This Natural Skincare Line Is The Time Machine In A Bottle You’ve Been Searching For

These natural, cruelty-free skin care products are made with ingredients and practices you can feel good about and delivers game-changing results. Plus, it's perfect for all skin types!

This Natural Skincare Line Is The Time Machine In A Bottle You’ve Been Searching For

We all want beautiful skin. But finding the right skin care routine can be an extremely difficult and expensive challenge. We all have different skin types and skin tones, which means everyone needs special, pricey products specifically made for their skin issues. Right? Well, that is not necessarily the case.

No matter what skin problem you’re dealing with—oily skin, dry skin, acne, uneven skin tone, redness, dullness, or fine lines and wrinkles—there’s an organic skincare line that will literally transform your skin.

AAVRANI – Clinically Proven With All-Natural Ingredients

AAVRANI is a woman-founded, clean skin care brand that focuses on embracing individual beauty and identity. Using all-natural, earth-based ingredients to treat and prevent skin issues, you will be able to achieve healthy, beautiful skin that will last for the long-term. AAVRANI products are made without mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, irritants, synthetic fragrances, or animal cruelty.

This luxury skincare line is the ultimate getting-ready ritual. With the four clinically-proven products in their Complete Ritual Set, you’ll be able to truly embrace the AAVRANI way of life—Purify, Restore, Hydrate, and Revitalize.

The Complete Ritual Set

Product photo of the AAVRANI Complete Ritual Set.

The AAVRANI Complete Ritual Set is inspired by ancient rituals and features four amazing products that can be purchased and used individually for a targeted skin care approach. Or you can invest in the entire set for the full AAVRANI ritual experience. In just 21 days, you are guaranteed to see amazing results.

  • Glow Activating Exfoliator: A dual-purpose cleanser + face mask that gently exfoliates, brightens, and evens skin tone. Formulated with organic turmeric, neem, jojoba, and raw honey.
  • Balance Restoring Serum: A toning polish that removes toxins, minimizes the appearance of pores, and reinstates skin’s natural moisture barrier. Made with tea tree oil, cucumber extract, chamomile flowers, and witch hazel.
  • Softening Hydra-Whip: A lightweight, ultra-hydrating solution that locks in moisture while nourishing and softening skin texture. Made with organic coconut milk, meadowfoam and rosehip seed oils, and shea nut and lavender extract.
  • : An eye treatment that revitalizes while minimizing the appearance of dark circles. This elixir also stimulates collagen production and evens fine lines. Formulated with sweet almond oil, rose water, avocado oil, and vitamin E.

It Only Takes A Few Minutes

Model applying AAVRANI Eye Rejuvenating Elixir.

The AAVRANI Complete Ritual Set takes just a few minutes each day, making it easier than ever to achieve a gorgeous, healthy glow.

Step one in the ritual is to use the Glow Activating Exfoliator. You spread this evenly on clean, damp skin and leave it on for five minutes, or until the mask hardens. Use a warm washcloth to gently remove and pat dry.

Step two is the Balance Restoring Serum, which you’ll apply onto the face and neck after cleansing by using a sterile cotton pad.

Step three is the Softening Hydra-Whip, and all you will need is a pearl-sized amount. Simply massage it to the face and neck before moving on to the fourth and final step—the Eye Rejuvenating Elixir. Get rid of those dark circles and fine lines by gently patting the elixir around and under the eye area.

That’s it! That’s all it takes for the AAVRANI Complete Ritual Set to absolutely transform your skin. Each item on its own is fantastic as well. Seriously, all of the glowing reviews speak volumes to this clean skincare line that is focused on beautiful, healthy skin above all else. Check out the entire lineup at

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Dana White’s Wife: The Truth About Their 25 Year Marriage

Get the details on UFC president Dana White's wife, the reclusive Anne Stella White.

