What is the Difference Between a Trailer and a Semi Trailer?

Big trucks moving down the road might seem like they are all alike, but there are differences in how they are made that make them ideal for various types of work, and when it comes to the difference between a trailer and a semi trailer, how they are built is what matters. A trailer has […]

What is the Difference Between a Trailer and a Semi Trailer?

Big trucks moving down the road might seem like they are all alike, but there are differences in how they are made that make them ideal for various types of work, and when it comes to the difference between a trailer and a semi trailer, how they are built is what matters. A trailer has a front axle, but a semi trailer depends upon support and movement from the vehicle it has been attached to when going down the road.

Uses for Trailers

Being able to haul large loads long distances is generally considered work for semi trailers, but there are plenty of uses for trailers. Many people have used them as a way to move their personal goods to a new home, and small businesses often invest in them. Trailers are usually built to attach to any vehicle with a hitch, and they tend to be smaller. Lighter loads are ferried in them, and their usefulness is often limited to a smaller geographical area.

Semi Trainer Advantages

It might appear that the lack of a front axle would restrict the weight or size of a semi trailer and what it can haul, but the opposite is often true. A trailer without a front axle, matched with a tractor, can move large loads of many tons. They can be used to get household goods, supplies, and even loads of dirt and rock to distant places. For those haulers concerned about making their trip worthwhile, a semi trailer is often a better choice than a trailer but make sure to do your research on what lengths are legal when moving from state to state. Hales Trailer states, “Semi Trailers are often the most cost-effective means of moving goods from one point to another. However, as you cross state borders, a trailer length that is perfectly legal in one state could be prohibited in another.”

Uses for Semi Trailers

Long distance hauling is one area where semi trailers are the chosen type of vehicle, and they have many uses. Some carriers prefer a closed van, and they haul household goods, support businesses with dry goods, and they can even have refrigeration units for hauling food or plants that need to be kept cold. A trailer can be built in almost any configuration imaginable, and they are often designed to fit the needs of the buyer. For those seeking a less expensive option, semi trailers for sale without being customized can also be a good way to save money while getting their needs fulfilled.

The Differences Matter

When it comes to hauling goods anywhere, having the correct equipment can make a big difference. If a small business wants to transport their goods while saving money, they might be better off choosing a trailer. The lighter weight of a smaller vehicle with a front axle will give them the support they need for their goods, and it could be much less expensive for them to haul it down the road. When it comes to financial decisions for a company, it is generally best to look at operating costs instead of only the cost of the purchase.

Semi trailers are often configured for heavy loads, but they can also be built for smaller vehicles to haul. The weight of the missing front axle will be on the vehicle hauling the load, and that is one reason mostly large trucks are used with semi trailers. When fully loaded, they often weigh the maximum tonnage allowed by law, and it can stress the towing vehicle if it is not large or powerful enough for the weight.

Choosing a trailer could be a big decision for a small company, and it pays to look at it from all angles. Purchasing the right trailer includes knowing what will be hauled and looking at operating costs along with the purchase price


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