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This week is cosmically and energetically light, which is much needed because we’re all healing from November 30th’s lunar eclipse. December 5th brings a tender connection between Venus, who’s in Scorpio, and Neptune, who’s in Pisces. Romance and creativity is on overdrive as we swim in the deep emotional waves of the season. December 7th brings the Last or Third Quarter Moon in Virgo, which is urging us to reflect on the events of the lunar eclipse while we prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse on December 14th.


The Last or Third Quarter Moon in Virgo, which occurs on December 7th, is a great time to go inwards. Using the lessons that you’ve learned from the lunar eclipse on November 30th, release all that which doesn’t serve your highest good any longer. This can be a relationship, bad habit, or even negative thoughts. Keep in mind that you don’t have to literally “let go,” but you can make necessary changes. Meditate on what you want to transform. Visualize how you can achieve your intentions. Then, release it into the universe.




There are many secrets in your realm that are now coming to light. The caveat is that you already know what they are and who is  keeping them from you. Before you discuss the situation with others, ask yourself if it's worth the drama. Sometimes knowing who you can and cannot trust fully is all you need to move on. 



For the first time in a long time, you’re on the same emotional page as your peers and partners. Now, you are harmonizing peacefully with them, while gaining a deeper understanding of your role in these relationships. You will come to find that you don’t have to work hard for love and support (and vice versa). Love is becoming effortless.



Only you know who you are at the core, and that’s an intellectual chameleon who puts others before their needs. Some may judge you for your kindness. You’re free to be who you are. You don’t have to paint yourself in a specific way to make others feel comfortable. Be true to yourself. Then, you will be and feel complete.



Stop worrying about how people feel about you. The moment you don’t care about the opinion of others you will become happier and comfortable in your own skin. After all, the only opinion and sentiment that matters is yours. People can say whatever they want about you. It won’t matter because you’re pushing that energy out of your personal space.



Home is where your heart is, and it’s the best place for you to be this week as you’re emotionally drained from events of the past week. Taking time away from the limelight and focusing on healing will prove to be the best medicine for your emotional heart. You’ll be able to temper your moods and calm your anxious energy.  



A social media detox will do some good this week. Getting your head and eyes off your Instagram feed will allow you to focus your energies on more creative activities such as art, writing, or photography. You’ll be surprised by how inspired you are to express yourself artistically. Embrace your talents and inner gifts. You can make an amazing masterpiece. 



Use this week’s cosmic energy to decompress and relax. Unwind with a healing salt bath under the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo and let go of all the tensions within. This will allow you to recharge your batteries and see matters clearly, sparking you to feel more energized and ready to take on the world again in the upcoming days.



Romance is in the air this week, giving you the opportunity to commit to who and what you love. As long as you are honest with your intentions and emotions, you will be able to move to a great space and place with others — most importantly, yourself. Don’t hold back from honoring your sentiments, embrace your heartfelt feelings now.



Your professional visions are changing at the moment, pushing you reassess the direction of your career. Before you make any major moves, think carefully about what you want to achieve and create in your future. Once you come to terms with your innermost passions and dreams, then you can make the correct and best choices for yourself regarding your career. 



Searching for the truth in matters will not be hard for you to do this week. You know the reality of matters (both the good and bad sides of the country) and don’t need to search for veracity. By leaning into your gut feelings, you will receive all the psychic downloads needed to make important decisions and to confront others.



It’s time for you to set boundaries and create limits with everyone in your orbs. Before others take advantage of your kindness, you have to stand your ground and let them know that you aren’t going to allow yourself to be played as a fool. Everyone you know will respect you more and won’t push you to the brink anymore.



Taking the higher stance when it comes to drama you’ve had with others will help you move forward and create the relationships that you want. You’ll be able to let go of arguments and issues easily, which will allow you to focus on your needs in these partnerships. Then, you can come together and easily align your energies with others.

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