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The week starts off with the First Quarter Moon on January 20th in Taurus. The Moon aligns with the Mars and Uranus conjunction, allowing us to embrace our unique perspectives and emotions. The evening may be intense, but as long as we temper our moods and allow room for surprises — then we can use the fraught cosmic energy to our advantage. Mercury, who’s in Aquarius, aspects the Nodes of Destiny on the 20th, making the overall energy of the day seem fated. Mars and Jupiter, who’s in Aquarius, square off, bringing power struggles to a head on the 23rd. Fortunately, Venus, who’s in Capricorn, and Neptune, who’s in Pisces, heal the drama two hours later. Later in the day, the Sun and Saturn connect in Aquarius, adding structure to our lives. The Sun squares off with Uranus on the 26th, letting us all take a walk on the wild side. Neptune shares a tense energy with the Nodes of Destiny on the 26th, which will make our future feel confusing. 


Recent social interactions with your friends who have competing interests will leave you hanging with deep-seated insecurities. Try to rise above the drama. You’re better than that and you are worth more than you may know. This week will raise your confidence and vibration if you disengage from the pettiness.


It’s time to assert your visions to the world. Be brave enough to see, believe, and live your innermost dreams. Move towards greatness this week. Allow others to come to understand that you are a force to be reckoned with and to not underestimate your determination to succeed in life.


Your emotional needs are differing from your intellectual reasoning. Before you make assumptions, try to find the facts of the matter. You can and should trust your intuition, as long as there is something substantial to back it up with. This will help you address the situation with more rationality.


Setting boundaries with friends will help you find peace of mind, especially when it comes to making decisions about your love life. It’s nice to hear their feedback about your relationship, but not an important factor in the future of the partnership you’re in. Make up your own mind, Cancer. 


Partnerships are changing, making you rethink the direction of these relationships. Before you make any moves in ending your situationship, think about what you want. You may decide that you aren’t ready to let go and want to work on things with others. Don’t say goodbye until you are ready.


There will be some major eye opening experiences that will manifest from work. You’ll see that those you trusted aren’t the relationships that you should be investing time and energy into. Realizing that you’ve been played by colleagues will push you to take a new path in your professional endeavors.


Things are changing for the better, but only if you allow yourself to lean into this week’s transformative energy. Do not let fear hold you back from exploring new avenues and ventures. The moment you release all that’s blocking your paths, you will find a whole new way of being.


Intimacy is challenging for most, but you. You often want to get deep with friends, lovers, and family. This week, you will have the opportunity to connect with others more than before. The only advice is to be careful about what you reveal before you disclose all of your secrets.


You’re quite the busy bee this week, which means that you’re in need for R & R. Instead of taking on more projects and work, give yourself a moment to take a few steps back and chill before you experience extreme mental and physical burnout. Take it easy now, Sagittarius.


If you’ve been thinking about making luxurious purchases, then you should rethink your urge to splurge. Before you place all of your money in a few items that aren’t necessary or essential, try saving your money for the future. You will feel better saving your penny for a rainy day.


This week will make you feel more reflective than ever, as you are reassessing your needs. While you think about the direction of your life, take your power back. You’ll find that you are the one in the driver’s seat and that you are in charge of your own destiny.


The past may feel as though it is always present, but you can overcome obstacles if you believe in yourself more. Letting go of heartache and emotional upsets can be hard. However, you will be able to disengage with old wounds if you disentangle yourself from negative thinking about yourself.

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