Thor's Most Epic Moment is Reversed in Comic Sneak Peak

A new preview from Marvel Comics for Donny Cates' Thor #14 reveals that a classic Thor line is being twisted by Thor's former host - Donald Blake.

Warning: includes a preview of Thor #14!

A deadly villain just stole 's most epic comic moment, as an iconic line from one of his mightiest battles is turned back on the God of Thunder in Thor #14. Donald Blake has been targeting Thor's friends and allies, and now the two will finally face off as Thor merges with the Destroyer armor to take down his vicious enemy.

Recently, Thor - written by Donny Cates with art by Nic Klein - has revealed the story of Donald Blake; Thor's former host body and alternate persona. Thor used to swap places with Donald during his time learning humility on Earth. However, Thor has taken the crown of Asgard and hasn't swapped places with Blake in a long time. The first issue of the "Prey" arc revealed that Blake had a home of his own, created by Odin, which over time appeared more like a prison. Now, Blake is free and ready to exact revenge for being turned into a toy for the gods.

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The upcoming Thor #14 will be the concluding issue of "Prey" and in a new preview from Marvel Comics shared by CBR, it's revealed it will be a rather explosive one. Thor has transferred his spirit into the Destroyer to face Blake head-on, meeting with a gathering of other Asgardian heroes, including Odin himself. Blake has been going after former Thors, absorbing their powers and killing them, but now he has encountered a full force of opposition. This arc has brought back characters from Thor's past, such as Jane Foster as Valkyrie and Throg, the frog Thor. However, the preview reveals that there is another fan-favorite Thor detail fans may recognize. Check it out here:

Though Blake doesn't get to finish his line in the preview, the reference is to 1998's Avengers #22. In this issue, the Avengers were facing Ultron in the four-part arc "Ultron Unlimited." It's a story that gave Thor one of his most epic moments, as he stares down the villainous robot and declares, "Ultron. We would have words with thee." Now, Blake is twisting this moment on the God of Thunder himself. What happens next is not yet known, but based on the previous issues in this arc, it is going to get intense.

Asgard's magic is behaving unexpectedly recently, leading to a flaw in the part of Mjolnir's enchantment that demands its wielder be "worthy." Odin passed his power along to Thor, leaving himself weaker and Yggdrasil, the world tree, has already been attacked by Blake. It's entirely possible that the hammer will give Thor's foe even more power, or that the Destroyer armor deals its next blow before he can finish his thought.

Being imprisoned in his own world has left Blake mentally unstable and murderous. He has already successfully attacked Doctor Strange, so there is no telling what he is capable of in this fight. Regardless, this is bound to be an action-packed issue that Thor fans shouldn't miss. By invoking Thor's battle with Ultron, Cates promises a similar clash of titans. Thor and his friends are gathered, and the battle for Asgard is about to begin. Blake has already caused large amounts of damage to crucial aspects of the realm and now he appears ready to re-tell Thor's story his way.

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