Xbox Exclusives 2021: Every Game Coming This Year | Screen Rant

Many Xbox-exclusive games were delayed out of the Series X|S launch window, but that means the list of 2021 Xbox exclusives is full of big titles.

Xbox Exclusives 2021: Every Game Coming This Year | Screen Rant

As the PlayStation 5 and  head into 2021, it's time to start looking forward to what will define these consoles: exclusive games. The launch window for the new Xbox took a serious blow after Halo Infinite and a few other games were delayed, but Microsoft is already gearing up for the proverbial console war with a list of 2021 Xbox console-exclusive games coming to the One and Series X|S.

Exclusive games are a large part of the identity associated with particular consoles. Nintendo has built its entire gaming legacy on the back of exclusive IPs, such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Xbox was commonly criticized in the previous generation for being outshined by the robust exclusive lineup of the PlayStation 4, but various Xbox development studio acquisitions could change that, going forward.

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The list of 2021 Xbox exclusives is long - and quite promising. It includes everything from blockbusters to indie titles, so everyone on Xbox will have something to look forward to. None have an exact price or release date (and few have even a release window), according to the Xbox website, but as of now, all of the following games are slated for 2021.

Adios (TBA 2021): A first-person game promising to have consequence to in-game choices. The player character attempts to get out of an impossible situation with the mafia, and the decisions made will have ramifications for the rest of the protagonist's life.

The Artful Escape (TBA 2021): A personal, multi-dimensional journey in which the main character, Francis Vendetti, attempts to find his stage persona on the eve of his inaugural performance. Colorfully described by Xbox as "an action-adventure, narrative driven, musical-laser-light-battle kind of game."

The Ascent (TBA 2021): This title is sure to be full of commentary on wealth disparity, as players tackle its cyberpunk action-RPG gameplay alone or together with a friend. Players may have been hoping to experience the game alongside the new was delayed.

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The Big Con (TBA 2021): Stocked to the brim with '90s nostalgia, The Big Con sees players controlling Ali, a high schooler escaped from band camp and on a mission to save her mother's video store from the loan sharks taking advantage of her. The Xbox description hints at Beanie Babies making an appearance; maybe they'll be a worthy investment this time around.

Crossfire X (TBA 2021): The original Crossfire is a decade-old PC first-person shooter. This Xbox-exclusive console follow-up, Crossfire X, promises a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes centered around the conflict between private military groups known as Black List and Global Risk.

Dead Static Drive (TBA 2021): A t0p-down adventure of violence and theft down Route 666, Dead Static Drive features a "nightmare road trip" full of intense interpersonal conflicts.

Echo Generation (TBA 2021): Another game evoking memories from the '90s, Echo Generation takes place in 1993 and follows the story of a group of kids set loose during summer vacation, investigating the supernatural mysteries of whatever just crashed in a nearby cornfield.

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ExoMecha (TBA 2021): Players will fight for the planet of Omecha in this competitive, free-t0-play FPS, which promises "high-quality visuals, flexible gameplay, giant mechs, special gadgets and abilities, [and] massive boss battles."

Exo One (TBA 2021): Utilizing a unique traversal system involving "colossal speeds and exhilarating heights," players will explore alien worlds to unravel a mysterious story. Xbox says Exo One's highlights include its diffused visuals, otherworldly sound effects, and electric guitar soundtrack.

The Gunk (TBA 2021): Fans of the SteamWorld series may want to keep an eye out for this new title from Image & Form Games. The Gunk is a sci-fi adventure following two scavenger friends as they come across a desolate planet covered in a mysterious, slimy parasite. Even though it has a strangely disgusting name, The Gunk is shaping up to be quite adorable.

Halo Infinite (TBA 2021): Master Chief returns in the highly anticipated follow-up to Halo 5. Developer 343 Industries touts Halo Infinite as the most ambitious Halo title yet. Early gameplay last year received a less than stellar response from fans, and 's rocky development has left some nervous about whether or not 343 can deliver a satisfactory open-world Halo game. Regardless, Xbox's flagship series returns this year, and it could be the breath of fresh air the series needs to get back on track.

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The Last Stop (TBA 2021): Taking place in modern-day London, The Last Stop tells the interconnected story of three protagonists: Donna, a high schooler stifled in her home environment; John, a single dad burdened by his job; and Meena, a woman whose professional ambition is getting in the way of her family relationships. Though the three are seemingly normal, the supernatural events in The Last Stop appear to be anything but.

