What Happened To Al Capone's Family After His Death | Screen Rant

Josh Trank's Capone movie focuses on the final year of Al Capone's life, but here's what happened with his family after he passed away.

What Happened To Al Capone's Family After His Death | Screen Rant

Tom Hardy's new movie Capone explores the final year of Al Capone's life, but what happened to his family after he died? The story of the Italian gangster is a popular story throughout the history of entertainment, with writer-director Josh Trank responsible for the latest adaptation. Unlike most stories about the crime lord though, Capone takes place well after his time in power, where his mental state has deteriorated.

Now available for rent or purchase on a variety of video on demand services, Capone's release has made it one of the more noteworthy films to launch during the coronavirus pandemic.  serves as a showcase for Hardy to once again transform his body and voice for a new role, and he has to carry the majority of the film on his shoulders. For many, Al Capone is a familiar name, but Capone shows a different point in his life and heavily involves his family, who are with him in their giant Florida mansion.  concludes before the death of its lead character, which might leave viewers wondering what happened next in real life after Al Capone died on January 25, 1947.

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Al married Mae Capone when he was 19 on December 30, 1918 and remained with her up until he died. After being married to one of the biggest criminals around, the next stage of Mae's life largely takes place outside of the public eye. It is known that she sold the Florida mansion shortly after Al's death. Mae remained committed to Al and his legacy even after his death though, as she sued a production studio due to the similarities between Al's life and The Untouchables TV show in 1964. She died a few years later in Florida on April 16, 1968 at the age of 89.

Despite what  might suggest, Al only fathered one child in his entire life: Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone Jr. He was born on December 4, 1918, just a few weeks before his parents, Al and Mae, got married. After the death of his father, Sonny continued living in Florida working as an apprentice printer, a tire distributor, and a restaurant owner. It has been revealed by the FBI that he threatened to kill Edward Kennedy in 1968, but the only crime he was ever convicted for was stealing $3.50 worth of aspirin and batteries in 1965. He legally changed his name to Albert Francis Brown in 1966 to remove ties to Capone. Sonny died on July 8, 2004 at the age of 85.

As far as Al Capone's extended family is concerned, he had eight siblings (six brothers, two sisters), but only six were still alive when he died. His older brothers Ralph aka "Bottles" and James Vincenzo aka "Two-Gun" had both moved past their criminal days, with James passing away in Nebraska in 1952 and Ralph dying in Wisconsin in 1974. His younger brother Matthew died in 1967, his younger brother Umberto died in 1980, his younger brother Ermino died in 1985, and his younger sister Mafalda passed away in 1988. Al's younger siblings were not heavily involved with his criminal empire, but only Ralph despite not being present in Al's life at the time in real life.

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The Eternals were created thousands of years ago by the god-like Celestials. After visiting Earth and experimenting with human DNA, the Celestials created two off-shoots of humanity, the Eternals and the Deviants. The Eternals resemble humans but are gifted with immortality; the Deviants, on the other hand, were a colossal failure. They have unstable DNA, and are monstrous in appearance. They also don't share the immortality of Eternals. Since they couldn't blend in with humans, they constructed subterranean cities for themselves and went into hiding.

The Eternals ultimately established a base on Earth. Later, the leader of the Eternals, Kronos, conducted an experiment with cosmic energy, but it went wrong, and the spread of the energy altered the genes of the Eternals permanently. For this reason, the Eternals and all their descendants possess a wide array of superpowers. So their race survived the accident, but Kronos was no longer in any condition to lead. Since his two sons, A'lars and Zuras, couldn't agree on who should be his successor, they decided to split the Eternals into two branches. Zuras founded a new city and became the leader of the Olympian Eternals, while A'lars left Earth and took a large number of the Eternals with him. A'lars traveled to Saturn's moon, Titan, and started a new colony there. His gathering of Eternals became known as the Titanian Eternals.

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Like the Earth-based Eternals, the Titanians look just like humans. This includes A'lars, Sui-San, and Thanos' brother, Starfox. So why does Thanos look different to everyone else in his family, not to mention his entire race? That's because Thanos was born with the Deviant Syndrome, making Thanos a genetic rarity among his people. Due to this strange mutation in Thanos's DNA, Thanos has heightened abilities and bears some physical similarities to the Deviants (but is still an Eternal). It's possible that there are other Eternals in the Marvel Universe who have the Deviant Syndrome, but Thanos is the only character confirmed to possess it.

With all this in mind, the question arises, is Thanos an Eternal in the MCU - a full-fledged one, that is? The answer to that question is unclear, but given the popularity of Thanos, it does seem quite possible that Marvel will look to adapt their comic book connection to the big screen. So far, nothing revealed about Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame proves that Thanos isn't an Eternal, so it does seem possible that he could be one of them; it just hasn't been explored yet.

Avengers: Infinity War revealed that Thanos' people, the Titans, became extinct because of an unspecified catastrophe. They were spotted briefly in the movie, but they were too far away to get a proper look at them. It was stated by Infinity War VFX supervisor Matt Aitkin that if the movie had shown more of Thanos' race, audiences would have noticed that the other Titans didn't look like Thanos. They would have had his bright purple skin color, trademark chin, or his towering height. The plan was to present Thanos as a "little bit of a mutant of his own people". This certainly sounds like his Deviant Syndrome from the comics. With this in mind, it makes sense that the MCU's Thanos could be an Eternal with the Deviant gene. This would explain why he doesn't look like the characters from Marvel's upcoming Eternals film.

Will Marvel's Eternals movie even have a chance to establish Thanos as an Eternal? already mentioned his father, A'lars, through a reference from Red Skull (Ross Marquand), and the new movie could follow up on that when it explains the history of the Eternals. A mention of the Deviant Syndrome and a flashback showing the Eternals splitting off to settle on Titan would effectively tie one of the MCU's most popular characters to its newest franchise, while simultaneously building on his backstory.

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