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This week is very emotionally intense. Take time to yourself to simmer down feelings and to find a calm center. The week starts off with the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces on June 2nd, which will make us release our old visions with the intention of starting a new journey. The same day, Venus enters Cancer making our hearts more tender. The Gemini Sun and Saturn in Aquarius harmonize on June 3rd and add determination to each other. Venus and Jupiter, who’s in Pisces, link up on the 3rd to expand our wallets and romantic sentiments. Mercury, who’s retrograde in Gemini, squares off with Neptune, who’s in Pisces, on June 5th, making communication foggier and more confusing. Mars, who’s in Cancer, opposes Pluto, who’s in Capricorn, on the 5th creating emotional blow ups and stand offs. 


Let’s be real: You don’t have the bandwidth to deal with negativity this week. Set boundaries and limit interactions with those who are moody and wanting to start conflicts. Protecting your energy will ensure that you are able to live in your own happy and positive bubble without outside drama.


Playing life by ear and heart is pushing you outside of your comfort zone. It’s ok to go with the flow every now and again. Not planning the future will make you feel present and more alive in the moment. Live life to the absolute fullest and welcome all possibilities.


You’re more exhausted than you’ve been in a long time. This is a sign for you to take a step back from work and the limelight. Focus on healing and restoring your energy this week. Slowly but surely, you’ll get the pep back into your step that you’ve been missing.


There is a storm brewing within your personal and intimate relationships.  Odds are, you’re the victim of projection from others. Be sure to know that the drama and issues aren’t about you, but more about what they’re personally going through. Therefore, it’s important to brush off their sentiments and frustrations.


You’ve been feeling blocked in life, which is affecting your mundane activities. Not being able to complete each task in a timely manner is to do with your lethargy and exhaustion. Give all that you can to certain endeavors. Don’t push yourself to the limit to ensure you don’t experience burnout.


Give your dreams and goals some TLC and attention now. You’ve been focused on everyone and everything else but yourself, which is why you need to put the focus and attention into obtaining your real life desires. Put yourself first this week. Then, everyone and everything else in your life.


You’re ready and moving towards professional growth. And, the focus of this week is about attaining changes that will shape your world. Keep in mind that your career will evolve in time. Now is the time to plant the seeds to attain ultimate success. It’ll happen soon, just be patient.


Instead of making assumptions and taking information at face value, use your innate detective skills to understand the truth of the matter. Within days, you’ll find out the down low of the matter and get the details that are hidden from you. The truth is out there, go find it.


Giving your all to one project is helping you find structure in your day-to-day vibe. But, it’s not letting you diversify your interests and philosophical pursuits. Read up on other interests to ensure that you don’t have a one track mind and can see the bigger picture throughout the week.


It’s time for you to break free from the past. This will require you to let go of the constraints and limits that have been holding you back (some of which you’ve created). The moment you disconnect from toxic relationships, you’ll start to feel better and in control of situations.


Speak from the heart this week, Aquarius. Deal with your feelings instead of letting them manifest and settle in. Discuss your emotions with others and confront your fears. This will allow you to release all the residual sentiments that have been building up inside of yourself in a healthy manner.


The cosmic energy is making your life seem heavier and more intense. Before you duck and cover to avoid confrontations with others, remember that hiding away isn’t going to resolve anything. If anyone raises an issue with you, try to patiently hear them out and take their words in slowly.

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Mercury Retrograde In Gemini 2021

Mercury Retrograde In Gemini 2021

Mercury Retrograde In Gemini 2021

Here we are again, at the impalas of another Mercury retrograde. This time around, Mercury will be moonwalking in the air sign Gemini. From May 29th to June 22nd, Mercury will be reawakening the past and wanting to stir up trouble. Fortunately, we composed a list of tips and dates for you to watch out for.

Key Dates For Mercury Retrograde:

  • May 14th is when Mercury first entered the degrees it will be traveling over during the retrograde, known as the pre-shadow phase. This is when the story that will unfold during Mercury retrograde began.

  • Mercury retrograde commences on May 29th and aligns with Venus in Gemini. This will make us reflective over past loves and old friends, as well as making us second guess financial investments.

  • June 5th brings a square between Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Neptune, who’s in Pisces. Emotions, paranoia, and exhaustion will run deep. Try to relax.

  • The solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th will connect with Mercury retrograde. June 10th is the sweet spot of the retrograde, as Mercury is in the heart of the Sun. In order to move forward, we’ll have to heal some of our deepest wounds. This is gonna sting a little. But, it’s imperative to tend and discuss our sentiments. 

  • Mercury retrograde ends on June 22nd.

  • The post-retrograde shadow (known as Retroshade) lasts until July 7th. Will be going through the same energies and stories that began during the pre-retrograde shadow and May 14th for a third time. 

Magical Tips To Survive And Thrive During Mercury Retrograde:

image-asset (1).jpeg
  • Place fresh or dried lavender in the corner of the room where you keep your technological devices. Lavender is the flower and scent associated with Gemini, which will help remedy any Mercurial mishaps. 

  • Citrus is the essence of Mercury, which is why it’ll do us all good to cool down in a lemon balm bath or shower. Even ingesting water with fresh lemon squeezed into it will help soothe Mercurial missteps. 

  • Being that Mercury retrograde is retrograde in an air sign and anxieties will be high, mediation will act as a grounding force and aid in relation. 

  • Place smoky quartz crystals on your electronic devices to ensure they aren’t susceptible to any issues. Cleanse them daily with crystals.

Source : The Hoodwitch More   

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