Who Are Snoop Dogg’s Kids? All About Snoop Dogg’s Four Children

Everything you want to know about Snoop Dogg's family and children.

Who Are Snoop Dogg’s Kids? All About Snoop Dogg’s Four Children

What’s it like growing up with a dad who’s a gangsta rap god and besties with Martha Stewart? Snoop Dogg, aka Calvin Broadus, has a total of four children who can testify to the experience. It seems like only yesterday that hip-hop fans were blasting “Gin & Juice” on their speakers, but in more recent years, Snoop’s roles include entrepreneur, youth football coach, and grandfather.

It’s a far cry from his days as a proud pimp, but perhaps fatherhood was a game-changer. Find out what we know about Snoop Dogg’s kids now that they’re all grown up.

Snoop Dogg Has Three Children With His Wife, Shante Broadus

Shante Broadus with Snoop Dog at a red carpet event.
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Despite his reputation as a misogynistic gangsta rapper, Snoop Dogg has almost always been a one-woman man. In 1997, he married his high school sweetheart Shante Broadus. The couple went on to have three kids between 1994 and 1999.

Yes, the relationship was rocky—he even filed for divorce in 2004 and renewed his vows to Shante in 2008. But at the end of the day, the couple has been through thick and thin. And after almost 25 years, they continue to stand by each other.

What’s the secret to their longevity? It sounds like the key is letting mom take the reins. For a peek into the Broadus’ family dynamics, check out this 2016 backstage interview from the set of Celebrity Family Feud:

As you can see, Snoop appears with his wife and three children. But the rap star actually has a total of four kids. Let’s dive into the lives of each one.

Cordé Broadus

Corde Broadus walking the runway during the Ed Hardy Swimwear 2011 fashion show.
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Cordé Broadus, born August 21, 1994, is the first child of Snoop and Shante. His arrival came less than a year after Snoop’s debut album Doggystyle was released, which made for an interesting upbringing. Not too many people can say they starred in a rap video before junior high. Check him and his little brother out in his dad’s music video for “Drop It Like It’s Hot”:

Snoop told in 2012 that he had hoped Cordé would pursue a football career. But when his son expressed more interest in music, he supported him without question.

“I’ve been taking him into the music studios this whole summer because he has that ear,” said Snoop. “I could easily see him following in my footsteps. He is learning the ropes right now, and I can see him taking over this game.”

In January 2015, Cordé welcomed his first child, son Zion, into the world with his then-girlfriend Jessica Kyzer. Snoop was officially a grandpa—and a proud one at that. “Zion. U have a lot of love WAitn [sic] on u grandson!!” he wrote in an Instagram post.

In August 2018, Cordé’s new girlfriend Soraya Love gave birth to their daughter, Elleven. She quickly became pregnant again and gave birth to son Kai Love on September 15, 2019. The couple was overjoyed to meet him, but in a tragic turn of events, Kai passed away after only 10 days.

“My son did all he needed to do in his 10 days here on Earth,” Cordé said shortly after the loss. “He has now graduated and continuing to do work… He died in my arms and that feeling of energy will never leave me. Kai wants all of you to know he’s doing great and wants to continue to inspire those whose light is dim.”

Snoop also commented on the matter with a post that read: “If you are facing something you don’t understand, choose to trust God…”

Cordell Broadus

Cordell Broadus at a red carpet event.
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Cordé might not have chased a football career, but Snoop’s second son, Cordell, did. The 23-year-old was ranked the 26th best wide receiver in the country during his high school career. He and his dad also starred in the ESPN miniseries Snoop & Son, which documented his path to UCLA.

But in 2015, Cordell had a change of heart. He withdrew from the school’s football program and decided to pursue filmmaking. Although the move shocked many people, Cordell had the support of the one person who mattered most. He wrote in an October 2015 Instagram post:

“I played football for my father because I thought that was the only way he would love me & be apart of my life. It took me 12 years to realize he loves Cordell Broadus the person not Cordell Broadus the football player. The best day of my life was when I heard those exact words.”

These days, he’s using his name and status for more creative and charitable pursuits. In between film projects, he served as a creative director for the streetwear brand Joyrich; he also modeled for Dolce & Gabbana. In 2016, he founded Revolt of the Youth, which works to improve the lives of kids in Los Angeles’ inner city.

“I want to go to the parts of cities that I’m not familiar with, especially in L.A., and meet more kids,” he told Interview Magazine in 2018. “I want them to turn to education, to being creatives, to being entrepreneurs. I hope that I can be a role model to those kids, someone they can look up to.”

Cori Broadus

Cori Broadus at a red carpet event.
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Cori Broadus, born June 22, 1999, is Snoop and Shante’s only daughter. Despite being the baby of the family, she hasn’t had an easy life. In 2010, her parents revealed to that Cori suffered from lupus, an autoimmune disease. Doctors initially struggled to make a diagnosis, causing stress on the family. But Cori ultimately prevailed and grew into a healthy young woman.

“She’s on the honor roll, playing volleyball and softball, living life,” said Snoop. “She has all this joy. In the beginning lupus was winning. But now Cori is.”

In 2011, she released her debut single, “Do My Thang,” under the name Cori B. She has since released a handful of R&B tracks and appeared on her dad’s 2013 album Reincarnated.

Julian Corrie Broadus

Selfie of Julian Broadus he posted to his social media account.
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You may not know that Snoop also has a fourth child, Julian Corrie Broadus. Julian was born in 1998 to Laurie Holmond, Snoop’s mistress. Sadly, given his parents’ strained relationship, he was short-changed when it came to father-son bonding.

“Everyone goes through things in life and it’s for us to go through,” he said in a 2018 interview. “What me and my dad go through is between us. At the end of the day just know we’re good… there’s a lot of stuff that still needs to be worked on, don’t get it twisted. We’re getting there.”

Snoop’s absence didn’t stop Julian from becoming an ambitious young man. According to his Instagram, he’s currently working as a luxury real estate agent in Long Beach. If he could let the public know one thing, it’s that he plans to make it in life without relying on the family name.

“I don’t want people to go around telling me, ‘Oh, you made it only because your dad was behind you and putting you in the right positions,'” he said back when he was dabbling in music. “When you have a love for something, you don’t want it to be tainted with negativity. I always want to keep positive vibes around me.”

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