Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vs. The Reverend: How To Get The Best Ending

Kimmy's on a mission to rescue some mole women in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend. Here's how to get the best ending.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vs. The Reverend: How To Get The Best Ending

Netflix's latest choose-your-own-adventure story is a sequel to titled Kimmy vs. The Reverend, and there are a quite a few ways to get Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) and her friends killed in it. There are also a few variations on the ending, in which Kimmy finally walks down the aisle to get married to Prince Frederick (Daniel Radcliffe), a rather sheltered member of the British royal family.

As Kimmy finalizes her wedding preparations, she discovers a choose-your-own-adventure book in her backpack that was checked out of a high school she didn't attend, at a time when she was imprisoned in the bunker. She realizes that Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm) has a second bunker where more girls are locked up. Determined to save them, she sets off on a cross-country mission while her friends back home continue to help Frederick get ready for the wedding.

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Kimmy vs. The Reverend is an interactive adventure, which means that the viewer gets to decide what actions the various characters take - from choosing whether Titus goes to the gym or takes a nap, to deciding whether or not to blow Reverend Richard up with a rocket launcher. If you choose one of the options that leads to a Game Over scene, you will be automatically sent back to make a different choice, so we recommend experiencing at least a few Game Overs (they're pretty fun). Here's our guide to all the different choices in Kimmy vs. The Reverend, and how to get the best ending.

At the very start of Kimmy vs. The Reverend, Kimmy has to choose between a fun dress and a fancy dress for her wedding. This only affects what dress she wears at the end, so take your pick.

Titus (Tituss Burgess) is supposed to be getting in shape for an action movie, but he's not a fan of the idea. If you choose to go to the gym, there is a fun scene of Titus doing some very ineffectual workouts. If you choose to lie down and take a nap you are given two more options:

  • Wake Titus Up - Various things will occur that will interrupt Titus' nap, but sleep will win in the end.
  • Let Titus Sleep - Titus will have a nice dream that turns into a terrifying nightmare.

After discovering a book in her backpack, Kimmy shows it to Frederick and then struggles with the decision to read the book, plan for the wedding, or make out.

  • Read Book - Kimmy will read the book while Frederick makes wedding plans.
  • Plan Wedding - Kimmy and Frederick will make plans, and then investigate the book. However, because Kimmy didn't read the book she won't have the vital clue she needs later on. If you miss the opportunity to read the book now, you'll get a do-over.
  • Make Out (Game Over) - Kimmy and Frederick get married and live a happy life together, but the player missed out on the adventure.

After realizing that the book must belong to someone else, Kimmy deliberates over which of the other mole women to call.

  • Cyndee - Helps Kimmy realize that the book must have belonged to another girl.
  • Donna Maria (Game Over) - Advises Kimmy to stop obsessing about the bunker and focus on her wedding. This leads to another happy (but boring) ending.
  • Gretchen - Is busy doing a group activity with her cult, and isn't able to talk. After calling Gretchen, Kimmy can call another mole woman instead.

Kimmy's going to Indiana to question Reverend Richard, but she doesn't want to go alone. Both Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) and Titus volunteer to accompany her.

  • Take Jacqueline (Game Over) - Jacqueline offers to arrange travel, but the pilot is her son, Buckley (Tanner Flood), who doesn't actually know how to fly. The plane crashes and everyone dies. Titus also dies in a treadmill accident.
  • Take Titus - Titus accompanies Kimmy on her adventure.

Reverend Richard is his usual annoying self when Kimmy goes to see him in prison. As she presses him for information about the owner of the book, he asks her to be more sociable.

  • Get Down To Beeswax - Kimmy interrogates the Reverend and he ends up accidentally spilling some beans.
  • Be Sociable (Game Over) - The Reverend will attempt a victory dance, but falls and hits his head and dies. Kimmy never finds out where the other girls are.

Back in New York, Cyndee (Sara Chase) and Lillian (Carol Kane) take Frederick out for what would have been Kimmy's bachelorette party and decide to test his faithfulness. They must decide which of them will sing karaoke to Frederick in a seductive way. Whichever one you choose, Frederick will end up passionately kissing Lillian - for reasons that will be revealed later.

Upon arriving in Virginia, Titus and Kimmy request an Uber but the driver, Mamadou, is 4000 minutes away. Titus wants to wait for Mamadou, but Kimmy thinks it will be faster to walk.

  • Wait For Mamadou (Game Over) - By the time Mamadou arrives, Kimmy and Titus are bleached skeletons. To make matters worse, Mamadou only gives them one star.
  • Walk To Town - Kimmy and Titus walk into town. It is a long way, but they make it.

Titus is supposed to be on the set of his movie, and if he doesn't show up it could end his career. Jacqueline needs to stall until he gets there, and must come up with an excuse for why Titus won't leave his trailer. Is he upset with the script, or the wardrobe?

  • The Script - The screenwriter, Cody Santimonio (Zak Orth) overhears that someone has a problem with his script, and Jacqueline is trapped into going through the whole thing page by page.
  • The Wardrobe - Jacqueline claims that Titus' pants never arrived, stalling questions for a while.

In order to ingratiate himself and Kimmy with the locals in a bar, Titus decides that he will fulfill a request for "Free Bird." Kimmy is concerned that he may not actually know the song.

  • He Knows It - Titus does actually know "Free Bird," and will sing an amazing rendition of it that makes everyone in the bar love him.
  • He Thinks He Knows It - Titus will sing another song called "Free Bird," but it's the wrong song. Violence breaks out and both he and Kimmy are shot and killed.