Dana White’s Wife: The Truth About Their 25 Year Marriage

Okay, so we’ve established that UFC president Dana White is a very wealthy man. But who are the loved ones who get to share in his success? White, 59, is a husband and father of three—and based on social media, his kids have a pretty cushy life. Less is known about Dana White’s wife, who is the low-key yin to his loudmouthed yang. Find out what few facts are public about Anne Stella White—and get some clues as to why she might prefer to live life outside of the spotlight.

Dana White And His Wife First Met In 8th Grade

White reportedly met his future wife Anne Stella in eighth grade. The two were said to be high school sweethearts, but it’s unknown if they continued a long-distance relationship when the future UFC prez lived in Boston in his twenties.

Dana, Anne, and former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta all attended Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. However, White—a New England native—eventually returned to the East Coast and graduated from Hermon High School in Hermon, Maine. (Despite hating school, he donated $100,000 to his alma mater in 2011. The funds were used to upgrade the school’s athletic facilities.)

“I got kicked out of Gorman twice,” White told the Las Vegas Sun in 2014.

White wasn’t kidding about his disinterest in formal education. He dropped out of college twice—first at Quincy College and then at UMass Boston—before a miserable bell boy job helped him decide to go into the fight business.

What Is Known About Anne Stella White?

Very little is known about Dana White’s wife except she was born Anne Louise Stella in January 1969. Her birth location remains unconfirmed, but different sources claim different states (Maine, Nevada, New York).

Stella became Mrs. White in 1996. Clark County, Nevada records show the couple ordered a marriage license on October 21 of that year and had a marriage certificate issued the following month, on November 15.

White is not believed to have any involvement with the UFC. She’s never been seen at fights or promotional events—in fact, very few photos exist of her at all.

Dana And His Wife Don’t Have The Best Relationship With His Mother

White is notorious for being aggressive and unfiltered, so we wonder how he felt when his mother followed in his footsteps. In 2015, his mom, June White, sat down for an interview and blasted her son for his allegedly callous treatment of the family. The White matriarch said the last straw was when Dana reneged on a promise to care for his dying grandmother. He not only failed to come through for her, but he didn’t attend her funeral.

“I don’t want to take anything away from him for what he’s done for MMA and the UFC,” said his mother. “I mean Dana has a high school education and that’s it. And I think it’s pretty amazing the things he’s been able to do… But he’s not a good person. He seems to have lost his character somewhere along the way.”

“I have a hard time with Dana’s… marriage, I guess you could call it,” she continued. “Because I’m a believer if you’re married, you’re married and that’s it. And if you don’t want to be, and you want to be out with other people, then leave the person you’re with. Don’t make a joke of your marriage, but his marriage is a joke.”

You can watch her spill more tea in the clip below:

June alleged that her son “puts Tiger Woods to shame.” She said he cheated on Anne with two different ring girls and even accused him of sleeping with his own sister-in-law.

June shares more details in two books about her son: Dana White: King of MMA (2011) and Through A Mother’s Eyes: The Dana White Story (2012). Dana has never commented on either project, but we imagine neither he nor Anne is pleased with seeing their dirty laundry being aired in public.

Dana White And His Wife Have Three Children Together

White has three children with Anne. Their first son is Dana White III; in 2020, he graduated from Faith Lutheran High School in Las Vegas and announced his commitment to play football at the University of San Diego.

A post shared by Dana White III (@danaiiiwhite)

Aidan, a senior at Valley High School in Las Vegas, recently posted pics from his prom. Scroll to see a recent and rare pic of his parents together:

A post shared by Aidan Charles White (@aidan_white_)

He is also an amateur boxer who won his first match in March 2018.

The Whites have not been stingy with their kids. In 2017, Dana booked Las Vegas Strip venue Brooklyn Bowl for Dana III’s 16th birthday; Kendrick Lamar was the headline performer. The following year, he hired Migos, Everest, and A$AP Rocky to perform at rooftop club Drai’s for Aidan’s 16th birthday bash. He also added a customized Land Rover Defender as a gift—of which there are fewer than 12 in the U.S.

It makes us wonder what’s in store when the Whites’ youngest child, daughter Savannah, turns 16.

A post shared by Dana White (@danawhite)

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