Watch: Francois Pienaar’s ‘team talk’ ahead of Murrayfield Bust challenge

Youngsters from Hammersmith and Fulham RFC will be 'Passing it for Good' - all the way from Twickenham to Murrayfield.

Watch: Francois Pienaar’s ‘team talk’ ahead of Murrayfield Bust challenge

More than 150 youngsters from the London rugby club will be taking part in a challenge to pass a rugby ball the equivalent distance from Twickenham to Murrayfield in one day — 535km or 110 000 passes.

The Hammersmith and Fulham Rugby Football Club’s (RFC) “Murrayfield or Bust” challenge takes place on Saturday 16 May with the young players — ranging from the under-16s to the minis — aiming to raise £10 000 (R224 801). However, on Friday evening the amount of funds raised already stood at an impressive £22 125 (R497 492).

Passing it for Good

Unwavering support for NHS frontline workers

The funds raised will go to the Friends of Charing Cross Hospital, in Hammersmith, to assist in their unwavering support of the National Health Service’s (NHS) frontline workers. 

The charity organisation will be putting the money raised to good use by providing emergency funds to help hospital staff cope with the extreme pressures they are under during in performing their duty in the frontlines.

“At the same time, we will also help those vulnerable patients who face sudden and unexpected financial difficulties during their stay,” the organisation said.

“We have temporarily converted our shop into a distribution centre to provide food and drink for our NHS staff. We have donated our existing stock and your donations are helping this service to continue.”

Here’s what the young ‘Hammers’ will be doing:

The Murrayfield Bust will consist of the young players passing a rugby ball, basketball, football or even a toilet roll at least five metres to a friend or family member more than 1 000 times, which is equivalent to 5km. 

Former Rugby World Cup-winning Springbok captain Francois Pienaar joined well-wishers ahead of the big day:

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