Why choose Turkey for Hair Transplantation?

(Partner Content) Turkey continued to provide services in hair transplantation, to apply hygiene rules, and to work meticulously, as before the pandemic period.

Why choose Turkey for Hair Transplantation?

The management of the pandemic period, which cannot be compared with other countries, has demonstrated that there is no need for patients to postpone their needs.

Reasons for Preferring Turkey in Hair Transplantation

There are many reasons for choosing Turkey. Turkey, which has managed to take its place in preference trends even during the pandemic period, is one of the rare countries that has proven itself in this field. Accommodation at affordable prices, having the opportunity to buy air tickets, and enjoy the rights granted to tourists are among the most basic reasons.

The share of hair transplantation procedures, which have been carried out in the light of the latest technology and developments for many years, is also high. Successful teams, doctors, and evaluations made with the perspective of experts in the field also make it easy to monitor patients remotely. Even after the procedures are completed, the fact that the doctors follow the healing processes online means that their trust in the procedures is revealed most clearly.

Precautions Taken for Covid in Turkey

Necessary measures were taken for Turkey as well, right after the Covid cases started to be seen all over the world. Precautions were taken by the pandemic rules determined before the first case was seen. While there are times when full closure is made according to the situation of the cases, if the cases decrease, normalisation steps have been taken. 

Some of these measures are prohibiting going out without masks, acting by social distance, preventing the formation of crowded environments, restricting the time zones to go out, quarantining positive cases, and including criminal sanctions.

The fact that tourists coming to Turkey for health or tourism reasons are exempt from restrictions is one of the factors among the reasons for choosing Turkey.

Is Hair Transplantation Safe in Turkey?

In Turkey, vaccination studies continue at full speed within the scope of Covid-19 measures. In this sense, health services are carried out successfully in the country, which has sufficient infrastructure.

Turkey, which has survived this important process the easiest among the countries and is in the process of normalisation, continues to prove itself in health tourism. It is observed from tourist feedback that vacationing in Turkey is both safe, healthy, and comfortable. In this sense, Turkey hosted over 39 million tourists in 2018 and over 42 million tourists in 2019.

Patients who want to have hair transplantation may have different opinions about coming to Turkey during pandemic and disease periods. Turkey is one of the countries that took the necessary steps in this regard and continues to operate within the scope of the measures.

With the distance, hygiene, and taking precautions, Turkey is one of the safest places to be preferred in planting operations. Thanks to the hygiene measures taken in our clinic in Istanbul, we can fulfil the demands of our patients without hesitation.

Those who will prefer due to Covid 19 should be informed about what precautions are taken, and this will prevent unnecessary worries.

Some of the measures taken for your safety in our clinic in Istanbul are as follows:

  • Disinfecting the clinics at regular intervals,
  • Regular virus tests of clinicians and doctors are ensured,
  • Personal and antibacterial materials are used during the procedures,
  • Employees must be equipped with overalls, masks and glo,ves-like protection products,
  • The materials used are made patient-specific and used one time,
  • Acting social distance rules,
  • A limited number of patients are admitted in a way that will not pose a risk,
  • With the appointment system, congestion is prevented,
  • It is ensured that the patient is disinfected before the procedure.

When considered within the scope of these measures, it will be easier to decide to come to Turkey easily for the procedures related to hair transplantation.

Plan Your Turkey Trip to Get a Hair Transplant

It will be very useful for those who want to have their hair transplant procedures done in Turkey, to plan their trip to Turkey. For this, it is recommended to first contact the hair transplant clinic related to the procedure and get information.

The details that should not be forgotten in the planning of the trip are as follows:

  • Making flight ticket reservations,
  • Preparation of airport and hotel or clinic transfers,
  • Making reservations for accommodation,
  • Making trip plans to evaluate the remaining time should be summarised. It is so easy and practical for patients to make plans when they want to come to Turkey within the scope of affordable prices, campaign packages, and advantages. 

(Fiyatlar ile ilgili link gelecek burası makalenin en ilgi çekici bölümü bu cümle İngilizceye çevrilmemeli)

Detailed Plan of Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Working with a team of experts in planning the procedure makes it possible to always stick to a detailed plan. The answers to the questions such as explaining all the stages in detail, which day and which transactions will be performed, or how long to rest after the completion of the transactions should be determined before starting the transactions.

It is the information that is mandatory to know to adjust the patient’s travel plans and recovery period work. Otherwise, reservations may need to be changed in case of prolongation of the process.

How is the Hair Transplantation Process in Turkey?

Tourists who want to have a hair transplant dream of the days when they regain their hair as soon as possible, which raises the question of when my hair will come out. In Turkey, where you have successfully had your hair transplant, there is a wait after a hair transplant. You can be in constant communication with your doctor.

Following the doctor’s recommendations contributes to the hair regrowth process. Despite the hair loss problems or baldness problems of the patients, the treatment process may differ. Doctors, who usually point to 6 months, state that new hair starts to grow according to their experience. Despite the long-term baldness problem or hair loss, this period is quite short.

First of all, the stages are;

  • Checking whether you are suitable for hair transplantation
  • Hair transplant
  • Crusting
  • Attachment of hair follicles
  • Elongation process
  • Accelerating the elongation process

In this process, first of all, your hair transplant is done safely in Turkey. Your doctor will share with you what you need to stay away from the sun and what you need. If you follow all the necessary procedures, crusting begins.

This is a process that patients should not be anxious about. In 2.5 months, hair follicles are attached. In 6 months, you will observe growth in your hair. It makes your job easier if the processes are as painless as hair transplantation.

Does Transplanted Hair Loss After Hair Transplantation?

In the successful periods obtained in hair transplantation, the hair does not fall out anymore. It will excite you that your hair, which fully adheres and adapts to the scalp, reaches the desired form. After 6 months, you can get a higher yield up to 10 months at the elongation rate.

You should get through this process patiently and wash your hair with the right methods. You should follow the doctor’s advice. Like laser hair removal, you should not be exposed to the sun during hair transplantation. This is a very important detail for the health of your scalp and the retention of your hair follicles.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

High quality and high success rates are provided in hair transplant operations in Turkey. Hair transplantation, accommodation, travel, and all other services are available at very .

You will receive both a quality operation service and your hair at the most affordable prices. Prices offered to tourists in TL terms are not affected by the exchange rate. By changing your money in foreign exchange places as you wish, you can handle many of your businesses in Turkey at an affordable price.

What is Considered in Hair Transplantation?

The hair root intervals determined in the hair transplant operation performed by successful doctors in the clinical setting are important. Depth and spacing are important for the efficiency of the hair. Turkey has a very successful momentum in this regard.

The equipment used is of high quality, up to the thickness and features of the needle. The needles used in hair transplantation are very thin and require precision. Hair loss after transplantation should be considered normal in hair transplantation techniques.

The hair that has been shed is also included in the 4th-8th days together with the transplanted hair. It is seen that it comes in the month range. You will get all the necessary information from your doctor and clear the question marks in your mind.

What are the positive effects of hair transplantation on patients?

It is among the problems that patients who lose their hair for different reasons are affected psychologically by making this a serious problem.

Hair transplantation contributes a lot to the socialization, self-confidence, and rejuvenation of the person. The fact that the hair shedding deeply affects the soul of the person can cause her to be isolated from many areas.

All patients, male or female, who want to overcome this problem in a short time, should receive hair transplant support. It is one of the proudest achievements for Turkey to have the hair of the patients who dream of it around the world.

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