WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 10/21-10/27/2020

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WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 10/21-10/27/2020

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After many weeks of celestial craziness, we finally have a moment of cosmic chill throughout this week. Venus, who’s in Virgo, and Pluto, who’s in Capricorn, link up in the cosmos wanting to inspire growth and passions in matters of love and relationships. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22nd, giving us all the opportunity to evolve in a deep and meaningful way. The next day, the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius is helping us take action in making such changes. Venus and Saturn, who’s in Capricorn, connect on October 24th, giving us the certainty to commit to what we love. The Sun and Mercury, who’s retrograde in Scorpio, align on the 25th, making it the most insightful and significant day of the planetary backstroke. Mercury retrograde moonwalks back into Libra, the same day Venus enters Libra. This makes October 27th a very meaningful moment to take stock of what we value and need in relationships. 


Put the pen to the paper and start drafting your new visions. By writing down your dreams, you are expressing your desires to the world. And, FYI, the universe is now listening. Write from the heart and let your truest intentions be known. You will be surprised by what you are granted from the universe as a result of your unfiltered honesty. Trust that your visions will come true if you have a little faith.


Taking a mediation class will allow you to connect with earthy sentiments, particularly your physical body. Bridging the gap between your body, mind, and spirit will help heal your chakras while lessening inner stresses. A relaxing yoga class will  allow you to feel centered, giving you the chance to rid your auric field of negativity. Taking these relaxing and grounding steps to lift up your spirit will help by melting away all of your anxieties.


Setting limits is important not only for your well being, but for others as well. Be direct with others about your expectations within relationships and partnerships in order to create mutual respect. Understand that this is a two way street: it’s essential for you to practice what you preach and not overstep, as you may not apply such rules yourself. Remember, you get what you give when it comes to demanding, receiving, and giving respect.


Applying sex magic to your magical routine this week will serve as the best way to manifest your goals and dreams under the First Quarter Moon. Use your sensual passions as the driving force behind detoxing and cleansing your body. This will help you bring your desires to light and into reality. Let the rhythms of your body guide you towards inspiration. If you’re clear on your intention, you can make the impossible become possible.


The only way for you to find a moment of calm this week is to center your energies on yourself (it’ll help you find peace and harmony within yourself). Stop giving your attention to work matters and your affections to others. Take back your power and place all of your passions in evolving your life. You’ll see a shift in all of your relationships, especially the one you have with yourself, by putting yourself first. 


Practice expressing positive affirmations on a daily basis. This will allow you to purge your mind of negative thoughts, with the incentive of embracing a more mindful and positive vibe. Remember that you are doing the best that you can right now. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself. Appreciate all the wonderful things you have achieved and accomplished this week. Don’t let others bring you down. And, most importantly do not dwell on the past.


Overcoming your personal fears can take a lifetime. However, this week, you are leaning into understanding your phobias and coming to terms with what makes you tick. Talking about your phobias with others will help elevate your mind and allow you to change your perspective of your fears. As a result, you will have a different response to such issues when they arise again in your life. This time, you’ll know how to handle them. 


Understanding your role in a group setting will prove to be challenging this week, if you don’t assert your voice and let your feelings be known to others. Peeling back the layers of your tough exterior will be hard. Don’t be afraid to open up to your coven, friends, and loved ones. They’re here to support you. Not only that, but they’ll stand by your side through thick and thin if you let them in. 


It’s imperative for you to set boundaries with your colleagues and boss. After months of working yourself to the bone from taking on too many projects and endeavors, you are needing a break from the stresses of work. Take a few moments away from your email and phone. Fully disconnect from the professional arena of your life to decompress from such anxieties during your down time. The world won’t end if you don’t respond ASAP. 


An old friend or acquaintance may reach out this week asking to make amends for the past. Although it will be very tempting to accept their apology, it’s advisable to question their motives and ponder if you think it’s in your best interest to be friends with them again. Odds are, there’s an ulterior motive from their move to be in your good graces. Therefore, it’s important to protect your energy before engaging with them. 


After a long hiatus from embracing your creative side (as you’ve harnessed your energies on spirituality and higher minded pursuits), you’re finally ready to give attention to your artistry. This means letting the world see your visions as you implement them into reality. The only caveat is that you may feel as though others are judging or criticizing you. However, they are not. You need to get over your insecurities and level up your talents. 


Embrace your inner witch this week. Let your intuition guide you towards seeking the answers to all of the quandaries in your life. Let your pendulum or tarot cards help navigate you to enlightenment. As long as you ask the right questions, you will have the opportunity to gain the clarity and understanding you are longing for. You will be able to reach a heightened state of wisdom, which will serve as a transformative awakening.

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