate, started with one woman challenging the status-quo. 

After giving birth to twins, Jess Toolson, Mixhers CEO and founder, developed serious period symptoms such as debilitating cramps and depression.

Jess Toolson
(Jess Toolson / Mixhers)

The only suggested course of action was to jump on birth control. While that may be a great option for some, it shouldn’t be the only option offered, according to Toolson. 

“I didn’t feel empowered by my doctors… It felt like I was just told birth control, birth control, birth control,” Toolsen said.

Toolsen shared her frustrations with her circle to find that her friends and family were facing the same dilemma. That’s when Toolsen tapped into her inner Coco Chanel and began to think for herself—she was set on challenging the norms of hormonal health.

Why wasn’t there a natural, safe way to deal with hormone changes? Better yet, why have women accepted hormone change’s unpleasant symptoms?  

A 27-year-old Toolsen began to search for answers and become an advocate for her own health. 

“[It’s] such an empowering moment for women; when they realize that [they’re] their own advocate and [their] health journey is up to [them],” Toolsen passionately explained. “Other people make suggestions… but at the end of the day, your health journey is in your hands.”

Through her search for a solution, Toolsen landed on holistic health care. And within two years of research, formulation, reformulation, and testing, Mixhers emerged.

They launched the brand with their first product HerTime, an on-the-go drink mix that helps with symptoms caused by hormone imbalance during a woman’s monthly cycle.

Image of Mixhers
(Hertime / Mixhers)

‘It Starts With Happy Hormones’

From periods and cravings to mental health, Mixhers has you covered. And as Toolsen says, “For women to thrive in life, it starts with happy hormones.”

That is why the women-owned brand has crafted a line-up of 11 natural products and over 65 flavors to meet each woman’s needs from sunup to sundown.

Some of our favorite supplements and flavors include Herpower in Coconut Lime (my go-to), a non-stimulant energy supplement that provides stamina, concentration, mental support, and mental clarity, Hermulti in Berry Burst, a multivitamin made specifically for women to fill the nutritional gaps in a daily diet, and Hertime daily in Peach Passion, a nutritional therapy that supports monthly hormone changes while reducing bloating, easing cramps, stabilizing mood, lightening flow, and increasing energy.

Image of Mixhers
(Herpower and Hermulti / Mixhers)

Beyond our three favorites, you can find other top sellers such as Herteen, Hergreens, Herhydration, Hernightly, Hersmoothie, Hertime classic, Hercollagen, Hercrave, Herdefense, and Herlove.      

You can purchase the drink mixes in 30, 60, or 90 count while selecting your favorite flavor or a variety pack. Being that Mixhers designed their supplements to be taken daily, you can also subscribe to the shop to get the supplements delivered straight to your door just when you need them.

It’s All About Self-Love And Advocacy 

Mixhers is giving women the tools needed to advocate for their own health journeys successfully. And as Toolsen shared, in order for women to keep showing up and giving their best, they need to speak up and act on behalf of their well-being.

Image of Mixhers hugging
(Mishers Team / Mixhers)

“Women now more than ever have permission to care for their own health. The surrounding world sees the positive effects of women in our communities,” Toolsen said. “Women show up time and time again for the people in their life, and in order to keep being what others need, we first need to care for ourselves. A healthy, rested and empowered woman benefits more than just herself. It benefits whole homes, groups, and communities.”  

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