WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 11/25-12/01/2020

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WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 11/25-12/01/2020

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This week brings matters to light. Secrets will be  revealed. Lies will be exposed. Feelings will run hot and deep. Romantic sentiments will be heightened. There’s no hiding from this fate, as the first eclipse of the season is coming in strong by forcing us to see all sides of the spectrum — the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Keep your ears open. Pay attention. 

Mercury, who’s in Scorpio, plays detective on November 27th when it connects with Pluto, who’s in Capricorn. The same day, Venus, who’s in Scorpio, opposes Uranus, who’s retrograde in Taurus. This will add uniqueness and erraticism when it comes to romantic matters. Mercury and Jupiter, who’s in Capricorn, expand our understanding of matters on November 28th. Neptune ends its retrograde journey on the 28th in Pisces (this planetary moonwalk began on June 22nd). Now that the veil has been lifted from covering our eyes, we are picking up the pieces of our shattered illusions and trying to move forward with the truth. The lunar eclipse in Gemini occurs on November 30th, highlighting our need to lean into the logical side of our sentiments (even though it may be hard to do). Mercury and Saturn, who’s in Capricorn, connect the same day as the eclipse, limiting our emotional responses to situations. Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1st, pushing us to express and not repress our emotions. 


You are constantly evolving these days. Therefore, you are also changing the way you communicate with others. Finding a common ground to relate to others and making concise points before you discuss heated topics will allow you to clearly express yourself sans passion, which can create instant drama with others. 


Finding balance in your life is hard, but if you stay organized and on top of what you give your energy to then you will be able to ensure that you focus more on tending to your needs. You have to take control of your time before you exhaust yourself. 


Take your personal power back from those who wish to hold you back from attaining success. You know what’s best and right for you. No one else does, Don’t let others tell you what to do when it comes to running your life. You are the only one in charge. 


Instead of fixating on the minutiae, open your mind to all possibilities. The world looks and feels different when you gain perspective. Using logic to assess situations will help you see that you need to take a leap of faith and trust yourself more, especially in matters of the heart. 


Friendships seem more confusing than ever, as you aren’t positive that those in your inner circle have your best interests at heart. Only surround yourself with people who are good for you by cutting the cord on all negative energy.  Otherwise, you’ll be the victim of energetic and emotional vampirism.  


The direction of your professional life seems uninspiring and confusing. Before fully committing to a work venture, think about whether or not you want to take it on at the moment. You may feel as though you’re not ready now and need more time to glide into this new role. 


You’re embracing a new philosophy of life and letting go of an outdated belief system. The change you’re experiencing within yourself may be hard, but you’ll be able to persevere through this transformation if you apply ease and compassion to your vibe. Be gentle on yourself and trust the process. 


Your intuition is super strong right now, which means that you are coming to the truth of all matters and affairs from your gut feelings. The caveat is that you are not believing in your psychic visions. If you feel it, then it is reality. Don’t gaslight your emotions. Believe. 


Understanding your limits is more important than ever now. It’s essential for you to know your personal boundaries before you let other people push and pull at them. Standing your ground will not only help to transform relationships and friendships, but also make you feel more in control of matters. 


Remember, the only person responsible for your happiness is you. You have to focus on your own needs first, before anyone else’s. It’s ok to be selfish with your energy in the name of self-care. The truth of the matter is you can’t love anybody else until you love yourself. 


Creativity is a buzz, but you are unsure if others will relate to your novel ideas. Once you stop second guessing yourself anything can be possible. Your artistry and ideas are amazing. You have the ability to crush the art scene and your work, if you believe in yourself more.


It’s time for you to take a step back from the pressures at work. Allow yourself a few moments in the week where you can chill and relax. You will see that finding your calm can help you to restore your energies and allow your internal battery to avoid burnout. 

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