Why Women Enjoy Hair Pulling During Sex (& How To Do It Properly)

How To Pull a Woman's Hair for MAXIMUM Pleasure… Click Here Now to Discover the Secret Signs She's H*rny And ... Read more 126,076 Views The post Why Women Enjoy Hair Pulling During Sex (& How To Do It Properly) appeared first on Gotham Club.

Why Women Enjoy Hair Pulling During Sex (& How To Do It Properly)

How To Pull a Woman's Hair for MAXIMUM Pleasure…

A good percentage of women (like with anything, not all women, but a good percentage), enjoy having their hair pulled during sex. (We’re also going to discuss what “pulling” actually means and how to do it without too much force.)

In fact, out of 400,000 OkCupid members surveyed, 62 percent of women admitted to enjoying rough sex and that hair pulling specifically turned them on. 

It seems the reason behind this desire may be more physiological than psychological….

Pulling on a woman’s hair tugs on her hair follicles, which energizes (or “activates”) the nerve endings at the back of her neck. Hence, why having a scalp massage feels good.

In addition, the nerve centers for pain and tension and the nerve centers for pleasure are closely related, and especially in a woman’s brain, the response in a brain image for pain and pleasure (particularly when aroused or during orgasm) are closely connected.

The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) in your brain: This exciting/ thrilling sensation in your brain can be activated by something as simple as whispering (for some), musical sounds, or even spanking…


Kind of like a tingling that happens and runs down your spine…

Certain individuals experience this sensation when receiving a massage, haircut, etc. This same response can be triggered by having your hair pulled as it stimulates the hair follicles.

Add this to her arousal, and it’s an exceptional, almost indescribable, feeling which is why some women can’t quite tell you why they like it… they just do.

Now let’s look at the psychological side…

Women came out to see the Magic Mike XXL in hordes this past summer and for good reason – it's extremely good at playing out women's deepest desires.

This is much easier to understand, and what I've been talking about recently…

According to Carol Queen, Ph.D., “Society encourages a woman to see herself as an object of desire; being restrained, submissive, and spanked allows her to act that out”.

Women typically like to be dominated because, by the man asserting his power & leadership, she feels protected, secure, and desired.


(Some surveys have even found that many women desire rougher and more powerful sex, than the man they’re with. I have to assume this desire for roughness/ power is that it demonstrates the man’s physical strength to her. And, again, his ability to protect her.)

How To Pull Her Hair the “Right” Way…

When it comes to pulling her hair during sex- there is definitely a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

Let’s start with the wrong way:

You definitely don’t want to grab her hair at the ends and pull. This can be extremely painful and isn’t quite the level of aggression she is looking for in bed.

Now let’s move on with the right way:

What you really want to do is grab her hair at the base of her neck.

To see a great demonstration of this, check out this video with Playboy Radio's Jessica J right here:

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What this does is stimulate the arousal responses at the very base of her neck. In other words it will make her feel AMAZING (toe-curling amazing haha ???? )

Massaging the area before you start pulling can also add a boost to this arousal spot.

Important note: Not all women are into this. Some women have a phobia, or just a quirk, of not having their hair touched or played with. You want to make sure she is the type of woman who enjoys scalp massages, having her hair touched, etc., prior to attempting hair pulling.

The Biggest Mistake Most Men Make In The Bedroom

Unfortunately, many men are afraid to be assertive in the bedroom, or even a little rougher, because they’re afraid they’ll hurt the woman, or she is a delicate little flower who wants everything smooth, slow, and sweet.

While there are some women who do want it this way and only this way, the vast majority desire powerful, rougher, more aggressive (for lack of a better word) thrusting, movements, and actions.


I’ve read a number of comments from women who describe themselves as feminists with domineering qualities outside of the bedroom, but they admit that inside the bedroom they want the man to take charge, assert himself, lead, dominate and really “give it to her”… myself included ????

How To Take Her All the Way Over the Edge (& Get Her Hooked on You…)

Did you know that pulling a woman's hair can actually intensify her orgasms?

Like when you're taking her from behind… if you pull her hair like I showed you… the arch of her back makes it possible for you to hit her (mmm… my fav).

This “Deep Spot” orgasm is honestly the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced… I still fantasize about the guys who have been able to give me one…

Though now that I think about it… there wasn't really anything special about them. They weren't “huge” down there… (in fact, one was pretty tiny)… but they knew exactly ????

This video will show you exactly how to do it… check it out, you'll love it (and so will she):


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Shocking New Research Reveals Bizarre Link Between Brushing Your Teeth & Your Bedroom Performance (Wish I Knew This Sooner!)

You Might Be Familiar With Some More Common Causes Of ED… But Did You Know THIS Is One Of Them?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Erectile dysfunction is normal. It happens to many, many guys, and there are some things you can do to help get your soldier back up.

I’ve talked about some of the things that can help combat erectile dysfunction (so if you haven’t been following along, you should totally go back and read those). And I’m back with yet another way you can get your head back in the game (I’m pretty proud of that one).

