Why Pokémon GO Is Giving Out Free Raid Passes Again

Pokémon GO is currently relying on remote raids to keep the game running, as the players remain cautious about going out to crowded areas to play.

Remote Raid Passes are being handed out for free every Monday in April for Pokémon GO players, helping them connect with others to take on Raid Battles from a distance. Remote Raid Passes were introduced last April to boost Pokémon GO's playability from the safety of players' homes, rather than engaging in previous large groups to take on powerful Pokémon hatching at Pokéstops. The free passes currently available serve many purposes, including a celebration of milestones, and a continuation of mechanics that have made Pokémon GO more enjoyable for all players.

Remote Raid Passes have changed the way many players engage with Pokémon GO. The ability to join in Raid battles from a distance has made the game more enjoyable for those who are unable to travel to a number of Pokéstops, or who don't have many players easily available to take on higher-level encounters. The Remote Raid Passes have helped bring Pokémon GO players together and have reduced the frustrations physical distance had placed on the game previous to April of 2020.

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While receiving the Remote Raid Passes for free is a definite bonus, purchasing a pass from the Pokémon GO store isn't actually expensive. A single pass costs 100 Poké Coins, which is two days of coin grinding in a Pokémon Gym. Three passes cost 250 Poké Coins. April hasn't been the only event for free Remote Raid Passes either, with multiple events issuing them throughout the 2020-2021 year. It is likely opportunities for free passes will continue through the summer of 2021, to help encourage fans to keep participating in upcoming Raid events.

It is unlikely the Remote Raid Passes will be removed from gameplay as players begin to venture out and engage with Pokémon GO groups in the future once the COVID-19 pandemic wanes. The benefits the passes have had for players with limited mobility and time make them an invaluable resource which has helped relevant. If anything, more features involving remote play could be added in coming updates, giving fans of the game more ways to interact from a distance. While nothing has been confirmed by Niantic on upcoming content, the evolution of the app has been one of the biggest reasons it has survived difficult times, and it will need to continue adapting to keep fans interested in playing.

This summer will be the , which happens to fall during the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. Because of this, it is possible special events could be held as the weather continues to warm up. These events could include exciting Legendary Raid opportunities. Because of this, Pokémon GO fans may want to save up and hold onto the free Remote Raid Passes from this month for future use, and keep an eye on any updates from the game's Twitter page.

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