Top Tech Stocks That You Need To Keep An Eye On

Now that we have done a third of the year, we should all be looking forward to making some positive changes when it comes to how we address investments within the stock market. Read more: Top Tech Stocks That You Need To Keep An Eye On

Top Tech Stocks That You Need To Keep An Eye On

Now that we have done a third of the year, we should all be looking forward to making some positive changes when it comes to how we address investments within the stock market.

While the pandemic has made the stock market a pretty slippery slope, these past couple of months, there are some stocks that you should keep an eye on, as they certainly have become quite positive. So, this definitely calls for a really good time to look more into these investments, especially as now the stock market is being seen as one to be recovering to the volatility we have seen at the beginning of the year and previously. Make sure to continue reading, if you are looking to know exactly what is the next move, when it comes to investing in stock shares!

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Snap Inc.

This is the first tech stock that we advise you to hone in and look closely into. This company is actually the parent of the social media platform Snapchat, if you did not know already, and it has done pretty well in remaining stable with not much volatility on the markets. Therefore, we believe that there is a high likelihood that you will see this build some steady momentum in the near future, especially if you have some plans for some long-term investments. There is talk that Snap Inc. is looking to invest into further opportunities within the tech sector, when it comes to the e-commerce and AR technology front, so make sure you have your media alerts on, as announcements such as these will definitely be great, when it comes to maintaining an investment.

Snapchat has a revenue of $3.44 per user, and still it is managing to showcase a large revenue growth, year on year, with a total of 62% increase. The most recent quarter was up to $911 million, yet when you compare the shares with other social media establishments and Snapchat doesn’t even come close. In fact, Facebook for example, is on a huge $32 per user, nevertheless, Snapchat will continue to grow due to the signed deals that it managed to make with New York Times, Ralph Lauren and NYX Makeup. The deals are projected to produce multiple augmented reality campaigns for advertisements in the next quarters to come.

2020 brought great profit to Snap Inc. meaning there are hopes for further profit and increase in revenue as the quarters will pass. The multiplayer AR features that Snap intend to integrate via a live multiplayer platform is expected to increase share value of snapchat and increase popularity of their services, by at least 22%. Currently, their active user base is at 265 million online and counting. Seems like a great time to invest in some shares, no?


Apple is another leading tech share that has always increasingly grown by the year. However, this year, they did take a little bit of a beating we will admit, to a $116 per share. Despite the fall, they did manage to recover their value, and this may actually be a great time to buy in before it continues to grow excessively. Many are reporting Apple will increase in value before the end of the quarter, so it might be worth checking in now before it is too late.

Apple has had great success from the range of 5G phones released, and will remain on the top of the list for that very reason. Of course, the iPhone 12 is in great demand at the moment, having gone out of stock so dramatically upon its first month of release. The announcement of the new 5G iPad model will ensure that all consumers who are fans of Apple, will have a huge range of devices that they can facilitate their love of tech and consumption. Of course, as the consumer usage goes up in popularity, so does the share prices ultimately.

Apple have further provided a service through their update of the iOS systems which ultimately provide enhanced intelligence and data protection safety. However, for this reason, ad heavy companies such as Facebook may find such an update to actually affect its services. There is no doubt here that Apple has gone after being the best, and funnily that is what Apple is all about. With continuous launches of new products, we are anticipating that the Air Tag that is to be released will be a new trend within technology. With all the investors that have put Apple in their investment portfolio, from the quarterly report released, it certainly was a good idea to do so.


PayPal is the next share that we suggest you look into making an investment into. Payment apps have been on top of their game for quite a while nowadays, that is a fact. You will find that being PayPal have updated their mobile applications, to allow buying, holding of cryptocurrencies, in addition to selling, they are broadening their horizons quite nicely here. The update of the Venmo will provide further reason for crypto enthusiasts to invest within their update, as let’s face it, the new update is only $1, so it is not a huge spend if we say so ourselves!

Cryptocurrency is a trend that has taken over, very much so, however beyond it all, PayPal have managed to gain 73 million new users, who actively used their accounts within the final quarter of 2020. By the end of the year, there were at least 350 million active users daily, which is a massively steep increase from their 29 million active daily users previously. It is believed with 2021, more active users will be prevalently using the app, meaning share value will rise up!

The economy this summer is expected to take a boost, meaning PayPal will too. Due to COVID slowly easing in severity, we expect that once the high streets reopen, more people will rely on their Venmo apps to pay for things, and move around. PayPal has now officially become a leader in digital banking, and has very much begun a revolution that does not plan to slow down, any time soon.

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Top Tech Stocks That You Need To Keep An Eye On

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Made in Britain: Online marketplace ‘Buy Britain’

Michael Oszmann, Founder of online marketplace Buy Britain, discusses the idea behind his business and how plans to help other small businesses from within the UK. Read more: Made in Britain: Online marketplace ‘Buy Britain’

Made in Britain: Online marketplace ‘Buy Britain’

Michael Oszmann, Founder of online marketplace Buy Britain, discusses the idea behind his business and how plans to help other small businesses from within the UK.

