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Lots of changes are coming our way this week. The question is: Are we ready?

The Virgo Sun squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on September 16th, forcing us to reevaluate our current situations and recent decisions. The following day, the Virgo New Moon occurs, which will give us the opportunity to see the bigger picture of things. The same day, the Sun and Saturn, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, harmonize together, adding certainty and authority to our vibe. Mercury, who’s in Libra, squares off with Jupiter, who’s in Capricorn, on the 17th. This fraught connection will expand our minds and open our eyes to matters. A few days later, on September 21st, Mercury and Pluto, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, square off. Words can hurt on the 21st, so be careful with how you choose to express yourself. The 22nd brings Libra Season and the autumnal equinox, which means that the long days of summer are now over. Mercury and the Nodes of Destiny align on the 22nd, bringing fated connections and information our way. Listen to what others are saying and sharing on September 22nd — it will be relevant in the future. 


You’re finding that making a choice and committing to it is harder than it looks — especially when it comes to matters of the heart. But, if you use your mind to be decisive then you can make much needed decisions and figure out your next course of action. Meditate and make a note of how you feel. This will help you to make a plan of action that works and is right for you. 


It’s time to clean house — literally! Smudging and cleansing your pad will get rid of a lot of stagnant vibes in your life that’s created roadblocks for you. Once you get rid of that energy, you will be able to start fresh this season. New creative projects and promising professional relationships will come your way, as well as peace of mind. You will be able to enter autumn with a clean slate and attitude. 


You’re in the process of evolving and becoming a more assertive person. However, you’re still hanging onto the version of yourself that you’ve outgrown (which is totally fine). Your past and present self can harmoniously exist at the same time — only if you feed both energies. Don’t disconnect from your old friends or dreams, just add onto them. Augment your beliefs, desires, and sentiments. Let them take on a new light and place within. 


It’s time for you to start making logical decisions with your head, rather than your heart. If you lead with your conscious and rational mind, then you’ll be able to problem solve all of the issues that come your way. However, if you lean into your unconscious and heartfelt sentiments, then you can expect dramas to flair up in your life. Although emotions outweigh logic, it’s best to be practical this week to avoid arguments. 


Your caring heart will always fight for what’s right and just — even if your views aren’t the most popular. Don’t be afraid to speak up for those who you feel are being treated poorly by others. You have the power and passion to let the truth be known and to set the record straight for those who lack the strength to. Use your platform and authority to take a stand and fight for others. 


Gaining balance within your relationships and friendships may be extra hard this week, especially since external factors are weighing you down with added anxiety on the matter (due to unsolicited advice given to you). Finding resolve is simple: Don’t ask or listen to others to seek understanding about your relationship. Start by asking yourself “how do I feel?” and “what do I want?.” Listen to your heart. The answers are within. And, you’ll choose love. 


You’ve been running around, asserting all of your energy into your professional endeavors. Now, you are feeling exhausted (to say the least). It’s time to take a step back from the daily stresses you’ve put on yourself and rest. Take a day off from all of your hard work. Allow your body, mind, and spirit to harmonize with the rhythms of the Moon. Decompress to restore and recharge your internal battery to regain your energy. 


This is a week of fun and creativity. For the first time in a while, you’re living stress free and embracing your artistry. Don’t let others hold you back from focusing on yourself and things that bring you pleasure. You will come to find that they want to bring you down, rather than up. Surround yourself with those who support your vision and raise your confidence. This will give you the boost to create magic. 


It’s time to step up and start thinking about your future goals. If you find that you want to make your dreams a reality, then now is a great time to start planting the seeds to achieve them. This will allow you to harness your inner creative juices, as well as letting you see how powerful your manifestations can be. Set a clear intention to achieve maximum success. Move towards designing your visions this week. 


You’re on your way towards skyrocketing to fame and acclaim. While you would never trade in your seat as CEO of a company for anything else, you’re beginning to think that there is more to life than being the boss and boosting your IRA. Finding hobbies that can help your spirit and heart evolve will allow you to see that you are more than your job — you are a unique person with multiple interests. 


This is an energetically intense week for you — but, in a good way. You are healing the parts of yourself that you’ve repressed and ignored for a long time. By owning and acknowledging them, you are able to understand these past hurts from a new perspective which will shift your emotions (for the better). It will enable you to take a stand in bettering your current situation and mending your heart from old wounds. 


 Before you second guess your intuition, it’s important to note that your emotions are pointing you in the right direction. The universe is showing you the truth, even if it feels like it may be off. Listen to the voice within yourself and lean into your gut feelings. Don’t let people throw you off the trail to certainty. Odds are that you are 100% right about your premonitions, emotions, and intuition. Believe in yourself more. 

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