Watch: SAPS uncover a cache of beer buried among veggies [video]

The question is how many beers do you have to plant to grow a brewery?

Watch: SAPS uncover a cache of beer buried among veggies [video]

Some South Africans are going to great lengths to acquire, protect and consume alcohol during the national lockdown forcing the SAPS to leave no stone unturned as they enforce regulations.

That apparently includes digging up vegetable patches and finding a cache of beer as seen in the video below.

Police and metro law enforcement are pictured digging up a vegetable garden and uncovering several bottles of Black Label beer buried among the mielies.

Watch police dig up a vegetable garden in search of beer

Police Minister Bheki Cele has stood by the ban on the sale of alcohol during the lockdown despite considerable push back.

Many have questioned the zeal with which police and other law enforcement have pursued those who consume or sell alcohol during the lockdown.

Cele has said on numerous occasions that the ban will not be lifted and has even posited extending the ban beyond the time of the lockdown.

Cele backs the ban

The police Minister points to a drop in violent crime and a reduction of trauma cases at hospitals as indicators that the ban is having a positive effect on the country.

“My first prize would be that we shut down alcohol, but I know we cannot do that. Nothing tells me that taking alcohol will make life easier,” Cele said earlier this month.

“For SA, alcohol has not been the only issue when it comes to regulations relating to the Covid-19. Murder has gone down in SA. Even in the butcher of the republic, the Western Cape, murder numbers have really gone down. The impact of the reduction of alcohol has had an impact on ordinary crime, especially violent crime.”

As the police confiscate more alcohol we have also seen an increase in the number of reported cases of law enforcement themselves, selling or consuming confiscated booze, further eroding any sense of goodwill between the public and Cele.

Alcohol ban: Why drinking hand sanitiser may soon land you in jail

Cele has plenty of supporters though, with a significant number of social media users coming out in support of the ban.

The sale of alcohol remains banned under the terms of stage four of the lockdown although a ban on tobacco products is set to be lifted in some areas.

Government have yet to advise when South Africans can expect to be able to legally purchase alcohol again.

Representatives of the liquor industry are currently weighing up their options for a legal challenge to the booze ban.

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Watch: Checkers staff mourn colleague who allegedly died of COVID-19

A video of staff at Bayside Checkers mourning the loss of a colleague who died from COVID-19 is a reality check if ever there was one.

Watch: Checkers staff mourn colleague who allegedly died of COVID-19

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday 27 April, a group of what appears to be Bayside Checkers staff can be seen holding candles and mourning the loss of one of its staff members who lost their life to COVID-19. 

The Shoprite Group confirmed the incident on Monday 27 April saying:

“Losing one of our own always touches us and it is with great sadness that we extend our heartfelt sympathy to the families and co-workers of any employee who passed away.”

Watch: Bayside Checkers staff mourn the loss of their colleague

Here’s what can be seen in the video

In the video, a group of Checkers staff members with protective gear can be seen gathering around while a woman is on the floor bellowing out and crying at the loss of a fellow colleague. 

Each staff member gathered can be seen holding lit candles.

This comes after the Bayside Checkers had to be closed due to a staff member testing positive earlier this month. 

Checkers closed after staff member tests positive 

On 14 April, the Bayside Mall released a statement on Facebook.

“It has come to our attention that a Checkers staff member tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and the store has been temporarily closed,” it said. 

“We have been informed that a mobile testing clinic has been dispatched to the store and all the Checkers employees are being tested. The Checkers group will also dispatch a professional decontamination company to sanitise and deep clean the store,” it added. 

Checkers said it could not confirm how long the store would be closed but said it would only reopen once the Department of Health gave authority. 

“The health and safety of everyone visiting and working at the centre remains our primary focus as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic together. We have remained diligent in our cleaning processes and through our service providers we have placed additional focus on key public areas such as hard surfaces, equipment and bathrooms throughout the centre,” it said.

Then, on 23 April, it released another statement, saying that Checkers would be closed until further notice for store decontamination. 

“Following positive testing for Covid-19 at one of our stores, the store is closed immediately and the NICD and the Department of Health are informed. A professional decontamination company is brought in to sanitize and deep clean the store and the store will be reopened in consultation with the Provincial Department of Health,” said Shoprite.

“An employee screening programme supported by the company’s mobile clinic is immediately put into place and employees who had close contact with those affected are self-quarantining for 14 days,” it added.  

Editor’s note: The South African reached out to Bayside Mall for comment. Centre Management was unavailable for comment “because of the public holiday”.

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