Lake (TBA 2021): In what looks to be a narrative-heavy experience, players will take control of middle-aged Meredith, who has returned to her home town to fill in for her father, the local mail carrier. People and places both familiar and new will shape this story as Meredith tries to determine whether her life will continue here in her hometown or back in the city she came from.

Little Witch in the Woods (TBA 2021): Players will master the mysteries of witchery as Ellie, a witch-in-training who has arrived in a new town to find it nearly deserted. Little Witch in the Woods claims to bring players into "a magical and mystical place full of unique experiences."

The Medium (January 28, 2021)Players will have to grapple with multiple realities in , a psychological horror game. They'll travel to an abandoned communist resort and utilize psychic powers to solve puzzles and survive encounters with spirits.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (Summer 2021): The long-running simulation series comes to consoles for the first time this year. Claimed to be the most realistic flight simulator Microsoft has ever made, players can take to the skies and explore planet Earth in a range of different airplanes. The game features day/night cycles and dynamic weather systems in order to challenge pilots on their flights.

RPG Time (TBA 2021): Although details are scarce, this seems to be a game about games. Players will travel through the game of a young, aspiring game developer, featuring hand-drawn creations.

Sable (TBA 2021): Journey across an alien desert as eponymous main character Sable, as she discovers the history of the planet and learns some life lessons along the way. wants to deliver a deeply personal story as it shepherds the player through the desert, crumbling alien ruins, and crashed ships fallen from space.

Scorn (TBA 2021): Encouraging non-linear exploration of its setting, Scorn is a first-person horror game rife with puzzles and hellish scenery. The game is aiming for a maze-like structure, wanting the player to feel as though they've been dropped unceremoniously into an environment that feels alive. Developers have already revealed  gameplay, for anyone looking to see it in action.

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She Dreams Elsewhere (TBA 2021): Attempt to wake up from a coma - and figure out what caused it - in this surreal, dreamy RPG. Protagonist Thalia must confront her nightmares on this journey about emotions, mental health, and self-identity.

Shredders (TBA 2021): This snowboarding video game wants to "deliver high-end graphics, next-gen physics, and a perfect blend of fun and realism, all in a social context." The game is inspired by snowboarding classic Amped and will allow players to experience it on their own, if they wish to opt out of the multiplayer portions.

Song of Iron (TBA 2021): This Nordic myth-inspired game utilizes an side-scrolling viewpoint to showcase players fighting through monsters, natural obstacles, and other humans. Song of Iron takes players across mythic lands as they search for the homes of gods.

Tunic (TBA 2021): Players will take on the role of a , a game inspired by classic action-adventure titles like Zelda. The fox-player will utilize "unique items, skillful combat techniques, and arcane mysteries" on their adventure.

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Twelve Minutes (TBA 2021): A character-driven experience set in a time loop. Twelve Minutes gained wider attention when it was announced that actors James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe will take on roles as the game's three characters. Players will have to find a way out of a repeating situation, where a man breaks into their home, accuses their wife of murder, and beats the player to death - only for it to happen all over again.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy (TBA 2021): Attempting to emulate tabletop RPGs, Unexplored 2 features procedural generation, a unique "legacy" system, and "generative storytelling." The game seeks to deliver beautiful landscapes filled with untold marvels.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide (TBA 2021): This four-player co-op experience comes from the developers of previous Warhammer titles, such as End Times - Vermintide and Vermintide 2. looks to build on the melee combat of Vermintide 2, adding ranged combat to the mix as players fight off hordes of enemies in the hive city known as Tertium.

Way to the Woods (TBA 2021): A deer and a fawn take center stage in what appears to be a post-human setting. This journey to discover the mysteries of Cat Town was developed by a single person, Anthony Tan, and features music from composers Aivi & Surasshu.

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The Wild at Heart (TBA 2021): In what will surely be a novel experience, players take control of a swarm of strange creatures. As the swarm, players discover secrets and solve puzzles throughout The Deep Woods in The Wild at Heart, a game about childhood escapism.

The Xbox Series X and S may have had a lackluster launch window, thanks to a few delays, but the delayed games seem to still be coming in 2021. From RPGs to shooters and side scrollers to co-op adventures, there's plenty of Xbox-exclusive games in 2021 for every fan to look forward to this year.

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