The Virgo New Moon of 2020 is among us, read more about this luminary.


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The Virgo New Moon occurs tomorrow on September 17th.

Be forewarned: This luminary may be very intense and draining. Or, it can be a time of change due to the fact that we are all making pressing decisions at this time due to the frenetic energy in the cosmos. 

This luminary creates a Mutable Grand Cross with Neptune, who’s retrograde in Pisces, and the Nodes of Destiny, which are moving backwards on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Not only that, but the Capricorn stellium in the sky (Jupiter, Saturn retrograde, and Pluto retrograde) also add a dose of cosmic energy to the New Moon as well. Mercury, who’s the planetary ruler of Virgo, shares a tense aspect with Jupiter too. 

We can expect over the top emotions to consume our hearts and uncertainty to confuse our minds. There won’t be clear and concise answers or messages from the universe today, due to Neptune’s fogginess standing in the way of gaining clear perspectives. The Nodes of Destiny will push us to make decisions, which we may find heartbreaking and overwhelming (due to Neptune retrograde’s role in this luminary). The Capricorn Stellium will push us to make choices that serve our needs more than others, a sentiment that will force us to take control of over lives — even though the Mutable Grand Cross adds emotional stress.  

The fixed star Copula (the Whirlpool Galaxy) stirs the cosmic pot, by adding passion and deception. We can expect to be led astray from our objectives by smooth talkers, who can convince us to change our minds. Contrarily, we may be the ones mincing words to get our way. 

Leaning into our intuition will help us avoid intense and dramatic situations from happening in our personal spheres. Also, sharpening the mind through a strengthening ritual will prove to be helpful as well. 

*The Virgo New Moon occurs on September 17th at 4AM PST and 7AM EST.

Ritual for the New Moon:

A white bath to strengthen and detox the body, mind, and spirit during this energetically charged luminary. 

Ingredients and Directions:

Cleansing bath

Fresh Water 

Half a bottle of florida water or kolonia 1800 (if you cannot get these, half a bottle of rose water). 

A fresh bunch of mint leaves 

3 dried bay leaves

White flower petals from 3 white flowers

3 tsps coconut oil

3 tsps sea salt

As you make this, or prepare to buy everything, tell Madama as she or another guide may request other items such as orange peel or basil. Up to you! 

In a giant bowl or pale, combine your ingredients and let them sit for 1-3 hours. 

Add to a running bath or pour on yourself in the shower (starting from your shoulders, then down your body). 

Ask the universe to remove any negative energies from your path and to bring you protection.

Repeat every 3 weeks or as desired! 

You can dispose of the ingredients in the regular garbage if you want. Or place in a bag and throw away in nature (a park is considered nature). 

You can make bigger batches if you want, but remember to triple ingredients as the rule of 3 is a major part to play. 

If you want to make bigger batches to preserve, use 4 parts water to 1 part vegetable glycerine which preserves herbs and flowers. If it smells unsavory, then toss and make a new batch to your liking. 

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