This week is intense, see what’s in the stars for you!


PSA: Please read these horoscopes with caution and consideration about how to process your feelings this week, as the overall cosmic energy is intense. 

Mercury, who’s in Libra, squares off with Saturn, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, on September 23rd. The next day, Mercury opposes Mars, which is retrograde in Aries. Words can hurt on the 23rd and 24th. Choose them wisely. 

Mercury enters its pre-retrograde zone on September 23rd. The retrograde fully commences on October 13th, but September 23rd brings the story to fruition. From here on out, we’ll see plot twists, clandestine activities, and scandals being brought to light. Skeletons will be revealed, so keep your closets locked and throw away the key. 

Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27th, adding intuition and emotion to communication. We will be able to pick up on energy and feelings, which will translate into words. Also, it won’t be hard for us to get to the bottom of a situation. In fact, we’ll know all the answers to our quandaries in minutes being that Mercury in Scorpio is a natural investigator.  

Venus, who’s in Leo, harmonizes with the Nodes of Destiny on September 27th. This will bring fated information or connections regarding love and money our way. Venus and Mars retrograde link up on the 28th, pushing us to bring our passions to fruition. 

Saturn, which has been retrograde in Capricorn for nearly five months, ends its planetary moonwalk on September 29th. Mars and Saturn share a fraught aspect on September 29th, which will serve as a test of patience and kindness — even though both sentiments will be hard to give and come by.

Light a blue candle with your name, birthdate, and astrological sign carved into it. The ideal day to start this is on Wednesday, September 23rd; however, you can do this any day or time that works best for you. This will help clear the negative vibes that may come your way and offer you peace throughout the week. You can add lavender oil to the candle for serenity and glitter for decoration if you want. 


The week serves as a chance for you to create structure in how you achieve your personal goals. You will have a ton of inspiring ideas coming your way, giving you the chance to start manifesting the next phase of your professional and personal life (which will take minimal effort, as the cosmos are on your side). It’ll push you towards attaining success. Not only that, but you will put your dreams and visions first. 


While everyone else has been planning their next steps in life, you’ve been taking action in making them happen. This week, you’re unveiling all of your hard work and allowing the world to see the fruits of your labors. You have given these projects 100% of your time, energy, and TLC — now you can reap the benefits of all the labor you’ve given to them. After all, you’re a doer and make things happen. 


You’ve caught your peers with their hands in the metaphorical cookie jar (so to speak), which is now making you question the basis of your whole relationship with them. Being lied to is never a good sign or testimony of a friendship, especially since you are the master of all things Mercurial. Treat them as you would anyone else who has deceived you by cutting them off. Take action to ensure this never happens again. 


The week ahead is extremely intense. Emotions will be heightened, unlike anything you’ve experienced this whole  year so far. Before arguing with others, give yourself a moment to decompress and step away from the situation. Then, you can decide how to proceed and see if it’s worth the battle. Chances are, it’s not. Allowing yourself to see matters from a distant perspective will allow you to crawl away and focus your energies on different situations.


Saying you’re sorry is the hardest thing for you to do — even though it’s the simplest sentiment to give someone who you may have wronged in the past. Regardless of how you feel about the situation, it’s important for you to be accountable for your actions. Don’t let your pride get in the way of making amends with someone that you deeply care about. Let your tender and loyal heart lead your emotions now. 


You’ve been trying to make your personal relationships work, but you’re finding that your sentiments aren’t being reciprocated. Instead of worrying about the dynamic you share with others, use this time to take your power back. Stop giving your energy to those who can’t meet you half way. Focus on how you can heal or improve your life. Then, you won’t be trying hard to improve relationships with others — only the one with yourself.


You’ve been working harder than ever to prove that you are a superstar. Now, you are exhausted and feeling as though your energy is at an all time low. Implementing self-care into your daily regimen will help you boost your vibration and raise your frequency levels. The caveat is that you may take on more projects before week’s end, which will take you right back to where you started. Try to find balance right now. 


More than ever, you’re finding that your intuition can help you solve any mystery at hand. Contrary to what others say, rely on what your ancestors and spirit guides are telling you as imperial fact. In order to prepare yourself for such mystical findings, keep a journal to take note of your gut feelings. You are being shown the truth through a metaphysical lens — all of which will prove to be real this week. 


Setting boundaries with others is important. However, the person you really need to create limits with is yourself. As you well know, you have issues staying in your lane when it comes to other people’s lives and often dictate how your friends should feel in circumstances. Take an emotional step back before you give unsolicited advice. You will find that it feels better to be standing by the sidelines without a personal investment in matters. 


Maintaining relationships takes a lot of work. In fact, the hardest thing to do is to keep the spark popping and glowing all the time. What you’ll come to learn this week is that you can maintain all of the passionate and hot feels you have if you put your partnership first. Instead of worrying about professional endeavors, give your all to love. It will bring you and your significant other closer than ever before. 


Adjusting to a new routine takes time, especially when you haven’t had a chance to catch up with tasks from weeks ago. Although it may be challenging and daunting to do so, use this week to finish up old projects. Once you’re done, you will feel energetically lighter and as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ll also be able to have more time to regulate and fine tune your day-to-day vibe. 


You may feel as though you are not totally aligned with your innermost visions this week, which is why you will  need to start manifesting your truest intentions. Create a vision board for yourself in which you take note of your passions and desires. Or, meditate on what you hope to create in the future. Then, you can get clear on what you want to bring to the world and make it happen in reality. 

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