This “Pencil Trick” Makes Picking Up Hot Girls a Piece Of Cake

Discover The Secret to Picking Up Girls Quickly, Easily & Without Ever Risking Rejection… Click Here to Discover the Subtle ... Read more 2,447 Views The post This “Pencil Trick” Makes Picking Up Hot Girls a Piece Of Cake appeared first on Gotham Club.

This “Pencil Trick” Makes Picking Up Hot Girls a Piece Of Cake

Discover The Secret to Picking Up Girls Quickly, Easily & Without Ever Risking Rejection…

Naturally, I don’t like to be predictable. Who does?

But if you read my last article, then you already know what I'm going to be discussing this week:

Escalating with a girl you just met.

Because the truth is, this is a topic that stresses out a lot of guys.

And it used to stress me out too.

After all, what's involved in meeting a new woman, and eventually getting her to open up to you?


There's the place…

The choosing of the girl and the opening…

The conversation…

When do you start moving up that escalation ladder?

It's impossibly complex!

But I have since discovered a way to make this process a lot easier–it's something that almost entirely prevents rejection, and can easily get a girl to give you her number or agree to a date during your very first interaction with her.

It starts with a famous example from author and plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz.

His famous example was picking up a pencil, and today I'm going to extend that to picking up a new playmate.

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The Bizarre Link Between Picking Up a Pencil & Picking Up Hot Girls…

What’s involved in picking up a pencil? That is totally simple, isn’t it?

Which muscle do you start with?

Do you know?

On the other hand, do you know how to speak?

Do you know what you are trying to do when you start to wade your way through the first conversation with a new woman?


Sure you do.

However… when it's time to close your fingers around the pencil, do you know which muscles are involved, and in what order they will be used?

Probably not.

Yet, you are likely positive that you can pick up a pencil–and dubious about your ability to pickup women.

Something in this equation doesn't make sense.

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Is It Easier Because You Can Already See The Outcome?

It's surprising to me, but while many of my clients have heard about a wide range of self-improvement philosophies and thought leaders–like Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich–most haven't even heard of the seminal work by Maxwell Maltz:


The basic point is that you have a Goal-Seeking Mechanism built into you. And this mechanism, like a stinger missile, mainly needs to know what you are going after.

In the case of women, do you know what you're going after?

You probably have a particular type. There's a particular set of physical features that turns you on, and ticks all your boxes.

As an example, I personally like a woman with a small waist.

I can't explain why, but although I've happily been with women who don't have that hourglass hip-to-waist-to-bust ratio… when I do have it between my hands, I have an additional thrill.


That means that when I think about what I want–imagining myself walking into a bar or being approached at a coffee shop… if I picture the woman as having my ideal ratio, my excitement about this vision goes up.

Do you see what I'm getting at?

When you can picture the exact woman you want, your own imagination will rev up your motivation. It will push you past the hesitation to put yourself in a situation where rejection is a possible outcome.

These are some of the surface benefits of making a mental picture of your ideal woman–AND the successful experience of meeting her.

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Here's What This Looks Like In Action (And Why It Works So Well)…

The first step to using this “Pencil Trick” to successfully pickup hot girls is to truly imagine what you want in a woman.

I'll illustrate this with my own personal example.

To begin with, there are many other characteristics besides a small waist that excite me.

A lively imagination and a quick wit are harder to picture, but they massively increase my interest in a woman I've just met. In fact, they are “must-have” features for me.

So when you do this, make a list of the features that you want in a woman–and keep adding to it.


Of course, it will start pretty simple:

“Hot. She's gotta be hot.”

But go deeper than that.

Maybe you want a nice hip-to-waist ratio like I do, or maybe you want your woman well-endowed, or “baby has to have back.”

Maybe it's legs.

I certainly do need a good pair of legs, and I'm also partial to small ankles.

Sexually adventurous?

A lot of guys have that as a “must-have,” especially if they've been with a woman who wasn't fulfilling them.

There is a much deeper benefit to this exercise too:

Somehow, when you've imagined being with your ideal woman–you are practicing what to do in the actual situation.

So when you see her in real life, you will be better at it.

You will have a much greater chance of success when you've already been there in your mind.

And here's how this helps you get her in bed with you:

How To Use This “Pencil Trick” to Have Sex With Her…

Like I said, if you can picture a beautiful woman giving you her number, or leaning in to kiss you…

… then there’s a MUCH higher chance of it actually happening once you’re talking to her.

So here’s how to go from that initial touch or kiss… to having sex with her:

Because women are highly emotional, they make decisions based on what they feel…

And while these 3 touches do seem “friendly”… they will also make her feel kinda turned on if you use them right.

(That’s because they target 3 sensitive areas on a woman’s body, which are jam-packed with sexual nerve endings. )

So after a couple of minutes of using these touches, she’s going to get more and more turned on…

… and that’s going to make her want to have sex with you REALLY fast:

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on September 2, 2019.]


