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This week will have its emotional moments, but overall is letting us move towards a better place in life — if we are ready for it. Growth is hard and necessary. Ebb and flow through the cosmic transits. Mercury who’s in Pisces, squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on March 25th, creating stressful communication with others. The Aries Sun and Venus conjunct each other (this is also known as the Venus Star Point) on March 26th, setting off a new journey in romance and financial matters. The same day, Mars aligns with the North Node in Gemini, adding determination and drive to our overall energy. The Worm Full Moon in Libra occurs on March 28th, creating balance in all areas of our lives. Mercury and Neptune link up in Pisces on March 29th, urging us to listen to our intuition. Venus and Saturn, who’s in Aquarius, make a firm commitment to relationships on March 30th.


You’ve been giving a lot of attention to your needs. This week, you’re seeing that your friends, significant others, and family can use extra attention. Give them more TLC to keep the equilibrium flow of energy moving. In return, they’ll pay tribute to your love in ways you can’t imagine.


It’s time to dip out of the public eye and social scene to relax your energy. No one works as hard as you. Now, your mind can use a break from all the stresses that come along with working long hours everyday. Sleep in and step outside to enjoy spring.


You’re wanting to be vocal and take action in all matters in your life. The caveat is that you don’t know which direction to take after you’ve made moves. One step forward is followed by another backwards. Make sure it’s the right situation for you and give it some patience. 


Listen to the voice within that’s yearning to be heard. It may even be a whisper of a feeling that is making you take caution. This will nag at you until you listen. Therefore, you should lean into your intuition even if it can create havoc in your personal affairs.


You haven’t been active in ending a toxic situation, which needs to be finished. Decide if you’re ready to cut the cord on your friend or partner, then move forward in releasing the person from your life. Don’t feel bad about limiting their access to you. Take your power back.


Only you can define your worth. No one can have power over you unless you give it away (which juxtaposes your vibe of taking it back). Let go of power struggles and old drama that’s weighing on you. Have trust in the universe that a situation will find its level.


You’re embracing a new mindset, which is opening you up to amazing possibilities. Rather than talk about what you want to achieve, take action. You’ll find that you are evolving and becoming the best version of yourself — if you allow yourself to step into a different way of thinking.


Your schedule is jam packed at the moment, which isn’t giving you time to decompress. Instead of being frustrated with your workload, take moments to find rest and relaxation. Meditating for a few minutes can help you find some piece of mind and a few moments of clarity this week.


A get rich quick idea has landed in your lap. Be warned: it’s not the right project to invest in. Swiftly decline and donate money to a charity. Give your money and time to a cause that matters. Your generosity will rise, as well as your standing in your community.


You’re receiving downloads from the universe that are making you see the light and truth about people in your life who don’t have your best interests at heart. What you do with that information is up to you. Remember, you don’t have to fake your feelings for another. Be real.


Don’t be afraid to be direct with others this week. Instead of being passive, you can be concise with your feelings, sentiments, and thoughts. Your charm and demeanor will save you from unnecessary arguments. Remember, life is one big balancing act. And, you are the ringmaster in balancing different personalities.


You are realizing that you’re giving too much of your time to people and situations that do not reciprocate your enthusiasm. If this is the case, then you have to take your power bath in your life. Cut the energy vampires out of your life and focus solely on yourself.

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