Winter Will Be Here in No Time, so Please Take Note of These 15 Chic 'Fits

Did I mention each piece is under $60?

Winter Will Be Here in No Time, so Please Take Note of These 15 Chic 'Fits

I typically remain in denial about the start of winter until I literally have no choice but to leave the house with a coat. But this year I'm actually looking forward to wearing layers and styling cozy looks. Hey, maybe I'll even have an excuse to wear a party dress or two.

One reason I'm excited about the colder season ahead is that Scoop, my go-to for affordable, on-trend items, just dropped its holiday collection, and it's seriously chic. Each piece is $60 or less, which makes it almost impossible to convince myself that I don't need every single item. Want to see the collection and my favorite styling ideas? I thought you'd never ask.

BRB—committing this outfit to memory immediately.

The easiest way to elevate leggings is to style them with a chunky sweater and heeled booties. The cool felt hat doesn't hurt, either.

The perfect holiday party dress. Anyone want to hang out on NYE?

I seriously can't believe this faux-leather mini dress is only $50. It looks quite expensive, doesn't it?

But wait—there's a jumpsuit version, too!

I love the unexpected color combo of this zebra-print shacket. It's very on-trend this season.

Matching sweater sets are both cute and cozy. I love that the pieces can be styled separately, too.

This outfit makes a strong case for colored denim. Plus, that multicolor snakeskin bag ties this look together so well that I'll be buying the entire thing.

A blazer and denim is never a bad idea.

Do yourself a favor, and get this $50 faux-shearling coat. It's a statement piece that's also so wearable. 

This matching sweater-and-skirt set is insanely chic. Just layer a wool coat on top to finish the look.

This color scheme is refreshing during a season when it's easy to wear all black.

A sweat outfit can easily look polished with a faux-leather jacket and chunky ankle boots.

This midi dress would look just as good with sneakers.

Leopard print is everywhere this season, so don't hesitate to add this dress to your cart.

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33 Extremely Cool Nordstrom Items I'm Recommending to Anyone Who Will Listen

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Nothing brings me joy quite like a morning or an afternoon spent scrolling through Nordstrom's never-ending selection of fashion items. I find it so soothing to sort through the retailer's latest arrivals and add the things that stand out to my cart. If we're being honest, this is an activity I partake in at least once per week because there are always fresh and exciting items hitting the new-arrivals section.

Speaking of exciting finds, I've recently come across a handful of pieces that are so cool I just couldn't keep them to myself. Okay, maybe it's a little bit more than a handful—33 items to be exact—but with so many cool pieces, from checkerboard cardigans to leather trousers and cutout knits, it's only right to include each of the following fashion picks. I would honestly point any of my friends or family members in the direction of these since I think they speak for themselves, so just keep scrolling to see (and shop) them all.

I haven't stopped thinking about this cool cardi since I first saw it.

The outfits I'd create with these are virtually endless.

Boring knits need not apply.

I haven't thought about bomber jackets since 2014, but suddenly, they're on my mind.

This is the perfect pair of relaxed jeans, and they're on sale. Sign me up.

I liked this at first glance and then realized it was leather, and I loved it even more.

The search for the perfect black blazer may finally be over.

Trendy and a little bit sexy—what more could you ask for?

The sheer number of celebs who have worn these recently is enough to convince me I need them.

Staud has plenty of statement-making bags, but this simple '90s silhouette is really speaking to me.

Simple but far from boring.

Puffer vests are a micro-trend I'm noticing bubble up.

Sunglasses this cool shouldn't be allowed to also be this affordable.

I think this one speaks for itself.

The jeans you'll wear on repeat all winter.

Brandon Blackwood's latest drop (this bag included) is the subject of many of my Slack messages to my fellow editors.

If this doesn't put a smile on your face, I'm not sure what will.

This texture, though.

Just yes.

I said "ooh" to myself when I saw this.

Because cold-weather bucket hats are a thing.

Style these with any simple black top and ankle boots.


It's all about oversize leather jackets right now.

Well, these are fun.

The patchwork effect gives this a vintage feel.

I love the idea of wearing this with the clasp in front layered over a thin turtleneck.

Who What Wear readers are obsessed with these, and I'm joining them.

Nothing to see here—just another great oversize blazer.

And a cool crop top to go with it.

When was the last time you refreshed your sock drawer?

I'm not sure what I like better: the corset-inspired seaming or the cool cutout.

"Cloud coats" just might be my favorite fall/winter trend yet.

Up next, see the 8 trends our editors are prioritizing this season and 8 they're skipping.

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