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Having my techniques in your wheelhouse will let you whip them out whenever you need. Whenever she wants you to take charge, you’ll be able to with ease.

You may even turn her on so much she becomes borderline addicted to you…

Sound good?

Here we go…

My 3 Keys to Dominating Her in the Bedroom

1) Know What You Want

There’s nothing more awkward than a guy who doesn’t know where to start or what he wants to do with me.

You’re the one dominating me — this is your party!

As the man, you need to have a plan.

Let’s say you start by kissing her neck.

As you go at it, always be reading her to see how much she’s enjoying it.


Pay attention to her body language and listen to the sounds she’s making.

If she’s into it, she won’t say anything or she’ll tell you to keep going!

So from there, you can ramp it up after a couple minutes. Maybe go from kissing her neck to getting on top of her and kissing down her chest.

Think about what you want, and move closer to that goal.

And if she’s NOT into it, don’t worry — she’ll tell you to stop.

If that’s the case, then don’t get discouraged. Just try something else.

It sounds obvious, but a lot of guys won’t take the initiative and show power.

They’ll ask me what to do. They’ll ask “if this feels good” or “if that feels good.”

Don’t do that! Ever!

So key number one: Know exactly what you want. Then take control and go for it.

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2) Ask For Permission (Sometimes)

As a girl, most of the time I don’t want you to ask for permission in bed.

I want you to know what you want and then go for it.

But there are a couple situations when you should absolutely ask first:

Choking, for example.

Some girls are into it. Others aren’t.

So if you’re into choking or you want to do anything BDSM-related, you need to ask her before you just start doing it.

Yes, you DO need to be aggressive — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get her permission first.


Some girls don’t like being touched on the neck. In fact, in some girls it even triggers a traumatic memory. Choke her a little too hard, and you’ll turn her into a crying heap on the floor.

Not very sexy.


Make sure she’s OK with it before you take it to that level.

That brings me to the next scenario when you must always ask for permission…


Anal sex isn’t for everyone.

But if you are a guy who’s anally inclined, you’ve got to ask before you do it.

No girl likes to be surprised down there — not even porn stars who do it all the time!

So instead of trying to “accidentally” slip it in, you could say,

“Hey, how do you feel about anal sex?”


“Have you ever done anal before?”

That’s going to give you a good idea about whether to go forward or not.

If she hesitates or looks uncomfortable, slow down a notch.

If she looks excited by the idea, full steam ahead!

Speaking of which…

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3) Let It Flow

As a girl, I want you to take over. I also want you to have as much fun and feel as good as I’m feeling.

Here’s an industry secret for you:

One of the easiest ways to relax before a sex scene is to just think,

“Let that s— flow and enjoy the experience.”

It really works!

And that’s because if you’re not enjoying it, it’s going to show — and the woman you’re with will figure it out like that.

So how do you just “let it flow” and really take control in the bedroom without any nervousness or anxiety?

Make her the center of attention and turn all your focus on her. If you can do that, it's like killing three birds with one stone:

First, it will take away the self-consciousness that makes you all nervous and flustered. And that’s because you’re focusing on her — not your nerves.

Secondly, it will get you out of your head and into the present moment with her.


That’s when all great sex happens.

When I’m with a guy and he’s focusing on me, I orgasm so much faster, harder, and better than when I’m with a guy who’s obviously nervous or distracted.

Finally, making her the center of attention is going to help you read her.

As I talked about before, it’s so insanely important to read her body language to figure out if she’s enjoying it or not.

Her body language is like a road map that tells you whether to keep going or to take a U-turn and try something else.

So you’ll learn exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t like…

Just by looking at the movements of her body!

Plus, by focusing on her, you’re sending the message that you care about her needs and you’re going to take care of them.

And that’s going to keep her coming back for more and more.

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How To Make Her Borderline Addicted to You…

As a bisexual woman… I’m sorry to say that my personal preference is women.

Actually I’ve only had *2* guys my life, believe it or not.

One guy f—ed me hard… and he was well endowed… it was “ok”. (Kinda pressed a little too hard on my cervix to be honest).

But the other guy?

… and it only took him a few minutes to pull it off.

He undressed me, laid me on my back and worked his magic while still being fully clothed…

It was nice and slow at first… but soon I felt waves of ecstasy pulsing throughout my entire body…

… from the top of my head, to the tips of my toes.

My entire body was paralyzed with pleasure,

And then something I’ve never experienced happened too…

At first I was embarrassed because I thought I ruined this poor guy’s sheets…

… but I couldn’t help it, it just happened… and luckily he was more than OK with it (he was actually happy about it). ????

Here’s the kicker…it only took 3 or 4 minutes to do this to me, and he only used his fingers!!!

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on September 1, 2019.]


The post Pornstar Darcie Dolce: “Here’s What Gets Me Off FAST” appeared first on Gotham Club.

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