Now, this one might surprise you because it definitely surprised me:

Oral hygiene.


Yes, you heard me. Even I had no idea that great oral hygiene can help reduce your risk of getting erectile dysfunction.

So, can brushing your teeth really keep your manhood in check?

It might sound crazy, but this new study found that a large percentage of men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction also have periodontitis, which can be largely prevented by brushing your teeth and keeping a strong oral hygiene regimen.

Has This Ever Happened To You? (If You’re A Man Over 40 There’s a 50% Chance It Has)…

Let me quickly guide you through a scenario you are most likely familiar with.

You’ve been flirting up a storm with this girl at the bar. It has taken all night, but you are finally getting some indication from her that she wants you to take her back to your place. Nice.

You call an Uber and let your buddies know you are leaving early. They give you that bro fist bump (or whatever guys do when you are about to get laid) and you grab your girl.

You both get into the back of the Uber. You are caressing her arm and rubbing her thigh. She leans into you and touches your leg.


Surprise, surprise, you start making out in the back of this Uber. Super hot, right? I know.

Finally, you arrive back at your place. You both stumble out of the car and go up to your apartment building. Maybe you live up a couple flights of stairs, and on the way up you grab her a**.

You pull out your keys and magically you are inside your apartment, already kicking your shoes off. She’s making out with you and rubbing up against you while you both are shedding layers.

You are about ready to explode.

You are thinking about where the nearest condom is, and she’s pulling down your pants.

She pauses and you look down only to find your flaccid penis sitting there like there is not a hot woman in front of you ready to suck it.

Although you may think differently in the moment, this is not the end.

Here’s how brushing teeth can make sure this scenario never happens to you:

The Study That Revealed How Brushing Your Teeth Can Give You Harder & More Impressive Erections…

A conducted by the University of Granada in Spain found that men with periodontitis have a greater risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction than men who do not.

Researchers from the Department of Surgery and Surgical Specialties (urology) and the Department of Stomatology became the first researchers to conduct a study of this type on European subjects.

For all of you non-medical doctors out there, periodontitis is a condition in which your gums become inflamed and the structures surrounding and supporting your teeth are damaged. Not pleasant.


So, if you have been skipping your nightly (and morning) brushing sessions, and getting lazy with the flossing, you might want to rethink your approach to oral hygiene. For your penis’ sake.

This study used a sample size of 80 men. The subjects were tested for sociodemographic data, testosterone levels, and protein, among other tests.

The study showed a shocking 74 percent of test subjects with erectile dysfunction showed signs of periodontitis.

The ones who suffered from the most severe cases of erectile dysfunction, also suffered the most severe signs of periodontitis.

It Doesn’t End There…

The researchers also found that men with periodontitis were a staggering 2.28 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction than the men with healthy gums and good oral hygiene.

Also, if you have nice teeth and strong oral hygiene, women will want to make out with you. I’m not busting your balls or anything.

Women pay attention to men with nice teeth. It is definitely a turn-on.

So, if you were not about to do this for your health, do it so that you make out with more women. Seriously, you become instantly more attractive if you have nice teeth (and fantastic breath).

The bacteria from periodontitis that originate in the infected gums harm the vascular endothelial cells. Basically, what happens in your mouth affects your heart.


Since your heart is being affected, your bloodflow is also being affected.

If you keep following that logic, the bloodflow that makes you become erect will also be lacking. Thus, your poor hygiene adversely affects your ability to get and stay hard in the bedroom.

Obviously, brushing your teeth is going to help with this… but there's more you can do to boost your bloodflow *down there* than that:

Did You Know Certain Foods Can Affect Your Bedroom Performance As Well?

Just like brushing your teeth can keep your sex life going strong, and strengthen your erections…

… eating can have a good (or bad) effect on your boners too!

For example, a recent study found men who eat red meat suffer higher cholesterol, and are at a much higher risk of ED…

However, you can easily reverse the effects of red meat, and boost your bloodflow *down there*… by eating

Each of these 5 foods has been shown to potentially help expand your blood vessels… which means when you eat them, not only will your erections look fuller and more rigid…

But more blood = more sensation, so your boners will FEEL more powerful too. ????

It literally only takes a few seconds a day, but the research doesn't lie… adding these foods to your diet can drastically improve your sex life.

(Even if your erections are pretty great right now, some guys say .. which as a woman I have to admit is SUPER HOT!!)

And you know the saying, “Have your cake and eat it too”?

Well if you eat these 5 foods often enough (most guys say 4-5x a week)… then you can still have your STEAK and eat it too…

… without ever having to worry about your “noodle” going “soggy.” ????

Plus, these foods can be found in most supermarkets and grocery stores… so if they're within arm's reach already, why not give them a try?


The post Shocking New Research Reveals Bizarre Link Between Brushing Your Teeth & Your Bedroom Performance (Wish I Knew This Sooner!) appeared first on Gotham Club.

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