In March 2020, Michael Oszmann lost his contract with Shell due to the pandemic and oil price crash. This left him with a decision to try and seek more work during the crisis, or to try something different. He decided to try and turn the negative situation into a positive and start something of his own.

The ensuing economic chaos, caused by the lockdowns, made him think that setting up an online marketplace with exclusively British-made products was an idea that could help to make a difference. Here, he tells us all about his business:

Tell us all about your business?

Buy Britain is a marketplace to discover goods made by local UK businesses. The company began in July 2020 and was officially launched in the November. Since then, we have had 140 local businesses register with us with sales growing every month.

Our current tagline is “The Home of British Made Products.” Our mission is to support local businesses, jobs and skills by growing their online sales in the UK and worldwide.

I’m the Founder and CEO of the company, but as a start-up that means doing a bit of everything and getting your hands dirty. I’m lucky to have an excellent small team who support the business, particularly on the technology and marketing.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

The genesis of the idea to support local business was growing up seeing my grandfather’s 100+ year old oak furniture business. They make an extremely high-quality product with very skilled craftspeople, all employed locally. However, they have struggled to adapt to the digital and e-commerce world we now live in. It’s already a barrier for them to set up an e-commerce website, it’s then a whole other thing for them to market it well online.

I’ve also spent some time working abroad in Asia and seen the high regard with which other markets view products ‘made in Britain’ / ‘Brand Britain’ so I felt that longer-term I might be able to create something which starts as ‘local people supporting local businesses’ and evolves into ‘Britain’s shop window to the World’

The idea then grew and evolved last year as I realised several trends, such as Covid driving online sales and the desire to shop more locally, were converging to make it the right time for this.

In your opinion, what makes British products so special?

For me, variety is the spice of life. Many people say “nothing is made in Britain anymore” and that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have everything from brands with great heritage to very modern, innovative businesses with stunning designs and engineering prowess. I think it’s important to support local businesses, wherever you live, to keep that variety and innovation alive. Otherwise, things risk becoming overly homogenised, mass-produced and a bit boring.

Did you have any reservations about starting a business during a pandemic?

Clearly it’s a massive risk to start a business at any time, let alone in a pandemic. There’s an opportunity cost versus working in a corporate job and earning a solid income. I didn’t really hesitate – I’m passionate about this business and had been building up to taking a leap for a while. The pandemic just gave me an extra push to take the leap earlier than planned as I lost the consulting contract I was on at a major FTSE company.

How have you found life in the food and beverage industry?

As a bit of a foody, I love it. We have amazing products in this country and it’s great to be able to do my part to showcase them. We have amazing kinds of honey, gins, game meats, chocolates and more, on the site right now. There are more great products coming soon. Then there’s the Buy Britain Wine Club – it has been a real pleasure to start discovering some of the amazing hidden gem vineyards in the UK and the stunning – award-winning – wines they produce.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Tough one! I’ve been lucky to get great advice and learn from many top people. I’d say one key thing I learned in my consulting time (from the other strategists) is to understand your business model and ‘own the data’. That doesn’t mean drawing a line, and saying you’re going to make however many millions in 5 years’ time, but it means understanding what are the important levers that drive your business, setting goals around those and then focusing on them as you experiment.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

I’d say the biggest challenge right now is building our organic traffic. The major platforms like Google and Facebook constantly adapt their algorithms to make it trickier for businesses to get organic reach, forcing you to pay for ads. However, that’s not very sustainable for a small, self-funded start-up business when you’re bidding against very large players like Amazon. We will get there but it does take time, effort and persistence!

What’s the best decision you’ve made so far?

We made a conscious choice to try and be hands-on and personal in our approach to supporting the businesses that join our platform and engage with us. Everything from giving them ideas (from our data) through to helping them set up their products. It’s a lot of time and effort from us, but it sets us apart from other platforms. Our small business partners tell us that how much they value our support and approach, which they simply cannot get from the major platforms. We see it as an investment in the long-term success of the platform and the small businesses that are on it.

Do you have any regrets?

Not so far. There are lots of things that we try or spend some money on and sometimes they don’t work out or disappoint. But it’s about learning lessons from those very quickly rather than worrying about the sunk cost. That normally then steers us in the right direction. That’s the advantage we have of being small and nimble right now.

What is one thing that would make running your business a lot easier?

I suppose everyone wants more time and more resources. If I had to say one specific thing it would be an easier way to consistently create great content marketing. It’s essential for us to grow our organic reach, but it is also a huge time/cost investment versus the other prioritise we have on our plate like developing and improving the tech platform and developing new business lines.

What’s next for your business?

We’re in discussions with some really interesting potential partners who could bring some really exciting new product lines and even new business models to the site. In the short term we’re looking to keep expanding the range we have available for consumers, whilst expanding our revenue streams. Once we have reached a sustainable level of scale domestically, we have bold ambitions for overseas expansion, helping our businesses to export, providing business support services and possibly expanding into B2B business models.

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Made in Britain: Online marketplace ‘Buy Britain’

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