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The Libra New Moon occurs in the morning of October 6, followed by the direct motion of Pluto in Capricorn, after a nearly five month retrograde. Emotions will be intensified on October 6, but will temporarily lighten up the following day when Venus enters Sagittarius. These good vibes will change on October 9, when Venus links up with the South Node of Destiny in the morning. We may feel stuck and unsure of how to proceed. Mars in Libra is active this week, as it connects with the Sun on October 8 and Mercury retrograde on October 9, the same day the Sun and Mercury retrograde align. This current Libra stellium is making our sentiments more passive and complex than ever, as we are unsure of how to handle emotional imbalances and injustices. Saturn’s direct motion in Aquarius on October 10 will add order to our lives by ensuring things are more structured and less chaotic or up in the air. 


Think twice before joining forces with another to create a collaborative project. The scales of power may be off-center in this alliance, which may leave you standing with all the work resting on your shoulders. Define the roles before taking this on to avoid adding more stress to your life.


The need for self-care is strong this week. Treat yourself to a long week bath with fresh flowers to melt away your stresses, a relaxing day in which you get a massage, meditate, or do yoga. Your body, mind, and spirit is in need of R & R right now.


Don’t let the drop in temperatures outside create chilliness with those you care about. Although you are apt to play it cool with others, do not be too aloof that you create distance with friends and family. Try to add passion, heat, and sentimentality to maintain closeness in your relationships.


The foundation in your home life is changing, making you feel as though you’re a little off kilter. Therefore, it’s important to take a minute away from these situations and breathe. Let all the stress and anxiety come out as you navigate through everything at your own pace this week.


Your feelings are getting in the way of making precise and concise decisions. Therefore, it’s important for you to separate  your sentiments from situations that aren’t personal in order to gain control over them. If it’s not an attack or criticism of you directly, then let go of the drama.


You have the power to set the tone of your intimate relationships this week. Instead of going hard on making a point, choose kindness in discussing your feelings with others. This will change the dynamic and dialogue, adding compassion and sympathy to the conversation. Try a little tenderness and gentleness. 


Your creative sentiments are on the rise, which is making you feel yourself more than ever. With your artistry, money, and confidence working together in a harmonious flow, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world and able to make anything happen. This will help you make better decisions.


It’s not that you have to win every argument this week, but you’re not backing down from the drama (even if you aren’t emotionally or personally attached to the situation). Instead of holding onto the negativity, let it go and move on. Remember, you are only fighting a lost cause.


An acquaintance may decide to meddle into your personal affairs and tell you how to handle your relationships. While you’ll appreciate the advice at first, you’ll shortly come to see that you need to create boundaries because they are giving unsolicited advice without knowing the whole scope of the matter.


Some may say that you’re a dreamer and a calmer version of yourself, which will ring personally true to you this week. It’s not that you’re avoiding confrontation, you are just finding that there are alternative and prescription ways to handle conflict which don’t lead to an overflow of emotions.


As situations mount up, you’re finding that you need assistance in taking them on and completing them. Don’t be afraid and too prideful to ask for help. No one is judging you for meeting a shoulder to cry on or someone to aid you in the process of finishing protects. 


Finding the right words to express yourself may be hard to do, which is why you should look to other methods to let your feelings be known. As one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, you can certainly find inventive ways to speak up even if you can’t.

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The Libra New Moon

Welcome the New Moon In Libra.

The Libra New Moon

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Fasten your seatbelts, October 6th’s New Moon in Libra is going to be a wild ride. It will be filled with thrills, no chill, breakups, shake ups, meltdowns, and every emotion in between. There is a silver lining that can create a positive outcome if we choose to do the work and not have the last word (which won’t be possible without self-restraint).  This lumnation connects with Mercury retrograde and Mars. Mercury is in the Via Combusta degrees of Libra and retrograde. It’s acting erratic, tempestuous, and unpredictable as a result. Mars is debilitated in Libra. The warrior planet is taking a passive approach to asserting itself and slowing down the fierce action that’s needed to make things happen fast. Saturn retrograde harmonizes with the New Moon and lends it some structure. 

Uranus retrograde creates a quincunx with the Sun and the Moon. This minor aspect heightens intuition and anxiety. Also, highlights the Saturn and Uranus squares that occurred on February 17th and June 14th. The connection will be a retelling or discussion of past events. Drama can reach extremes when these planets link up with the Sun and the Moon. 

The centaur Chiron sheds a distant light on the lumnation, offering a healing energy. Do not take this vibe for granted. Remember that there is the option to change the road that we are on. Instead of acting out, we can mend hearts, fences, and feelings to create a better path for ourselves and others. If we choose to forgo the ego and embrace our heartfelt sentiments, then this is possible. 

The planetary ruler of Libra is Venus, who’s currently in the late degrees of Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius on October 7th. This means that situations and circumstances will change. But, that doesn’t mean they will become better. Venus in Sagittarius connects with the South Node of Destiny on October 9th, urging us to release and let go — which will make us uneasy and fearful of the future. 

Pluto, who has been retrograde since April 27th in Capricorn, turns direct hours after the New Moon. This is an extremely powerful and potent turning point that will serve as a catalyst for change and transformation. We’ll be more apt to let go of matters than to hold on to them, as we want to grow and evolve. 

Compromise is an essential part of the New Moon. It’s best to listen and react after finding the right words to express yourselves. This won’t be easy to do. However, if you don’t, then it will lead to circular reasoning and arguments without any resolution. A middle ground can be reached, but only if everyone has patience and gives others  space to understand their emotions. The caveat is that no one wants to negotiate or back down from their feelings, which will cause meltdowns and breakdowns of relationships. 

The fixed star Corvus aligns with the Sun, Moon, and Mars. The energy will add impulsivity, vengeful sentiments, and aggression. The good news is that Asteroid 269 Justitia is activated by the lumnation, creating order to the tempestuous and fervid energy. 

Emotions will run deep and be transformative during the New Moon, which is why it’s best to focus the energy on changing the way you partner — not the other way around (meaning, person you partner with). Being able to heal wounds will take work. But, worth it in the end. Think about this option before diving into a debate, quarrel, or intense discussion that cannot be solved or repaired easily. 

*The Libra New Moon occurs on October 6th at 4:05 AM PDT and 7:05 AM EDT. 


New Moon Ritual 

Light a blue candle to create peace (practice fire safety). Take a notepad or journal and write down your innermost feelings. Pretend that you’re writing a letter to a specific person who’s upset you. You can describe your frustrations. Let everything that’s been bottled up pour out. Once you’re done writing, you can opt to forgive the person. Tear out the paper and rip it into pieces, then dispose of it. Or, you can send it to an unknown address. The point of this exercise is to banish negativity that has persisted within ourselves by bringing peace of mind to ourselves. 

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