Why It’s Actually Super Normal To Feel Anxious And Sad After Sex

Post-sex moments can actually be awkward and unhappy.

Why It’s Actually Super Normal To Feel Anxious And Sad After Sex

Post-sex scenes in TV and movies are almost always flushed flirty affairs. The couple drops back onto the bed. They magically orgasm at the same time. 

You know, the fairy tale stuff? Post-sex moments, in reality, can be awkward, tense, or downright unhappy.

Feeling anxious and sad after sex is more normal than you might think. Here’s why.

News Flash: Depression And Anxiety Cause Depression And Anxiety

Shocking, I know, but your anxiety and depression might be contributing to your after-sex blues. Depression doesn’t go away because things get hot and heavy. 

Rather, sexual dysfunction and depression go hand in hand. People with depression have lower sex drives and greater feelings of sadness. 

Anxiety, too, is closely linked to sexual dysfunction. (“Dysfunction” is any problem with the sexual response cycle: desire, arousal, and orgasm.) For example, honeymoon impotence refers to poor sexual performance early in the marriage. 

It can be easy to forget about depression and anxiety in certain settings. Sex should be fun, so we assume our mental health will follow suit.

Another News Flash: It Might Be Hormones

Hormones are another sneaky suspect. These hormonal shifts can be subtle, but they’re incredibly powerful. 

Anyone with a period is familiar with hormonal shifts related to PMS. But fewer menstruating people know when, exactly, that PMS occurs. 

Premenstrual syndrome can occur up to two weeks before your period. And yes, I’ve done the math for us—that’s two weeks of PMS, another week of a period, and one “free” week. 

Studies have found a direct link between PMS and sexual distress. The release of progesterone tends to lead to sexual distress one or two days later. This occurs, you guessed it, in PMS’ early stages.

You Could Be Stuck In Your Head

Even those not diagnosed with depression and anxiety can experience similar symptoms of sadness. Feelings of stress and worry are surefire mood killers. 

Similarly, sexual repression at a young age can manifest in lots of ways. For example, vaginismus refers to the involuntary spasming of the vaginal muscles. 

Research shows a link between vaginismus and strict religious upbringings. Some religions consider sex shameful. Those feelings can easily bubble up after sex, even in someone far removed from that religion. 

Further, repression can occur in secular homes as well. If you were ever made to feel guilty about sex for any reason, then you might be at risk for post-sex anxiety.

Blame It On The Booze And Bud

Marijuana and alcohol are fairly commonplace in our culture. We associate them with having a good time and reducing inhibitions. 

However, weed and alcohol can do just the opposite. The active component of weed, THC, can increase feelings of anxiety. CBD, however, decreases anxiety. 

So, if you’re set on smoking before sex, try a CBD-heavy strain. The higher the THC content, the more likely you are to feel anxious. 

Alcohol is also great at killing the mood. Despite its close link to our dating culture, alcohol is a depressant. In large or prolonged quantities, alcohol can increase sexual distress.

You Might Have Post-Coital Dysphoria

PC-D refers to “inexplicable feelings of tearfulness, sadness, or irritability.” These feelings occur after sex, and it’s more common than you might think.

In a study sample of 223 women and 76 men, 73.5% reported feelings of PC-D after consensual sex. 41.9% reported those feelings after general sexual activity. Finally, 46.6% felt similarly after masturbation.

PC-D can occur even if the sexual encounter was loving and satisfying. It can be confusing for both partners, as the one experiencing PC-D might not realize it.

Symptoms of PC-D include shortness of breath and elevated heart rate. Genitals might shut down to stimuli. Individuals can also experience feelings of regret and sadness.

Your Body Might Not Feel Safe

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your body might not feel safe. Let’s address current feelings of danger first. 

Our bodies can sense danger before our minds do. Emotional, mental, and physical abuse can all impact libido. If you feel unsafe with your partner, then it’s only natural to feel unsafe after sex. 

Image of couple in bed
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It’s important to listen to your body and seek help when you can. Those post-sex blues might be hinting at a larger issue. 

On the other hand, you might have experienced abuse in the past that is manifesting today. Even with a loving sexual partner, your body might not allow itself to feel safe. 

PTSD affects the body in many ways, one of which is severe sexual dysfunction.

So, What Can You Do About It?

Treatment of your post-sex blues ultimately depends on the cause. And unfortunately, you might be feeling them for any number of these reasons. 

Generally, professional counseling is a great start. A licensed therapist can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, repression, and general stress. 

Your gyno should be able to help with any vaginal or birth control problems. And the best way to avoid substance-related issues is to, well, avoid the substances. 

Most importantly, if your post-sex blues seem to be related to present danger, seek help immediately. Call a friend, family member, or hotline. 

Post-sex blues sufferers know that sex should be fun. But it’s comforting to know that it can be fun.

With the right help and a bit of patience, you can enjoy a movie-worthy post-sex sesh with your boo.