The Reverend has broken out of prison - but how did he manage to escape? Kimmy speculates as to whether he used a sneaky plan to break out, or his white belt in karate.

  • Sneaky Plan - The Reverend literally just crawls under the visiting table, pretends he was a visitor, and walks out.
  • Karate - The guard attempts to shoot the Reverend, but the bullet instead ricochets around the room and kills the guard. The Reverend takes his keys and sneaks out.

Frederick kissed Lillian because she resembles his childhood nanny, Fiona, the only person besides Kimmy that he's ever been close to. Lillian decides he sorely needs some life experience before he marries Kimmy, but who's going to give it to him?

  • Go With Lillian - Lillian takes Frederick to a hotel room and rocks his world... by role-playing as all the terrible girlfriends he never had.
  • Go With Fiona - Fiona takes Frederick to the Foot Locker in Herald's Square. He is traumatized by the ugliness of the real world, and becomes even more resolved to marry Kimmy.

Bad news: Jenny (Heidi Gardner) from the costume department stayed up all night sewing a new pair of pants for Titus, and now she wants to do a costume fitting. Jacqueline must figure out how to get rid of her.

  • Mind Games - Jacqueline gaslights Jenny into thinking she did something to offend Titus and sends her away to write a letter of apology.
  • Physical Violence - Jacqueline takes the pants but fakes a Titus tantrum in which the pants get ripped, thereby buying a little more time.

After hours of listening to the screenwriter, Jacqueline is starting to snap. As he explains all the different kinds of stories, she can either lose it or go to her happy place.

  • Lose It - Jacqueline unleashes her fury on the screenwriter, who breaks down and admits that his whole script is plagiarized anyway.
  • Go To Happy Place - Jacqueline goes to her happy place (in which she is the star of a French music video) but the screenwriter notices she isn't listening and insists that she read his play with him.

Gas station attendant C.J. (Johnny Knoxville) gives Kimmy and Titus a hot tip on where the Reverend is going, but then abruptly leaves the gas station, leaving behind his baby. Should Kimmy and Titus stay to babysit, or hurry after the Reverend?

  • Babysit - Kimmy and Titus look after the baby until C.J. gets back, and he thanks them. They then continue their pursuit of the Reverend.
  • Follow The Reverend (Game Over) - Kimmy abandons the baby, which wanders outside and is implicitly eaten by wolves. The Reverend gets to the bunker first and escapes with the girls.

Jenny is back, and as Jacqueline continues to stall Jenny despairs that she'll lose her job if Titus doesn't get fitted for his pants. She says she's already had a bad year, and heavily hints that Jacqueline should ask her about it.

  • Ask About Her Year - Jacqueline reluctantly listens to the story, and realizes that Jenny's bad year has eerie similarities to her own life.
  • No Thanks, Stranger - Jenny figures out that Titus isn't in his trailer.

Kimmy and Titus are close to catching the Reverend, but Titus ate some magic mushrooms and is very high. When Kimmy sees the Reverend and takes off running after him, Titus hallucinates a banquet in the middle of the woods and gets distracted. Should he follow Kimmy, or eat the woodland banquet?

  • Follow Kimmy (Best Ending) - Titus decides to be a good friend and follows Kimmy. However, another woodland banquet appears. Titus attempts to run straight through it, but this banquet happens to be real. It's the craft services table for the movie set he's supposed to be on. Titus shows up just in time to save Jacqueline from being caught in a lie, and triumphantly shoots his scene.
  • Woodland Banquet (OK Ending) - Titus attempts to eat the woodland banquet, which is really just twigs and dirt. The dirt ruins his singing voice and he never shows up for the movie. Jacqueline is caught in a lie and men in the film industry realize this means they no longer have to #BelieveAllWomen. They joyfully go back to sexually harassing and assaulting their female colleagues. At the wedding, Jacqueline is blamed for ending MeToo.

The Reverend trips over a fallen tree while running and breaks his ankle, leaving him at Kimmy's mercy. He claims he doesn't remember where his second bunker is, and a frustrated Kimmy pulls out a gun she found at the gas station. The player is given three lethal options for the Reverend along with the option to spare him. We recommend killing him in all three different ways first, because it's very satisfying.

  • Shoot Him (Game Over) - The Reverend ends up in hell with Mr. Frumpus (Bill Barretta), but because he's dead, Kimmy never finds the other girls he captured.
  • Stomp Him (Game Over) - Kimmy stomps the Reverend to death, goes crazy and becomes a hill person. Frederick ends up marrying Xanthippe (Dylan Gelula) instead.
  • 'Splode Him (Game Over) - Kimmy throws away the gun, but then pulls out a rocket launcher. She shoots the Reverend with at at close range and they both 'splode.
  • Spare Him - Kimmy decides to let the Reverend live and goes off to find a tree branch so that she can make a splint for him. She discovers a fake tree, and underneath it is the entrance to the second bunker. She frees the Mole Women trapped inside, and returns home for her wedding.

A lot of the decisions in Kimmy vs. The Reverend lead to similar outcomes, but if you want to avoid any game over screens and get to the best ending, here are the choices you should make:

  • Read the book
  • Call Cyndee
  • Take Titus
  • Get down to beeswax
  • Walk to town
  • Titus knows "Free Bird"
  • Babysit
  • Follow Kimmy
  • Spare the Reverend

If you make all the right decisions, Kimmy and Frederick will be happily wed by a not-so-happy Xanthippe. Titus' voice will be spared from dirt damage and he'll make his action movie, and Jacqueline won't accidentally end #TimesUp. You'll be awarded with a "You Win!" screen, and everyone will do the Breakfast Club ending fist pump.

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