Why Are You Like This Soundtrack Guide: Every Song In Season 1

The Why Are You Like This? season 1 soundtrack thematically aligns with its Gen Z premise. Here's every featured track in the Australian Netflix show.


The Why Are You Like This? season 1 soundtrack thematically aligns with its Gen Z premise. Songs with ironic or provocative titles are dispersed throughout the six episodes, and the genre selections are mostly electro and modern. A couple of old-timey standards punctuate heavy moments in the April 2021 Netflix release, but the filmmakers mostly rely on lively and energetic tracks.

Why Are You Like This season 1 takes place in Melbourne, Australia. The storyline centers on three roommates who are extremely online and self-aware, which leads to them steadily reacting to others rather than analyzing their own behavior. Why Are You Like This season 1 stars Naomi Higgins as Penny, Olivia Junkeer as Mia, and Wil King as Austin.

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Erin McKimm and Lehmann B. Smith composed the Why Are You Like This season 1 score. Mainstream music plays in the background throughout the series, and each episode ends with a big musical moment. Here are the featured songs in Why Are You Like This season 1, which was co-created and written by Mark Samual Bonanno, a member of the Aunty Donna comedy troupe.

"Big Shot" by Pearls: The song plays over the opening title sequence.

"Skinny Bitches" by Miss Blanks: Jon-Benet Rams-Me (Austin) performs at a drag club.

"Johnny Says Stay Cool" by Rainbow Babe: Mia begins working on a farm and posts about the unfortunate specifics on social media.

"Clap Clap" by Miss Blanks: Daniel consoles Richard as the episode ends, with the big reveal being that he's wearing a ring that he seemingly acquired during a sexual experience with Austin.

"Do You Eat Ass" by Princess Vitarah: Penny discusses the pressures of late capitalism with Richard and then plays a song that Daniel seems to enjoy. The track also closes out the second episode of the Netflix show.

"Come See Me" by Pearls: Mia loses a menstrual cup inside her body.

"Kitten Heel" by Isabella Lovestory: Mia and Penny leave their home and hit the club. The song also closes out the episode.

"Is That All There Is?" by Peggy Lee: Austin performs in drag at home and upsets his neighbor.

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"Malambo No. 1" by Yma Sumac: Maddie poses for manga-themed social media photos.

"Tortoise Brand Pot Scrubbing Cleaner's Theme (Green Tortoise)" by Shonen Knife: The song closes the episode as Mia admires one of her male patrons at work.

"Bounty" by CLYPSO: Benjamin and Austin perform. The song also closes out the episode as Penny chastises Austin.

"Gay Street Fighter" by Keiynan Lonsdale: Mia chugs beer at a party in the Netflix show.

"The End of the World" by Skeeter Davis: The songs plays during a montage about Alma Chen getting canceled.

"OMG" by Sampa the Great: The season ends as Mia, Penny, and Wil analyze an Alma Chen mural.

Why Are You Like This? released in April 2021 on Netflix.

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