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Artwork by  Danny Ivan

Artwork by Danny Ivan

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This week urges us to make major decisions that will have a big impact on our lives. Venus, who’s in Pisces, and Uranus, who’s in Taurus, connect on March 3rd. This will bring unexpected positive developments in matters of love and money. Later in the day, action planet Mars enters Gemini. Mars in Gemini will add power to our communication. Be careful with how you assert and express your sentiments. Words can hurt. Mercury and Jupiter connect in Aquarius on March 4th, expanding our minds and giving us clarity on matters. The Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius occurs on March 5th. We are now releasing and letting go of what no longer serves our highest good. The Pisces Sun squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on the 5th, creating ego conflicts within ourselves. Venus and the Nodes of Destiny share a fraught aspect on March 9th, pushing us to make decisions in our lives. It’s a time of taking action in romance and financial investments. 


What messages are your dreams telling and showing you? Pay attention to the visions and information that is being brought your way in your sleep. Journal your dreams. They will unfold a new incentive and direction that you are wanting to take as you move forward in attaining your passions. 


It’s time to revisit a professional opportunity that you’ve been on the fence about. Before you take on the project, state your goals with the people you’re working with. Odds are, you’ll be able to steer your ideas and desires in the right direction if you’re clear with your intention.


People are always going to talk, especially when they're jealous. Try to disengage from the toxicity and negativity that’s permeating your orb. Shield yourself from the drama others are bringing to you by cleansing your space and maintaining a positive attitude. Don’t let them bring you down to their level.


It’s hard for you to find a moment’s peace this week, as your anxiety is at a high. Mindful meditation is an essential tool to help disengage from stresses and obstacles that stand in your way. When your body, mind, and spirit are at ease then you can attain anything.


Before you jump head first into a partnership or relationship, take a moment to decide if it’s right for you. Don’t waste your time in a situation that you aren’t 100% committed to. Focus on who and what makes you happy. Then, you can navigate how you want to proceed.


You’re not letting anything going under the radar. But, that doesn’t mean you have to take perfectionism to the next level. You are allowed to make mistakes. After all, it is an imperfect world. Don’t hold yourself to a high standard that you can’t aspire to. Be gentle on yourself.


Your creativity is flowing and pouring out of you. Putting your visions in reality won’t be hard to do this week. Once you release all of your craftiness, talents, and sentiments into the world, you’ll feel a pleasurable release that will allow you to create more beauty. Embrace your artistry.


No one knows more than you that boundaries are important. The caveat is that you have not been upholding your end of the situation and aren’t clearly asserting yourself. Make sure that lines don’t get blurry and that everything is clear within your relationships. That way you can avoid conflicts.


It’s important to put your needs first. Then, allow yourself to help others. Being selfish isn’t a bad quality. To be honest, it’ll help you get what you want and desire. You shouldn’t feel guilty for embracing your passions at full force. It’s your life. Go after what you want.


You’re wrestling with releasing old beliefs. Once you let go of the outdated views that you’ve been holding within your subconscious, you will be able to feel energetically freer and lighter. Stop holding onto the past. Focus on the here and now. Be present. It’ll help in healing your heart.


You’re evolving at rampant speed, which can mean that your head and heart are having a hard time keeping up with each other. Be mindful and aware of all the changes that you’re making to ensure you can transform without having internal conflicts arising at the moment. Ebb and flow.


Ego hits may hurt your pride, but as long as you are able to embrace your inner fabulousness then you’ll survive and soar this week. Don’t let outside noise and chatter define who you are. You're an amazing and talented person, no matter what you are feeling at the moment. 

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