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Kate Gosselin’s Reality TV Career

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Kate Gosselin’s first encounter with reality TV was in 2004 on the NBC program Home Delivery. Upon returning home with her 10-week-old sextuplets, she and her then-husband Jon had discovered that their Pennsylvania home had been completely remodeled to accommodate their growing family.

The family then filmed two specials for Discovery Health Channel—Surviving Sextuplets and Twins and One Year Later—before they finally scored Jon & Kate Plus 8. The series debuted in 2007 and moved to TLC after two seasons, where it was one of the network’s highest-rated programs.

The couple divorced in 2009, but TLC wasn’t ready to give up on their biggest stars. The show was rebranded Kate Pus 8 and ran for six more seasons until 2017.

According to the International Business Times, Gosselin’s salary steadily increased over the years. She reportedly earned $22,500 per episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but by 2014, her paycheck jumped to $40,000 per episode.

All the while, Gosselin used her notoriety to pursue additional reality TV opportunities. She was once up for consideration to co-host a talk show with Paula Deen, and there were also rumors that she was a potential candidate for The Bachelorette.

Neither panned out, but Gosselin did score a spot on Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars. According to Variety, contestants are paid $125,000 for the show’s rehearsal period and can earn up to a maximum of $295,000, depending on how deep their run is. Gosselin had a modest showing, making it through the fifth week until she was eliminated.

She also served as a guest co-host on The View and participated in a 2013 episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

In 2019, TLC gave Gosselin a third shot with Kate Plus Date. The series, which lasted one season, followed Gosselin as she worked with relationship experts and threw herself back into the dating scene.

Her Financial Struggles

(Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

It’s no secret that Gosselin has financially struggled since becoming single again. Immediately following the divorce, it was reported that she won primary custody of the children, as well as their large home. But her lawyer, Mark Momjian, told Us Magazine that Jon had removed $180,000 from the couple’s joint bank account and had only returned $28,500 of it. Kate claimed in a Pennsylvania court that she had only $1345 left to pay bills.

By 2013, not much had changed. Gosselin told People that she was “living very carefully” and “piecing and patching together” income from various sources.

“To not have a reliable income is scary,” she told the outlet. Gosselin, who worked as a labor and delivery nurse prior to TV fame, added that she wasn’t interested in going back to her first profession because her entire salary would go to child care alone.

Her ex-husband, who was working in IT at the time, took a different approach.

“For the foreseeable future, I just go to work,” Jon told People (via Yahoo!). “If a TV gig happens for me, great. If it happens for Kate, yay. In a recession you can’t be choosy.”

That same year, she appeared as a guest on an episode of Bethenny. The talk show host was unafraid to cut to the chase and ask: Where did all the money go?

Gosselin first admitted that she spent some of her income on personal things like a tummy tuck. But she also said that reports of her wealth were exaggerated, and that she prioritized her spending.

“The majority of what we made, I personally took and put in a college fund for them, because they will go to college,” she said. “I use coupons, we don’t wear the top brands…those things to me aren’t overly important, but college, school, and the house where they live is important.”

You can watch the entire interview below:

Gosselin has since ceded custody of two children—Collin and Hannah—to Jon, but making ends meets is remained a challenge. In October 2020, she put her home on the market for $1.299 million—not much of an increase from the $1.1 million that was spent to purchase it in 2008. The Gosselins’ home sold in January 2021 for just under $1.1 million, meaning she took a loss on the transaction.

One year prior, she was sued by her former employee, Andrea Novak, for over $55,000. Novak claimed that Gosselin, “willfully failed or refused to pay employee contributions, employer contributions, reimbursement, interest and/or penalties as required under the US Law.” Lucky for her, the complaint was eventually dismissed.

In September 2021, The Sun reported that Gosselin—who said she would never go back to nursing—had in fact filed for a license to practice in her new home state of North Carolina. (She also holds a Pennsylvania nursing license that remained active until October 2021.)

Kate Gosselin’s Net Worth

PASADENA, CA - FEBRUARY 12: (L-R) Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin and Mady Gosselin of 'Kate Plus Date' speak onstage during the TLC portion of the Discovery Communications Winter 2019 TCA Tour at the Langham Hotel on February 12, 2019 in Pasadena, California.
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery)

According to multiple websites, including Celebrity Net Worth, Kate Gosselin’s alleged net worth currently stands at $500,000.

It’s an unfortunate state of affairs, given Gosselin’s many lucrative opportunities outside of television. During the height of her fame, she was known to command up to $30,000 per event in public speaking fees. She also wrote three books: Multiple Blessings (2008), Eight Little Faces (2009), and I Just Want You to Know (2010). Each one nabbed a spot on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

She even had , which would have suggested that she’s great at pinching pennies.

But we can’t account for the money that Gosselin says she squirreled away for the kids’ college tuitions. According to daughter page, she currently attends Fordham University on both a scholarship and tuition award.

One thing we do know is that Kate Gosselin is likely to return to an everyday life.

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