WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 2 /3 -2/9/ 2021

The Stars don’t lie, see what’s in store for you this week!

WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES 2 /3 -2/9/ 2021

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The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on February 4th is asking us to commit to who and what we love. If we don’t, then the week will be intense and challenging. The Aquarius Sun harmoniously aspects the Nodes of Destiny on February 6th, making the events of the day seem fated. Venus and Saturn link up in Aquarius hours before Venus squares off with Uranus, who’s in Taurus, on February 6th. This will create a lot of friction in romantic connections and money matters. Commitments that are made in the morning may be tested and changed by the evening. There is a healing energy on the 6th, due to the presence of the centaur Chiron in the sky. The caveat is that we have to put our hearts and needs first, then we can help others mend their wounds. Fortunately, the Sun and Mercury retrograde align in Aquarius on February 8th. This is the sweet spot for the current Mercurial backspin, as it will help clear up miscommunications, drama, and any lingering issues from February 6th. 


You may feel like reconnecting with an old friend. Before you send them an out of the blue text or email, consider if you really want to open that door again. If you are looking for a momentary connection, then perhaps you shouldn’t rush to message them. Think it over. 


This week, you’re taking care of business… literally! Instead of putting matters to the side line (both big and small issues), it’s crucial for you to deal with them head on. Then, you can focus on situations that matter rather than worrying about things that aren’t and toast your success. 


Lately, you’ve been too practical in your thinking. This week, it’s extremely important for you to open your mind to all possibilities, think outside the box, and see life through a different lense. Don’t color within the lines. Scribble all over the paper to create the world that you want. 


Change is coming, whether you’re ready for it or not. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you’re welcoming it, instead of running from evolving. If you make small transitions and transformations in your day-to-day life, then it won’t seem intense when things change their trajectory. Embrace growth this week.


All relationships require work in order to maintain themselves. This week, you’re willing to give your all to ensure that they last and remain strong. The caveat is that you may feel as though the sentiment isn’t reciprocated. If so, then it’s time to talk matters out and create boundaries. 


You don’t always have to find a reason to enjoy life. To be real, you can find comfort in simple moments rather than in grand activities. The mundane may seem boring, but there is beauty in everyday life. You just have to find the spark of inspiration to motivate you. 


The urge to create is strong, but you’re letting your mind get in the way of implementing your dreams into reality. Lead with your heart through your creative endeavors and ventures. After all, your emotions are what can help drive your visions and passions home — if you let them. 


Many transformational shifts are happening this week, making you feel somewhat lost in the shuffle. Change is hard for everyone. It requires us to live out of our comfort zone. But, if there’s anyone who can adapt to them, it’s you. Reform and realign your views for the better good. 


Don’t let yourself feel as though you cannot speak your mind. You should say what you want, when you want to — but, in a nice way. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. However, you can only attract bees with honey. Express your needs and feelings with care and consideration. 


Money comes and goes. Your bank account doesn’t define you. Who you are on the inside is what matters. Separating yourself from the material world is essential. It’ll allow you to focus on the way you feel about yourself without the earthly need to acquire more. Prosperity is found within. 


You’re feeling guilty over the demise of past relationships this week. Before you start blaming yourself for the demise of old partnerships, remember that it takes two to tango. The fact is that the relationship or friendship wasn’t strong enough to sustain itself throughout the years. Forgive yourself and them.


There are a million different things flooding your mind now. Most of them are fear based anxieties. While it’s hard to not worry these days, it’s important to take a step back and squash some of your phobias before they consume you. You’ll feel a little freer as a result. 

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