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PSA: This week will bring out our inner emotions. Please speak from the heart and choose your words carefully, as they can hurt more than ever. 


The Cancer Sun shares a connection with Uranus, who’s in Taurus on July 1st, giving us the chance to speak freely and to move towards freedom. Mercury, who’s retrograde in Cancer, squares off with Chiron, allowing us to discuss old trauma in an effort to heal our deepest wounds. Saturn, who’s retrograde, re-enters Capricorn on July 1st, taking us back to commitments we implemented at the beginning of March. We will have a third pass at this energy in the fall, which is when final decisions will be made. Now, is the time to see if the decisions and choices from winter are still working for us and how we can improve or adjust them to our current needs. The final of the season occurs on July 4th PST and July 5th EST in Capricorn. The lunar eclipse will be a dramatic ending to the visions we started in January 2019. It’s time for us to face the facts and reality in seeing if we are on the right path. If not, then it’s time to move in a different direction. 




Intuition can be a lifesaver, but only if you’re listening. Connect with your heart and make decisions that speak to your soul. Rather than second guessing yourself, trust your gut. You’ll find the answers to your worries, quandaries, and problems lie within. Embrace your inner sentiments without hesitation this week. 



Is this your real life, or just fantasy? It’s time for you to step up and be real with the world about your professional goals. Once you put your visions into motion, anything is possible. Living out your dreams will help you to grow within yourself and change your life. 



Sometimes it’s harder to do what’s right for you, as you don’t like to let others down. However, you are struggling with finding your balance due to having a lack of boundaries in your relationships. Setting limits is challenging, but it will serve to ultimately help you down the road. 



It’s been a long time since you’ve asked yourself “what do I want?” This week is your cosmic wake up call in finding what makes your heart soar and full of happiness. Take a good hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about your needs right now. 



Implementing activities that you love into your daily routine is essential now, as it will help boost your vibe and relax your mind. Not only that, but by taking an hour out of your day to do what makes you happy will help you to overcome emotional stresses and triggers. 



Taking the high road isn’t easy, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s unlike you to want to have the last word; however, you’re finding that you can’t help but not. Think about what you want to say before putting your foot in your mouth. Choose kindness. 



Interpersonal relationships are erratic at the moment, as they are lacking stability and structure. It’s up to you to decide if you wish to be a part of this emotional roller coaster or get off the bumpy ride. Regardless of which path you choose to take, put your needs first. 



Open your heart and mind this week to higher vibe activities such as meditation, drumming, sound baths, or yoga. You will find that it soothes your anxieties and melts away the stresses that are permeating in your orb. With a clear head and heart, you can make more intuitive decisions. 



Working hard has its merits, but it comes with a set of compromises that you may not be willing to take on at the moment. Make sure that you aren’t selling out and are staying true to your own vision. After all, you need to always be living your truth. 



You haven’t been putting your needs first, as you’ve been focusing too much on others. Now is the time to take back your power and to manifest your own goals. Remember, it doesn’t matter what other people are doing. You’re the most important person in your life. Focus on yourself. 



Dealing with past trauma is extremely hard, especially when you are putting immense expectations on yourself to work through these issues. The road to healing and well being is long. It takes time. Let go of the emotional pressure that you’re placing on yourself on the path towards personal evolution. 



You’re being pulled in two different directions, which is making you feel a little less than stable this week. If you decide to go with the flow when it comes to romance and friendships, then you’ll come out on the other side of your worries and be happier than ever.

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