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This week will give us the strength to move forward, after we assess and commit to the new direction that we want to go towards. Mars, who’s in Gemini, squares off with Neptune, who’s in Pisces on April 9th. We all may feel stuck in the mud on the 9th, but the energy will shift by the end of the week. Saturn, who’s in Aquarius, meets up with the Nodes of Destiny on April 9th, and makes karmic decisions. Mercury, who’s in Aries, links up with Saturn and the Nodes of Destiny on April 10th, proving that words have power. Venus, who’s in Aries, connects with Jupiter, who’s in Aquarius, on the 10th, opening our hearts to new possibilities. The Aries New Moon occurs the same day that Venus and Pluto, who’s in Capricorn, square off. This will make April 11th an extremely intense day full of transformation. The Aries Sun and Mars harmonize on April 13th, giving us the drive to charge forward.


There is nothing that you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it. The caveat is that you’re finding power struggles are creating drama in your choices more than ever before. Once you stop caring and giving light to what others are doing, then you can attain your desires.


As long as you are aware of the driving force behind the decisions that you make, it’ll be possible to change the way you attain your visions. Being honest with yourself about the goals for the future will set you on the right path for the future in your given profession.


Letting go of the past is hard, especially when it means cutting off people you care about who don’t have your best interest at heart. Creating and implementing boundaries will take some work, but it’ll work in your favor. Releasing toxicity will cut out the negativity in your energetic field.


Taking the high road is easy for you to do, but putting your emotions on the sidelines isn’t. This week, you will be cosmically pushed to deal with deep-rooted problems that you haven’t wanted to confront. Although you won’t play the blame game, you’ll deep dive into understanding your feelings.


Recently, you have been working on tending to making partnerships and friendships. This week is your chance to shine and to show the world all of the effort you’ve done. People who see that you’ve done a lot of personal transformation will seek your advice in how they can grow.


Finding balance is extremely important. If you choose to give too much of yourself to another, you’ll find that your cup is emptying itself too fast without replenishing the energies. If you don’t make sure to tend to watering your heart with self-care, then you will feel depleted and anxious.


Consistency is important, but you’re not wanting to participate in the mundane elements of day-to-day life at the moment. Although you are wanting to escape and live in your imagination, it’s important to focus on grounding your energies. This will give you the chance and opportunity to find your groove.


Finding a creative project to help you connect with your professional and personal goals will allow you to gain clarity on your next visions. You’ll be able to get insight and understand the path that you are meant to walk down and follow in life. Nothing will stop you now.


Uncertainty around relationships is forcing you to take one step back in the opposite direction of where you were headed. This is fear whispering in your ear. Therefore, it’s time to look your phobias in the mirror and do shadow work. It’ll be hard to acknowledge your shortcomings, but necessary.


You may feel as though the universe is pushing to make major changes that you’re not ready for. You don’t have to run towards transforming. Taking baby steps towards growth can help you evolve at the speed you want. Try not to rush the process in evolving. Easy does it!


You’re leaning into your subconscious and wanting to discuss the emotions that are brewing beneath the surface. Before discussing matters openly with others, make sure that you are confiding in those you trust. Otherwise, they will view your secrets as gossip and not understand the faith you’ve put in them.


There is major confusion concerning the direction of your professional life, as you’re feeling stuck with no end in sight. After you get clear on your visions and goals, wash your floor with Abre Camino and water to open all the roadblocks that are in your way to ensure success.

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