Tom Ellis’ Wife: Inside His Relationship With Meaghan Oppenheimer

Tom Ellis may play a womanizer on the Netflix show, 'Lucifer', but in real life, he is happily married to his wife, Meaghan Oppenheimer.

Tom Ellis’ Wife: Inside His Relationship With Meaghan Oppenheimer

Best known for his starring role as Lucifer Morningstar on the hit show, Lucifer, Tom Ellis (and his devilishly good looks) have won over a legion of fans. The Lucifer fanbase is so hardcore that they successfully saved the series from cancellation, twice. The second half of Lucifer Season 5 drops on Netflix on May 28. From there, fans can expect one more season before the show finally ends for good. 

All the love surrounding Lucifer and its leading man has us wondering about his love life. He’s a womanizer on Lucifer, but what about in real life? We did some digging, and it turns out that he is happily married, and it’s not the first time. Here’s everything you need to know about Tom Ellis’ wife, Meaghan Oppenheimer, and the adorable relationship they’ve built together. 

Who Is Meaghan Oppenheimer? 

Meaghan Oppenheimer smiling and wearing a white dress.
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Meaghan Oppenheimer is a screenwriter and an actress whose work has been featured on screens big and small. As an actress, she’s appeared in short films and TV movies, like LoveFinder and Hot Mess. She’s written for shows like Fear The Walking Dead. And in 2015, she teamed up with Catfish’s Max Joseph as a writer on his debut film, We Are Your Friends. More recently, Oppenheimer created the Facebook Watch series, Queen America. The comedy series features Catherine Zeta-Jones as a pageant coach who is tapped to train a newbie pageant contestant. Not only did Oppenheimer create the show, but she also serves as a writer and executive producer. 

Before making it in Hollywood, Oppenheimer grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was there that she got her first taste of the art world by acting in local stage productions. She decided that she wanted to make it a career, so she left Tulsa and headed for the Big Apple before finally settling down in Los Angeles.

While in L.A., she wrote The Remains, a dark comedy about a group of friends who return to their New York suburb to spread the ashes of a friend who recently committed suicide. In 2013, the script won the attention of The Black List, an annual list of unproduced screenplays selected by Hollywood big wigs. That was a pretty big deal; other screenplays picked up from The Black List in the past include There Will Be Blood and The Wolf of Wall Street. The nod by The Black List helped Oppenheimer break into the glitzy world of Hollywood, and she has been involved in showbiz ever since. 

Tom Ellis Married Meaghan Oppenheimer In 2019 

, Tom Ellis started dating Meaghan Oppenheimer back in 2015. Two years later, they announced their engagement. She shared the news through an Instagram post captioned, “Does this ring make me look fat?” 

A post shared by Meaghan Oppenheimer (@moppyoppenheimer)

In 2019, Ellis and Oppenheimer made it down the aisle, exchanging vows during a beautiful ceremony. Ellis stuck with a traditional black tux for the big day, and the bride wore a gorgeous lace gown with floral designs. 

A post shared by Tom Ellis (@officialtomellis)

The event was a star-studded affair with a handful of Ellis’ castmates from Lucifer showing up to support. Rachael Harris, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Aimee Garcia, and Kevin Alejandro were all in attendance. 

Unlike most weddings, where guests feel obligated to bring gifts like toasters and Amazon gift cards, Ellis and his bride opted for something different. Leading up to the big day, the Lucifer actor sent out a Tweet asking people to donate to Planned Parenthood rather than send wedding gifts. 

Tom Ellis Was Previously Married To Tamzin Outhwaite 

Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite on the red carpet. Tom is wearing a black suit. Tamzin is pregnant wearing a white and gold dress.
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Although Ellis and Oppenheimer don’t have any kids of their own, he has three daughters from previous relationships. There isn’t much information about the mother of his oldest daughter, but his two younger kids are from his first marriage with actress Tamzin Outhwaite. Here’s the story of what happened there. 

Ellis and Outhwaite were introduced in 2005 by fellow actor James McAvoy. He was head over heels, writing in a column, that his life changed when the two met. “She was in a play called Breathing Corpses with James McAvoy, one of my best mates from drama school. I knew who she was and I’d fancied her quite a bit when she played Melanie Owen in Eastenders,” the actor explained at the time. 

They got married a year later and had two daughters: Florence and Marnie. Ellis and his first wife were together for nine years, but in 2013, they called it quits. He allegedly had an affair with another actress while filming a 2013 made-for-TV movie called Gothica. 

Although Outhwaite was reportedly devastated at the time, Ellis assured fans that everyone was okay, telling Lorraine Kelly in an interview, “We are all good and we are all moving forward.”

And he has certainly moved forward. The Lucifer star found love again, and Oppenheimer seems to be adjusting to her new role as a stepmom. She regularly shares pictures with the kids, and they seem to be one big happy family! We love to see it.

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