Xbox Exclusive Sci-Fi RPG Coming From Dark Souls Developers

An image of Xbox head, Phil Spencer may hint that Dark Souls, developers From Software could be creating a new sci-fi RPG game exclusively for Xbox.

Xbox Exclusive Sci-Fi RPG Coming From Dark Souls Developers

A possible tease from head Phil Spencer may indicate a new Sci-Fi RPG from From Software is coming exclusively to Series X and S consoles. From Software, developer of Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne and 2019 Game of the Year Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice, has become one of the most acclaimed developers in the gaming industry. It is also currently in the development of Elden Ring, of which no gameplay or official images have been revealed as of this writing. A leaked trailer has indicated four playable classes, but this info has not been confirmed.

In recent interviews with Spencer and Todd Howard, director of the recently acquired Bethesda Softworks, teases for projects like Xbox Series S and the Indiana Jones game were hiding in the background. This has led to many fans analyzing these interviews for any possible clues. While Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne are PlayStation exclusive IPs, From Software has developed and published the Souls trilogy as a third party for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC, and even the Nintendo Switch. While many fans have wanted a follow-up to , the Japanese developer has not revealed any plans for a sequel, or even an update for the title on PS5.

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Comic Book has reported speculation on a new sci-fi RPG from From Software comes from a screenshot of Spencer during the Xbox AI and Gaming event. The image in question shows Spencer in front of a bookshelf with numerous paraphernalia and collectibles from various games and developers. Window Central’s Miles Dompier, Comic Book’s source, said that he heard “some rumblings” about an Xbox exclusive Sci-Fi RPG developed by From Software. As to his sources and their credibility, he did not give a name, but he believes that the inclusion of an item from Sekiro could be the teaser for the new game.

Xbox Series X, which is still suffering from stocking issues, has not started its next generation of gaming very well. In the 5 months that the Series X has been around, Xbox has had one exclusive game release for the new console to compete with Sony’s four. With more exclusives set to release this year for Sony and the unclear release window of Halo: Infinite, Microsoft needs a new game to be a selling point for the company's next-gen hardware. This RPG from From Software could be the very game if reports are true, though it could just as easily be a tease for Sekiro receiving a next-gen update or coming soon to Xbox Game Pass. At the same time, it is important to note that the developer is still hard at work on Elden Ring.

With no real information outside of the announcement trailer from E3 2019 and a supposedly leaked gameplay trailer that has been circulating the internet, it is hard to speculate anything regarding From Software’s next project just yet. Nevertheless, Microsoft securing another major RPG developer for an exclusive release on Series X would further serve Xbox’s goal of becoming a hub of immersive worlds to explore.

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