WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 11/18-11/24/2020

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WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 11/18-11/24/2020

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This week is cosmically and energetically calm. For the first time in a while, we will be able to put our needs first and assert our visions into reality. November 19th brings an alignment between the Scorpio Sun and Saturn, who’s in Capricorn. Hours later, Venus, who’s in Libra, squares off with Saturn. This energy may make us feel as though we aren’t being seen by others and that we have to fight for love or money. The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st, pushing us to take on a positive attitude. The 22nd brings the First Quarter Moon in Pisces. This lunar phase imitates eclipse season. Pay attention to the story or events that begin on the 22nd, it will be your personal story during the lunar eclipse on November 30th. Venus enters Scorpio on November 21st, heightening romantic and sensual desires. Mercury, who’s in Scorpio, connects with Neptune, who’s retrograde in Pisces, on November 23rd, allowing us to lean into our imagination and create the new dream. 


Independent by nature, you rarely rely on others. Now, you are seeing that you need people. You relish in the support and kindness that others give you. Having someone by your side makes you feel whole. Your attitude and vibe is changing. Love can transform you, but only if you are ready to transform and move towards your heartfelt sentiments. 


Your intuition is brightening this week, which will make you see things, people, and situations on a more concise level. Take note of your feelings by journaling them in order to find out which prophecies are right in the future. Trust your instincts. You have the power to find out the truth of everything and everyone that crosses your path.


Finding balance in relationships won’t be as hard as you once thought. As long as you are willing to work out matters, dramas, and conflicts with your peers or partner by talking out feelings — then you can succeed in all of your relationships. Learning to compromise and find a middle ground will be more important and achievable than ever. 


Implement some much needed self-care into your daily routine. Take an hour out of your day and do an activity that makes you feel good. Not only will this relax your mind and elevate your heart, it will calm your anxieties and boost your confidence. Putting yourself first through self-care will make you feel more spiritually connected with your body.


A new creative venture is brewing in your mind. But, you need to finish up the projects you’re working on now before you take on anything more. If you push yourself too hard, it will hinder your artistry and imagination from finding a release and make you feel stuck in your thoughts. Try to only work when inspired and motivated. 


Analytical by nature, you are seeing that your decision making skills are effective in professional situations. This week will allow you to make necessary choices regarding your career and place in life. Although you’ll want to stay in the same career path and place in life, you’ll come to find that the time has come for you to move forward.


Learning to love yourself is a lifelong process. However, this week you are beginning to embrace your fabulousness and appreciate your qualities. Celebrate your innate awesomeness this week by connecting to yourself on a deeper level. Perhaps changing up your daily affirmations and making sure that they are more tailored to your specific needs will help you along your journey. 


This week you will be able to find out the truth of all matters, even if you are not ready. You’ll find that old friends don’t have your best interests at heart, as a result of their actions and how they interact with you. Seeing is believing. Pay attention to how they treat you. Keep your eyes and ears open. 


Your secrets and skeletons are coming to light, which is why you have to take ownership of your actions. Being accountable will allow you to mend fences with others and let the past remain there. It will also ensure minimal damage from your clandestine activities becoming known to the world and enable you to make amends with those you’ve wronged. 


As a hard worker, you’re in need of some time off. This means taking a few days to reconnect with yourself. Unplugging from the rest of the world will be hard (as you have a need to be “in the know” these days), you’ll be able to bring the focus back on you. Also, you’ll be able to find peace.


Setting the bar high for yourself and others doesn’t mean that you’re not being nice. On the contrary, this will prove that you are creating standards to which people can and should treat you. This will allow you to suss out those who don’t respect you or give you love easily, enabling you to change up your core friend group.


This week you’re finally understanding that you are the only person who controls your destiny — not anyone else. The decisions you make will affect your future for the better. Lean into newness and align yourself with your goals. Fate will step in and bring your desires to you. If you believe in yourself, you’ll see that anything is possible.


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